Dems Using Border Wall Issue to Create Chaos
January 10, 2019

President Trump flies to Texas today to visit the southern border in the McAllen sector. With both the pro and anti-wall sides dug in, I don’t expect much news from this.

As I stated last night, President Trump helped his case with the national TV address. However, this is a long game for the democrats. They want to create chaos in the federal government with the hope that Americans will become exhausted and oppose the President’s reelection. That’s the strategy.

Also, if Mr. Trump can be goaded into declaring a national emergency in order to fund the wall, democrats can sue in federal court and create even more turbulence.

Inherently, people like calm. Donald Trump is not a calm guy. His opponents including the press are trying to exploit that. The actual worthiness of the wall is not even on their agenda. It’s all a political show.

Please read my column just posted on the cable news war. I think you’ll find it interesting. Thanks for checking in.

Posted by Bill O'Reilly at 9:13 AM
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