Bill O'Reilly and Monica Crowley on Trump's Enemies on the Left
August 17, 2017

Conservative columnist and Trump loyalist Monica Crowley called in with her unique perspective on the latest Trump controversies.  "I've been watching this unfold for the past two years," she said, "ever since Donald Trump announced his candidacy.  Those forces that you just talked about quickly galvanized because they realized that he represents an existential threat to their grand project of tearing America down.  They believe the founders were evil slaveholders, and by extension the country is evil and must be destroyed.  The left is at war with this country, the Constitution, capitalism, and the traditional moral order." 

Bill agreed with Crowley that President Trump is up against some very powerful enemies:  "The forces on the far left are much stronger than they were ten years ago.  There is more money and the media is now also on the far left side.  Donald Trump lost the Charlottesville deal because he should have just walked away after the condemnation of the Nazis rather than hand his opponents a sledgehammer with which to beat him." 

Crowley, who worked for Richard Nixon, concurred with the idea that President Trump frequently hands ammunition to the very people who hate him:  "Nixon once said that he had a legion of enemies and he gave them the sword.  Nixon's advice to Trump would be that, whatever you do, do not give your legion of enemies the sword.  President Trump has to pick his battles and time them properly.  His presidency is at stake and he is coming to that understanding.  But even if he had handled this situation perfectly, his enemies would have clubbed and attacked him."

Posted by Bill O'Reilly at 3:00 AM
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Bill O'Reilly and Monica Crowley on Trump's Enemies on the Left
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