Bill O'Reilly
No Spin News Video
June 21, 2018
O'Reilly on Trump Setting up for Re-Election, Melania at the Border, & the Growing Opioid and Obesity Epidemics
June 20, 2018
O'Reilly on Trump's Executive Order to Keep Immigrant Families Together & Analysis on the Inspector General's Testimony
June 19, 2018
O'Reilly on Border Hysteria, Criticism of Trump's Immigration Policy, and More Fallout From the IG Report
June 18, 2018
O'Reilly on the Immigration Mess at the Southern Border & More In-Depth Analysis on the Inspector General Report
June 14, 2018
OPEN TO ALL: O'Reilly on the Smoking Gun Revealed in the Inspector General Report & What it Means for James Comey and the FBI
June 13, 2018
O'Reilly on the Hate-Trump Media Pivoting After the Trump-Kim Summit & What to Expect with the Upcoming Inspector General Report