Bill O'Reilly
No Spin News
December 11, 2017
O'Reilly on the Attempted Terror Attack in NYC, Chain Migration, & the Flood of Accusations Against Trump
December 7, 2017
O'Reilly on Franken's Resignation, FBI Troubles, and the Latest in the Mueller Russia Investigation
December 6, 2017
O'Reilly on Trump Moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel, Al Franken, & the Ongoing Troubles for Mueller's Investigation
December 5, 2017
O'Reilly on Trump's Good Week, Mueller's Bad Week, & an Interview with Todd Rokita (R-IN) on the SLAP Act
December 4, 2017
O'Reilly on Flynn/Mueller, the Russia Investigation, and Reaction to the Kate Steinle Trial Verdict
November 30, 2017
O'Reilly on Rex Tillerson, the Mueller Russia Investigation, & an Interview with Bernard McGuirk and Sid Rosenberg