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Cool it on Climate Change
The far left is now conducting a political seminar on how America really should be run. And in order to impose the new deal philosophy on Americans who don’t approve, let’s pack the Supreme Court with more Justices.
My Advice to The President
Stop the feuding, that is my advice to the President of the United States.  The late Senator John McCain, Kellyanne Conway’s husband, this kind of stuff does not help you. 

The democrats, generally speaking, are so crazy it would be to the President‘s advantage to come across as the voice of reason, rather than a taunt-guy.
The Culture War and the 2020 Election; Ted Koppel Hits Anti-Trump Media; Smoking Pot Raises Risk of Psychosis


Ted Koppel Speaks the Truth
Ted Koppel speaks the truth.  Yesterday he was talking to my old Harvard professor Marvin Kalb at some seminar and told him that The New York Times, The Washington Post, and network news are all violating basic rules of journalism by trying to destroy the President of the United States.
The Culture War's Impact on 2020

The lead story on tonight’s No Spin News has everything to do with the current culture war being pushed by those on the left. Bill describes the six main points he has identified that hold a strong influence in the culture war. How will these points and the culture war influence the 2020 presidential election. Plus, what does the left hope to accomplish with the culture war?

O'Reilly on Hannity: Ted Koppel Sides with Trump on Press Bias, The Mueller Report

Each Wednesday Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity discuss and debate the biggest stories of the day. On this week’s interview O’Reilly and Hannity’s focus on the comments made by Ted Koppel on the continuous bias of the press against President Trump.


The usual left leaning former ABC Nightline anchor stood up for President Trump and argued that The New York Times and Washington Post have both “decided as organizations” that President Trump is bad for America. 


Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity discuss comments made and one main point that Ted Koppel is missing is, as Bill states, “In this case, he’s got 75 percent of it. What Ted Koppel doesn’t understand is, reporting today is ordered up by corporations in order to make money. He doesn’t get that because when he was on Nightline, ABC they didn’t do that. Now MSNBC is told, ‘this is the editorial posture you take, Trump’s bad for the country.”


The biggest motive for the bias being pushed by media executives is the money making aspect.


Bill then goes onto discuss his newly announced book, “The United States of Trump: How the President Really Sees America” and the research that is being done for this history book on Trump.


O’Reilly explains that over “90% of the research given to me is false. When I check it out, it’s false. That’s what has been written, that is what is on the record. Going all the way back to Trump’s childhood.”


This era of Fake News is more than just Fake News, it is all about the money.


The duo then go on to discuss their own personal experience while being in the media. While O’Reilly had described the two as commentators, comparing them to the opinion page, Hannity sharply disagrees. Hannity citing experiences of breaking news and doing straight investigative journalism when the news of the day calls for it.


Sean Hannity describing his job as a talk show host as, “when people ask me what I do for a living, yeah you could say I’m an opinion journalist, but we’re like the whole newspaper, we do it all but they’re supposed to do one thing.”


Bill quickly agrees with Hannity saying, “Americans come to O’Reilly and they come to Hannity when there is a breaking news story because they believe we’re honest and we’re going to give an honest opinion.”


The conversation then turns to Robert Mueller’s report and the possibility that after nearly two years of investigating and reporting, the report shows no evidence of collusion, how will Americans react to the press that has been convicting President Trump since day one.


Bill explains this very likely scenario and on a personal level saying, “I am relishing this, I’m really, for the good of the nation I’m relishing and I’m glad Trump today said that he wants the full report in front of the public. That was a smart thing to say.”


Sean Hannity describes the bigger problem for the left wing media stating that once President Trump labeled these outlets as ‘Fake News’ they will never recover their brand.


Lastly, O’Reilly and Hannity examine themselves and how they have chosen to cover various stories and various presidencies. It is quickly concluded that in today’s political climate and media reporting, no story will be honestly reported, ever. The focus today being the lack of coverage on the booming economy, specifically within the African American communities. Why is this severely under reported? O’Reilly and Hannity debate that one of the main reasons is simply because conservatism works and the liberal media does not want to acknowledge that even for a second.



Will America ever see a fair media again?


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