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Judge Kavanaugh's TV Appearance

Judge Brett Kavanaugh did himself some good by going on television last night and denying accusations against him. The Judge was rehearsed, saying the same thing over and over, but was also emotional and convincing. He avoided assigning motivations to his accusers because, if he had, that would have become the media story - not his proclamation of innocence.

Who will stick up for Judge Brett Kavanaugh?

Over the weekend and leading into today, the media has been running every lurid charge against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Democrats are feeling pretty confident that his hearing on Thursday will lead to Kavanaugh's downfall. This is also harming Republicans who are terrified that they may face accusations if they run in the midterms. Some say Republicans are showing weakness, but it's more like terror. This week will be very busy so stay tuned to for more No Spin News this week as we will continue to cover the most important topics of the week.

Kavanaugh Allegations Continue, Georgetown Professor's Twitter Rampage & Delay of Declassification of Documents
An accusation machine is now in place in the United States...
Featured on September 24, 2018
Coverage of the Brett Kavanaugh Situation

Trying to cover the Kavanaugh story in a fair way is becoming exceedingly difficult. The presumption of innocence in America has now been obliterated by the gender war which clearly states: if you doubt any woman’s accusations about “misconduct” then you, yourself, are an abuser.

It is clear that politics are a significant part of the accusations against Brett Kavanagh. The Democratic Party is mostly united in opposing his presence on the Supreme Court and it is liberal democrats who have convicted the Judge in the media. Dr. Christine Ford’s lawyers are radical leftists and the attorney for Stormy Daniels is now trying to insert himself into the case.

Time to Vote on Kavanaugh

Back in 2005 I wrote a book called 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America.  If I wrote an updated version today, Dianne Feinstein would make the list.  She might even top it.

Just when you thought politics couldn’t get any uglier, the senior senator from California proves you wrong.