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Killing Jesus - MP3 Audio Download
A History
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Author: Bill O'Reilly
Title: Killing Jesus
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Product Description
This is an audio book in MP3 format which can be played using iTunes or other audio/MP3 software. You will be able to download it directly to your hard drive using the download link provided after purchase and sent via email.

If after downloading the zip file won't open or states it is corrupt, your download did not complete. Please note the zip file will take time to download. If your ISP has a bad connection and times out before your download completes, please resume the download. We recommend you use Firefox as your web browser as it can resume downloads.

Killing Jesus audio download is read by Bill O'Reilly.

Millions of readers have thrilled to bestselling authors Bill O'Reilly and historian Martin Dugard's Killing Kennedy and Killing Lincoln, page-turning works of nonfiction that have changed the way we read history.

Now the anchor of The O'Reilly Factor details the events leading up to the murder of the most influential man in history: Jesus of Nazareth. Nearly two thousand years after this beloved and controversial young revolutionary was brutally killed by Roman soldiers, more than 2.2 billion human beings attempt to follow his teachings and believe he is God. Killing Jesus will take readers inside Jesus's life, recounting the seismic political and historical events that made his death inevitable - and changed the world forever.

Runtime: 6 hours and 22 minutes
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Customer Reviews
  Larry N. (CARMICHAEL, CA) on March 25, 2016
I have read a few of the Killing series and they all are very informative....keep up the great work!
  Tim S. (COVINA, CA) on November 20, 2013
Listened to the entire audio book in one afternoon on a recent trip from CA to AZ and back. Excellent presentation of the historical aspect of Jesus without opinion and supposition. Now, I am reading the hardcover.
  John R. (ATLANTA, GA) on November 20, 2013
I am a Lutheran. And I really liked the book too. In fact we listened to it twice over one weekend to pick up on all of the detailed historical nuance in the book. For example, who knew the King Herod was such a ugly, troubled, corpulent insecure, loathsome King. The intrigue between the Romans and the Jews. . . etc. There was a lot of turmoil that needed Christ's enduring message. We still need it today more than ever. Bottom line: "Love one another"
  Victor O. (Los Angeles, CA) on November 14, 2013
It's very interesting, was very good experience though I am Catholic I really liked. Keep the good work, Mr. O'Reilly, watch the factor most of the time.
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