American Patriot Quiz
How Well Do You Know President William Henry Harrison?
Test your knowledge of William Henry Harrison, America's ninth president, born February 9, 1773 near Richmond, Virginia.

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1. Harrison became the first American President to do what while in office?
   Travel west of the Rocky Mountains
   Speak on a telephone
2. How long was Harrison's presidency?
   31 days
   51 days
   83 days
   101 days
3. What was Harrison's nickname?
   Old Tippecanoe
   Napoleon of the Stump
   Old Rough and Ready
   The Tennessee Tailor
4. Who was Harrison's Vice President and successor?
   John Tyler
   James Polk
   Franklin Pierce
   Zachary Taylor
5. Harrison served his presidency as a member of what political party?
6. Harrison's father, Benjamin Harrison V, signed which important U.S. document in 1776?
   U.S. Constitution
   Articles of Confederation
   Bill of Rights
   Declaration of Independence
7. Appointed by President John Adams in 1801, Harrison was the first Governor of what territory?
   Ohio Territory
   Montana Territory
   Indiana Territory
   Florida Territory
8. Though he was born in Virginia, Harrison served as a Representative and Senator from what state?
   West Virginia
9. Harrison spoke with president Simon Bolivar, urging his nation to adopt American-style democracy, while serving as U.S. Minister to what?
   Gran Colombia
10. At over 8,000 words, Harrison's inaugural address is the longest in U.S. history. Which president holds the record for the shortest inaugural address?
   Donald Trump
   Zachary Taylor
   Abraham Lincoln
   George Washington

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