Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bill reports from Los Angeles tonight.
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Barack Obama disses the press
Guest: Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley

"There was a big Hollywood fundraiser for Senator Obama Tuesday night. Jennifer Anniston, Eddie Murphy, Natalie Maines and hundreds of others forked over $2,300 to support Obama's presidential run. I tried to buy a ticket, but Obama's people said no way is O'Reilly getting in. So I sent our camera crew and producer to the event. They were refused entry, as were all the other media. This is almost unheard of - most politicians want press exposure. So why didn't Obama want you to hear him? The answer to that question is 'Elvis Presley.' In the mid-50's Presley's manager marketed him to the public as a charismatic, polite young man who could sing. Elvis rose to become the most popular entertainer in the world, but few knew anything about him. It was all image and songs. That is Obama's strategy, his handlers are marketing him. He is running on two issues: get out of Iraq, and government-funded health care for all. Everything else is general and undefined. Like Elvis, the senator is charismatic. And while he can't sing, he can talk. So that's the strategy - market Obama in a general way, rely on his charisma and keep the press away. The question is, will it work?"

Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley joined The Factor and praised the Obama approach as strategically sound. "What they're trying to do right now is gobble up as much money as they can and be the alternative to Hillary. Obama's strategy is his personality, his book, his biography. And the more substance he gets into, the more he'll alienate certain Democratic groups. It was a good evening for Barack Obama because he got the whole Hollywood crowd behind him." But The Factor questioned whether Obama's strategy will backfire. "I think this 'Elvis' thing is a mistake. He's teeing off the press, and people are starting to get very suspicious of him."

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Impact Segment
Oprah and O'Reilly on child predators
Bill joined Oprah Winfrey on her Wednesday program, which was devoted entirely to the scourge of child molestation. He showed a clip from the program, and took a moment to praise Ms. Winfrey: "There are very few media people trying to protect kids from predators. In fact, many in the left-wing press oppose Jessica's Law, attack me for my aggressive approach, and some are even sympathetic to child molesters. Oprah Winfrey, who was herself molested as a child, is an exception. She has used her powerful program to make the world aware that children are at risk. Wednesday's program was excellent and I was pleased to be a part of it."

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Impact Segment II
Reaction to Oprah appearance
Guests: Former sex crimes prosecutor Sarena Straus & child advocate Mark Klaas

Continuing on the subject of child predators, The Factor asked Mark Klaas, whose daughter Polly was abducted and killed, why some people oppose Jessica's Law. "We're talking about activist judges," Klaas responded. "We're talking about some members of the press, defense attorneys, and care providers. Quite frankly, these people are taking a self-serving approach that really doesn't help kids one iota." Former sex crimes prosecutor Sarena Straus added another element - the fear of recognizing the human capacity for evil. "It's terrifying for people to believe that these things happen. It's very hard for people to believe how evil people can be to children, and we have to educate the public about the realities of child abuse." The Factor agreed that evil must be confronted. "A lot of Americans, particularly secular progressives, won't acknowledge evil. For example, we know Michael Devlin did to Shawn Hornbeck, and Devlin doesn't deserve to live another day on this planet. He's that evil."
Unresolved Problems Segment
Toughening up the Mexican border
Guest: Stephen Moore, Wall Street Journal

There are signs of progress at the southern border, where more drugs are being seized and fewer illegal aliens are crossing into the U.S. The Factor attributed the news to tougher enforcement. "There are more Border Patrol agents, a partial wall, and the National Guard. And there's no more 'catch and release' - if you come across and they catch you, you go to a detention facility. Three years ago I said 'secure the border first,' and now they are." But the Wall Street Journal's Stephen Moore doubted whether strict enforcement is a lasting solution. "I'm happy to see that illegal immigration is down, but the truth is that America is a powerful magnet for workers. I think the best way to deal with this large flow is to provide some kind of mechanism for them to come legally."

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Miller Time Segment
Dennis Miller... in person!
Dennis Miller joined The Factor with his perspective on Barack Obama, who has won the support of David Geffen and other major Hollywood players. "Hillary Clinton is spooked," Miller observed. "She realizes that in the eyes of Hollywood she is a sequel and he is a 4,000 screen rollout of a fresh new film. David Geffen is a big, big brain. And it's intriguing that he's already off the case of Hillary Clinton." Miller reiterated his staunch support for Rudy Giuliani. "He's really impressive because most people have to circumvent their way around their beliefs. But Rudy can come out and speak his mind."
Back of Book Segment
Bill Maher trashes Pres. Bush
Guest: Fox News analyst Tammy Bruce

During an appearance on the Tonight show, Bill Maher denounced President Bush as "a rube, a dope, a yokel ... a vain half-wit." FNC analyst Tammy Bruce suggested that Maher and many other Bush-haters are certifiably mentally ill. "Having been on the left," Bruce said, "these are people who look on the president as a father figure. They are projecting their unresolved issues onto this stranger. They should ask themselves, 'how can I hate a stranger so much.' It is based on paranoia, it has nothing to do with logic or reason, and I think people like Danny DeVito and Bill Maher are envious of the president because he has power and they don't." The Factor added that President Bush's belief in God may be another factor. "I think this has to do with the president's religious beliefs. Bill Maher is a virulently anti-religious person and Hollywood is very secular. Bush came in with a faith-based approach, and right off the bat they hated him."

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Factor Mail
Viewers Sound Off
Many of you wrote about the Colorado legislation that would penalize landlords who knowingly rent to illegal aliens. Some excerpts:

John Phelps, Vail, CO: "O'Reilly, your idea to put landlords in jail if they rent to illegals would have no effect on the problem. You are truly a communist."

Charles Brents, Greenwood, MO: "I'm a landlord here, and I know I rent to illegals. But when I asked the feds to confirm social security numbers, they offer no help. I can't win."

Larry Jay, Mohnton, PA: "As a landlord myself, I would never rent to an illegal alien - out of respect for my country."

Other viewers commented on whether the very wealthy should pay higher taxes.

Randy Wiss, Littleton, CO: "Bill, you and Ben Stein represent what's wrong with America. You've made your millions and now support a tax increase so you won't feel guilty for being so rich."

Sandra Huber, Natchez, MS: "I am definitely in the poor category, but Ben Stein's philosophy chilled me to the bone. I believe penalizing success by higher taxation is wrong. The freedom to fail or the freedom to succeed is what this country is all about."