Tuesday, March 13, 2007
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Segment Summaries
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Talking Points Memo
Illegal immigration reaches critical mass
"The Factor has obtained the floor plan of that Bronx house where nine children and one adult were killed by fire. The deaths of those children and the 453 people who died trying to cross into the USA from Mexico last year didn't have to happen. The reason it did happen is because the federal government has failed to control immigration. Everybody knows the more security you have on the border, the fewer illegals and narcotics will come in. But the open border-blanket amnesty crowd oppose just about all punitive measures and tougher border security. The only reason anyone would oppose those things is to achieve a radical realignment of American society. The no-spin truth is that the 'compassion crowd' is really the 'chaos crowd,' the 'new America crowd.' Let me ask you a direct question - is it compassionate to for New York to allow 17 children to live in a dumpy tenement with five adults? The building had poor heat, no fire escapes, no sprinklers. Yet social services didn't visit the dwelling because the city of New York has a 'don't ask' policy toward all foreign-born residents. So the next time you hear the compassion crowd bloviate, show them pictures of people dying in the Arizona desert and being buried here in New York City. America needs strict border controls, a disciplined guest worker program, and fewer dishonest demagogues trying to reshape this country illegally."
Top Story
Immorality and the military
Guest: Tony Perkins, Family Research Council

General Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, expressed his personal opinion that "homosexual acts between individuals are immoral." Conservative activist and former Marine Tony Perkins supported General Pace's sentiments. "The Uniform Code of Military Justice governs the military, and under that code it is criminal to engage in adultery and homosexuality. So he was just following that code, which is there for unit cohesiveness and professionalism. We should not allow this to divert attention from what Congress is trying to do in the middle of a war, which is to change the policy on homosexuals serving openly." The Factor argued that Pace should keep his personal views to himself. "If he is describing why the 'don't ask, don't tell' policy is necessary, I have no problem. But soon as he said he feels homosexuality is immoral, I say 'who cares?' He doesn't make the laws, he carries them out."
Impact Segment
Defining & punishing hate crimes
Guest: Former federal prosecutor Sunny Hostin

Do criminals deserve extra punishment when their crimes are motivated by ethnic or religious hatred? Former prosecutor Sunny Hostin explained why hate crime legislation is needed. "A hate crime doesn't just terrorize the person who is the target, it terrorizes an entire community. Think about it, Bill - if very tall white men are the targets, you're going to feel terrorized." Hostin pointed to a recent case in which a Seattle couple entered a deli, hurled anti-Arabic slurs, and beat the storekeeper. "Someone who is capable of doing that is capable of doing a lot more. These are violent people. And we need to stop saying this kind of thing is okay."
Unresolved Problems Segment
Pregnancy reporting bill controversy
Guests: Civil liberties attorney Larry Walters & Florida state Senator Rhonda Storms

A proposed bill in Florida would require doctors to report a pregnancy when the girl is 15 or younger. Co-sponsor Rhonda Storms explained why it is needed. "We're trying to protect the 12-year old girl from being exploited by the 30 or 40 or 50-year old man. We want to find out if the pregnancy is the result of a violation of the law." But attorney Larry Walters expressed his fervent opposition. "The girl will be scared off from seeking medical attention out of fear that she or her boyfriend will be prosecuted. This is getting law enforcement involved in intimate family matters, and it is part of Senator Storms' anti-sex agenda." The Factor accused Walters of having skewed priorities. "If a 30-year old guy is impregnating a young girl it's a serious crime. And you're telling me that based on a theoretical argument you're willing to allow those criminal predators to get away with it. Senator Storms seems to be trying to protect the kids."
Factor Follow Up Segment
Floor plan of Bronx building reveals fire issues
Guests: Fire investigator Jerry Naylis

The Factor obtained the floor plan of the tenement where 10 people died in a fire. Fire investigator Jerry Naylis described the dwelling as an invitation to disaster. "There were too many people in too small a space," Naylis pronounced. "Frankly, Bill, you're looking at the new wave of immigration. You're getting people from Africa and South America and Asia and they're putting as many people as they can into one house." The Factor reiterated that chaotic immigration policies played a role in the tragedy. "I'm not trying to lay blame at anyone other than the federal government and New York's policy, which I think is insane. Social services should have peeked in there once in a while, and this should not have happened."
Body Language Segment
Body language in the news
Guests: Body language expert Tonya Reiman

Tonya Reiman returned to analyze the body language of some newsmakers. She first watched a tape of 18-year old Tommy Clay talking about his affair with a 29-year old teacher. "I got the impression," Reiman said, "that he was definitely remorseful, but also that he was slightly satisfied. There were small smiles that crossed his face, so there's some satisfaction." Reiman also viewed interviews with gay activists in San Francisco who were protesting a religious rally. "I can see a lot of upward eyebrow movement and they come across as very passionate." The Factor provided his own analysis of the gay protesters, focusing on their voices. "In those interviews I heard a tone saying 'don't tell me what to do.' They obviously wanted to offend these kids. The tone of voice was 'hey, listen, I'm going to do what I'm going to do and all you people are evil and bad for telling me that I'm wrong.'"
Back of Book Segment
Spitzer to sign sex offender law
Guest: Criminal defense attorney Natasha Lapiner-Giresi

New York Governor Eliot Spitzer will sign a bill calling for 'civil confinement' of sex offenders after their prison terms have expired. Attorney Natasha Lapiner-Giresi said the bill is extremely unfair to those who have paid their societal debt. "Civil confinement is just so wrong. If someone does their time, you should then not be able to give them an additional sentence. If this society wants sexual offenders to be put away forever, then say that up front." The Factor disagreed with the counselor and commended the legislature. "Predators who abuse children present a serious problem, and we want them evaluated by mental health professionals before we put them on the street. A psychiatrist can hopefully pinpoint the dangerous ones."
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Many of your e-mails focused on Democratic presidential debate that was canceled because far-left groups objected to the association with Fox News. Some excerpts:

Don Qualls, Carson City, NV: "Our Senator Harry Reid is always telling us he is looking out for our best interests. By cancelling the debate with Fox, Reid has taken several million dollars out of the Reno economy."

Tristan Hills, Santa Cruz, CA: "Bill, you're right about John Edwards. He is committing political suicide by aligning himself with the far-left."

Anita Story, Mattoon, IL: "I have become a conservative because of radicals like MoveOn."

Other viewers wrote about the confrontation between Christian youths and gay activists in San Francisco.

Michael, Burbank, CA: "As a gay, Christian man, I was horrified by how some over-the-top drag queens treated those Christian kids in San Francisco. They are not the real gay community."

Nathan Cole, Kenosha, WI: "While I don't advocate San Francisco values, I am a gay American who has been confronted sometimes violently by extreme Christians. I am glad to see that for once they are on the receiving end."