Monday, March 26, 2007
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Talking Points Memo
Radicalism on display
"A few days ago in Portland, Oregon a so-called 'peace rally' featured masked America-haters. They burned the American flag and effigies of American soldiers. This disgusting display was given a happy face by the committed left Oregonian newspaper, which mentioned the radicalism but said the protest was 'family friendly.' This could not have happened four years ago, even in ultra-liberal Portland. Masked hoodlums running around disrespecting the USA would have been confronted by the media and perhaps by people on the street. But Iraq has changed everything in this country. The rise of the radical left element inside America and the continued hatred of the jihadists abroad present a very troubling danger to every American. When we have people in masks burning our soldiers in effigy, when you have web sites encouraging violence against the vice president, when you have a corrupt, hate-driven media, you have some problems. The disgrace in Portland is a warning - these loons are no longer a sideshow, they're doing damage. The question is, will everyday Americans do anything about them?"

News Link: Video: US soldier burned in effigy
Top Story
Anna Nicole autopsy results are in
Guests: Investigative reporter Pat LaLama & Dr. Bruce Levy, Tennessee chief medical examiner

The official cause of Anna Nicole Smith's death was an accidental overdose of prescription drugs. Medical examiner Bruce Levy pointed out that this kind of death is all too common. "This is a story that plays out every singe day across the country - middle aged people abusing prescription medication, with the belief that pills have answers to all of our problems." Investigative reporter Pat LaLama laid part of the blame on Anna Nicole's enabling physicians. "There may not be enough for criminal charges, but in a moral court these people are medical miscreants. Authorities are looking at Dr. Sandeep Kapoor, who prescribed methadone while Anna Nicole was pregnant." The Factor added that Anna Nicole was ultimately responsible for her own fate. "No human being needs this volume of drugs. A lot of the drugs were redundant, and she was injecting human growth hormone. This woman was a drug addict."

News Link: Anna Nicole Smith autopsy details
Impact Segment
Newt Gingrich on radicalism
Guest: Fox News analyst Newt Gingrich

The Factor was joined by Fox News analyst Newt Gingrich, who expounded on the radicals mentioned in the Talking Points Memo. "We are drifting," Gingrich said, " into the most divisive period in America since the Civil War. We have people out there who actively hope the United States will be defeated, and it is stunningly undermining to have people who are eager for the other side to win. If Republicans in Congress would offer a resolution condemning anyone who would burn an American soldier in effigy and calling for their prosecution, that would force the left in Congress to make a decision. This is about undermining and defaming America at a time when young men and women are risking their lives for this country."
Impact Segment II
Newt Gingrich on the media
Guest: Newt Gingrich

The former Speaker of the House returned to discuss the press corps and its biases. The Factor began with this proposition: "The left wing media, which is about 80% of it, thinks the Bush administration is so bad that that they'll do anything they can to get Democrats in there. That includes running bogus stories and attacking people they don't like." But Gingrich expressed confidence that ordinary Americans will seek other outlets. "We've always had a biased news media, but the tolerance recently for just plain false reporting is astonishing. But I believe the American people are smarter than the news media. If people conclude they don't trust the media, they turn to places like Fox and the radio and the Internet."
Factor Follow Up Segment
Jessica's Law in Maryland
Guest: Joan Harris, Citizens for Jessica's Law

A 47-year old Maryland man admitted he sexually molested his daughter for seven years and also abused two nieces. Nevertheless, Judge Joseph Manck sentenced the man to just four months in jail. On a positive note, Maryland's legislature passed a version of Jessica's Law on Monday, meaning future predators will face mandatory minimums. "The citizens spoke loud and clear," Joan Harris exulted. "The reason this bill passed is that the citizens of Maryland demanded that it be passed. They flooded Annapolis with phone calls and e-mails and let their voices be heard." The Factor commended Maryland for doing the right thing. "You have a guy who molests his daughter for seven years, then this despicable judge gives him four months in jail. This could not happen under Jessica's Law, this guy would be away for 25 years."

News Link: Maryland legislature passes Jessica's Law
Personal Story Segment
Legislating immigration
Guests: Fox News analysts Kirsten Powers & Michelle Malkin

FNC analysts Kirsten Powers and Michelle Malkin joined The Factor with their views on an immigration bill being discussed in Congress. Malkin denounced the legislation as far too accomodating toward illegals. "This is a Christmas tree for the open-borders lobby. The bill is 700 pages and it has everything from a 'guest worker' program to tuition discounts for illegal aliens." The Factor joked that he and his guests could do far better. "Michelle, Kirsten, and I could do this in 48 hours. We could come up with a humane bill that protects Americans."

News Link: Judge gives Maryland child molester just 4 months in prison

On a far different subject, Powers rationalized the enduring fascination with Anna Nicole Smith. "People think celebrities have such great lives, but with this story you get a look that says it's really not that glamorous. People are fascinated with that. This was a profoundly depressed person." Malkin was far less charitable toward people who follow this story. "Too many Americans are celebrity-obsessed tabloid junkies who live vicariously through c-list celebrities and their groupies." The Factor compared Smith with another woman in the news. "I don't feel sorry for Anna Nicole Smith, she made her own road. I feel sorry for Elizabeth Edwards, who is courageous. She gets this terrible disease and she's fighting it."
Back of Book Segment
The Great American (Cinema) Culture Quiz
Guests: Steve Doocy & Martha MacCallum

Fox News' Martha MacCallum and Steve Doocy returned to test their knowledge in the Great American Culture Quiz. The Factor showed clips from five films and asked questions such as these: "Jane Fonda's 'Barbarella' was directed by her then husband. What was his name?" ... "What Western starred Ricky Nelson and John Wayne?" Making up for his dismal showing last week, Doocy chalked up a perfect score and was the runaway winner.
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Many of you e-mailed your opinions about the segments on spring break. Some excerpts:

Blair Haywood, Tuscaloosa, AL: "Hey, Bill, I'm a senior at the University here and the media is glorifying drinking, drugging and promiscuity. It's changed dramatically since I was in high school."

Kimberly Kaplan, College Park, MD: "I'm a junior at the University here and at the end of the night the girls who hook up are still called sluts, but since more girls act that way, the term has less impact."

Rosemary Schultz, Porterville, CA: "Bill, you're right, Geraldo's wrong. Sluttiness has been glorified in the media from Madonna on down. The girls do not understand the downside."