Monday, July 9, 2007
On The O'Reilly Factor...
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Talking Points Memo & Top Story
Blood in the water over Iraq
"The New York Times declared defeat in Iraq on its editorial page Sunday, and there's no question the anti-war movement has momentum. The truth is that the Iraqi government and many of its citizens are simply not doing enough to defeat the terrorists and end corruption. The USA can't control that country, no nation could. Talking Points laid out that scenario three years ago. So there is joy in 'far-left-ville.' The Bush-haters have won a victory - Iraq is not going to become a functioning democracy any time soon, and President Bush will have that on his resume forever. Not content with the Iraq debacle, the far left is also trying to diminish the overall war on terror. This movement is led by the New York Times and NBC News in the mainstream media. When the London car bomb story broke, NBC News actually put a guy on the air who called it a 'non-event.' That statement wasn't even challenged on NBC's air. Over at the New York Times, columnists Paul Krugman and Frank Rich are doing everything they can to downplay the war on terror. Left-wing zealot Krugman now puts a 'TM' trademark symbol next to the words 'war on terror.' How clever! There's no question time is running out in Iraq, but all Americans should honor the sacrifice our military has made. It is beyond disappointing that this campaign has not succeeded, but I'm still praying for a miracle. I believe that prayer is not being shared in some precincts here in America, but of course I could be wrong."

The Factor welcomed international affairs professor Patricia DeGennaro, who disputed the idea that some leftists are rooting against America. DeGennaro also laid out her recommendations for how to proceed in Iraq. "I would absolutely get some of those men and women out who have given us two or three tours. Secondly, I would move the troops on the borders so weapons are not flowing in and out. The surge doesn't seem to be helping right now." Author and former Pentagon official Jed Babbin accused many in the media of outright treachery. "I think the editors of the New York Times want us to lose in Iraq and don't care if we lose the overall war. These people are activists who want to get George Bush out of the White House and a Democrat in there. They'll do anything to do that."
Impact Segment
Why is Miss New Jersey being blackmailed?
22-year old Miss New Jersey Amy Polumbo claims she is being blackmailed by someone who is threatening to release embarrassing photos of her. Polumbo joined The Factor and described the photos as relatively innocuous. "They're normal college pictures of my friends and me having fun. There's no nudity, they were not intended to be anything of a sexual nature. This was silly college fun." After Polumbo's attorney Anthony Caruso claimed that New Jersey's Attorney General is investigating the matter, The Factor urged Polumbo and everyone else to be careful about posting photos. "I'm not understanding why anyone is taking this seriously if these are just innocent Halloween pictures of you and your friends having fun. This sounds like a prank to me, but you have to be very cautious. We appreciate your coming in and telling us about this."
Unresolved Problems Segment
"Gay gangs" report & GLAAD
During an appearance two weeks ago, Fox News crime analyst Rod Wheeler described a "national epidemic" of homosexual gangs. It turns out that Wheeler overstated the problem, so The Factor corrected the record, saying this: "We don't want to make mistakes, and we don't want our analysts making mistakes. Detective Wheeler apologized and put it on his web site." Rashad Robinson of the gay organization GLAAD expressed his appreciation. "We want to thank you for correcting the record, and hope that more news agencies will reach to GLAAD and other organizations to get the proper information." The Factor also pointed out that Wheeler was not entirely off the mark. "I'll grant you that Detective Wheeler got a little carried away. But here in New York City a group of lesbians attacked a man. Then in Tennessee there was a lesbian gang, another one in Philadelphia. There's no question there are some gay gangs, primarily lesbian, causing trouble. We reported it, and we should have reported it."
Personal Story Segment
Women and troubled men
In two recent high-profile cases, women were murdered by their violent boyfriends. Actress Robin Givens, who was married to boxer Mike Tyson, explained what draws some women into relationships with troubled men. "Women are nurturers," Givens told The Factor. "We want to fix things, and want to believe we can make a difference in somebody's life. My mother and my grandmother were in abusive relationships, and people repeat cycles." The Factor remained puzzled by Givens and other women who get involved in similar relationships. "This is one of the few topics I'm clueless about. You're a beautiful woman, you're smart, and you hook up with a guy like Mike Tyson, who is brutal. I think you were lucky to get out of this unscathed."
Mondays with Michelle & Kirsten Segment
Warnings about the Internet
The Factor welcomed FNC analysts Michelle Malkin and Kirsten Powers, who scrutinized the intense hatred of President Bush. Malkin accused the New York Times of opposing Bush at every opportunity. "The Times as an institution has filed briefs to undermine various Bush administration anti-terror programs. They've also sided with the ACLU in trying to undermine a lot of the interrogation techniques. Institutionally, the New York Times has sided with the jihadists one too many times." Powers countered that the Times columnists like Paul Krugman don't speak for the paper. "Krugman doesn't believe there is a war on terror, or he believes it's something the Bush administration uses to keep people in a state of fear. That's his opinion, I don't agree with it, but he's a columnist. You have to make a distinction between the editorial page and the reporting, and I would not go so far as to say that the New York Times is on the side of the jihadists."
Back of Book Segment
The Great American Culture Quiz
After two weeks away from the arena, Steve Doocy returned to face perennial rival Martha MacCallum in the Great American Culture Quiz. The Factor posed five questions, including these: "What was the Beatles' last album?" ... "In what town did John F. Kennedy marry Jackie Bouvier?" Doocy shook off the rust and emerged with a slim one-point victory.
Factor Mail
Viewers Sound Off
Many of you continued to write about Paris Hilton and her post-jail interview on CNN. Some excerpts:

Conrad Lynch, Lancaster, CA: "Bill, how dare you call out Larry King and CNN over the Paris interview?"

Jim Hazdra, Battle Creek, MI: "It's a known fact that smoking marijuana impairs memory. Paris just couldn't remember taking drugs."

Sharon Kling, Peachtree City, GA: "King's interview provided insight into Ms. Hilton. Your judgmental comments hurt Fox News."

Claire Manzo, Templeton, CA: "Live a little, Bill. You could learn something from Paris Hilton."