Thursday, July 26, 2007
On The O'Reilly Factor...
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Talking Points Memo
The far-left counterattack against the Factor
"We've exposed the far left DailyKos web site as being a hate enterprise and have questioned why the Democratic presidential candidates are speaking at its convention, thereby putting a stamp of approval on hate. Predictably, there has been some blowback from the far left. Elements at NBC News had pro-Kos comments, and the usual kool-aid columnists are all in a twitter. And a viewer in Michigan wrote this: 'Bill, I was disgusted and offended that you would show that vile pseudo-photo of President Bush with an animal. You've lost a viewer.' Well, I'm sorry, but sometimes I have to show awful stuff like that Kos picture to get things done. By the way, an even worse picture displayed on the Kos web site will be shown here Monday evening. At this point it should be obvious that the far left is out of control and doing damage to the nation. If I have to shock you to get that across, I will, and on Monday you'll be shocked. We believe the web site is bad for the country and have proven our case beyond a reasonable doubt. And on Monday, we'll have the final nail. But it is disturbing, so be forewarned."
Top Story
Is an economic recession on the way?
The stock market took a tumble Thursday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average shedding more than 300 points. But FNC's Terry Keenan told The Factor that panic is not warranted. "I don't think most investors should sell, but they should watch carefully what is going on here because we are seeing some kind of a credit crisis triggered by the housing market. People bought houses they couldn't afford, and it's affecting the rest of the market. But right now we have the tailwinds of a very good U.S. economy and an incredible global economy, which will mitigate what's going on in the housing market." The Factor pointed out that one industry seems to be immune to economic fears. "While everybody else is nervous, the oil companies are still making money hand over fist because nobody's watching them."

News Link: Dow down over 300 points on credit fears
Thursdays with Geraldo Segment
Michael Vick pleads not guilty of dogfighting
Geraldo Rivera began his weekly segment with criticism of the Drug Enforcement Agency, which raided 'medical marijuana' clinics in California. "I'm a libertarian," Rivera proclaimed, "particularly where marijuana is concerned. The DEA should go after real dopers who are infecting the community with addictive substances." Rivera also predicted that quarterback Michael Vick, indicted for dogfighting, may have thrown his last NFL pass. "The crime alleged is so horrendous that it offends people. These animals were like slaves that they tortured and killed. I think it's likely that Michael Vick will never play again in the NFL." The Factor agreed that Vick is in deep trouble. "This indictment was so specific and brutal that people have decided that there's no way this guy didn't do it. I don't think he can beat the rap."

News Link: Feds raid California pot clinics

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Impact Segment
Accused child rapist vanishes following release
Maryland Judge Katherine Savage has dismissed charges against Liberian immigrant Mahamu Kanneh, accused of raping a 7-year old girl, because it took too long to find an interpreter fluent in Kanneh's native language. The Factor welcomed Maryland legislator Patrick McDonough, who called for Judge Savage's impeachment. "She should have had more common sense when she weighed a technicality against the outrageous rape of a 7-year old child. The entire state of Maryland is infested with left-leaning judges who are easy on criminals." The Factor questioned the motivation and rationale of Judge Savage. "Here's a judge who doesn't seem like a terrible person or a loon. She throws the case out and puts a guy who may have raped a 7-year old and another girl out on the street. I don't understand that."

News Link: Judge in interpreter case under fire
Unresolved Problems Segment
Released pet snakes wreak havoc in Florida
Enormous Burmese Pythons have become pervasive in the Florida Everglades, a situation The Factor blamed on people who purchase exotic pets. "They're here because irresponsible pet owners bought these and dumped them in the Everglades. If they've already captured 350 of them, you have to figure that there are thousands out there." Wildlife expert James Peacock described the reptiles as extremely dangerous. "Some of these snakes are very aggressive, they can be considered life-threatening, and they're now being found in residential areas where small children or domesticated animals can easily be taken. The snakes do very well here in our climate, and there is no predator to keep them in check."

News Link: Asian pythons invade Florida
Weekdays with Bernie and Jane Segment
Network (non-)coverage of the Ward Churchill story
The Factor reported that mainstream media outlets barely mentioned the firing of University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill, and Bernie Goldberg and Jane Hall explained why. "This was always a story that conservatives got immediately," Goldberg theorized, "while liberals never got worked up over this. Ward Churchill maligned America - but if he had maligned black people or gays or women, the media would have shown a lot of interest." But Hall countered that Churchill's case received sufficient attention. "CBS and NBC did stories on Churchill in 2005, and his firing was in the New York Times, AP and other places. This has been covered, and the stories were pretty balanced." Goldberg also took a shot at Democratic presidential candidates who will appear at the DailyKos convention. "They will go to this convention and speak to the angriest activist core of the party, but won't debate the issues on Fox News? Why is that? Because they're deathly afraid that the crazies in the party will punish them if they come on Fox News. This is all you need to know about their lack of character."

News Link: Rocky Mountain News "fear" story on Churchill
Back of Book Segment
Tabloid Nation: Drew Carey lands The Price is Right
The Factor introduced a new feature called "Tabloid Nation," a weekly look at the entertainment business and its effect on our culture. FNC's Jill Dobson began by analyzing why Drew Carey was chosen to host "The Price Is Right." "This show is an American institution," Dobson declared, "and to many people Drew seems like an average American guy. You know he'll have fun with it and make people feel at home." Dobson also revealed that singers Kelly Clarkson and Britney Spears are having less-than-hot summers. "Kelly had to cancel her tour and has an album that's only selling about a half-million copies, which is a disappointment for her. And during a photo shoot Britney went to the bathroom leaving the door open, used a designer dress as a napkin, and ended up ruining about $21,000 dollars worth of items."

News Link: Drew Carey "come on down!"
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Many of you wrote the now-fired professor Ward Churchill. Some excerpts:

Andrea O'Reilly Herrera, University of Colorado: "Bill, regardless of your overwrought feelings about Ward - the bottom line is - do you advocate First Amendment Rights or not?"

Taylor Portman, University of Colorado: "As a student here, I am glad that Ward Churchill has finally been fired. As far as I can tell, most students I know feel this way too."

Alexandra O'Connor, Melbourne, Australia: "Bill, can a professor not make a controversial statement without being fired? Are you that insecure?"

Lorrie Sparks, Colorado Springs, CO: "Dennis Miller made a comment about Coloradans being out of touch. But many of us do have a clue!"