Tuesday, May 13, 2008
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Top Story
West Virginia primary projections
In lieu of the Talking Points Memo, The Factor began with Karl Rove's analysis of Hillary Clinton's runaway victory in West Virginia. "Clinton won tonight," Rove said, "because this is a state that likes regular people, and can smell an elitist, someone who is looking down their noses at them, from a hundred miles away. They saw it in John Kerry and Al Gore, and I think they see this in Senator Obama. The swing voters are up for grabs here - they'll vote for Clinton if she is the nominee, but they'll go for McCain if Obama is the nominee." The Factor was struck by two numbers from exit polls: "47% of Democrats in West Virginia feel Barack Obama is not an honest man, and just 51% of Democrats who voted today say they'll vote for Barack Obama should he run against John McCain. That means the five electoral votes in West Virginia are in McCain's camp."

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Impact Segment
Would Hillary take the VP slot?
According to some reports, Michelle Obama intensely dislikes Hillary Clinton and would veto an Obama/Clinton ticket. The Factor explored that issue with political journalist Jim VandeHei. "I'd be shocked," VandeHei said, "if Michelle Obama wanted Hillary Clinton on the ticket. The Clinton campaign has been kicking her husband in the teeth for the last year, and I don't think they want the Clinton baggage. Obama wants to attract independents and Republicans, and she's radioactive with a big part of the electorate." The Factor reminded VandeHei that politics can indeed make strange bedfellows and - in this case - bedgals. "JFK took Lyndon Johnson and they didn't like each other, and there were plenty of other unlikely pairings in American history."

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Factor Follow Up Segment
Marion Barry on Rev. Wright controversy
Former Washington Mayor Marion Barry entered the No Spin Zone to chastise The Factor's coverage of Barack Obama and Reverend Jeremiah Wright. "I'm not speaking for Senator Obama," Barry said, "but I think the press has been more interested in making news than reporting news. Senator Obama has been very brilliant and comprehensive in his answers, and you ought to be talking about how great a campaign he has run. In the future spend more time on what he stands for." The Factor explained why Wright's lavish lifestyle is a legitimate issue. "I saw Reverend Wright telling poor people how they're getting hosed and using words that are offensive. Then I find that Reverend Wright is moving into a multi-million dollar home and has two Mercedes. I'm going after Wright as a hypocrite."
Personal Story Segment
Kimberly Dozier on journalism in a warzone
The Factor welcomed CBS News correspondent Kimberly Dozier, who was severely injured two years ago by a roadside bomb in Iraq. "The pain was excruciating," Dozier recalled, "and I passed out from the loss of blood. The next time I opened my eyes I was in a military hospital in Germany surrounded by my family. I had a tube down my throat and couldn't speak. They told me our camera crew had been killed, which set off a year of grief and guilt." The Factor praised Dozier for her determination and courage. "Doctors tell us that you have been extraordinary in your recovery. I highly recommend your book 'Breathing the Fire,' and I'm so pleased you came in here."

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'Is it Legal?' Segment
Pursuing a $500M sunken treasure
FNC legal analysts Megyn Kelly and Lis Wiehl began with still another teacher sex scandal in Tampa, this one involving middle school teacher Stephanie Ragusa, who was charged with having sex with a underage boys. "This is getting to the point of ridiculousness in Tampa," Kelly declared. "I don't know how parents allow their kids to go to school there with all these teachers running around molesting children. Ragusa had a long history of problems." Wiehl suggested that parents may have a strong case against the school district. "The district had warnings that she was bringing wine to school dances and was swearing in the classroom. I hope she gets as harsh a sentence as a man would get for the same thing." The legal experts then turned to the dispute between the government of Spain and the divers who found a $500 million sunken treasure. "Spain says it was a warship that was sunk in 1804," Kelly reported, "and that Spain still has a right to what's on it. I think they're right - you don't lose your rights to the ship." Wiehl predicted the divers and Spain will reach a Solomonic compromise, saying "I think they're going to split it."

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Back of Book Segment
The Great American Culture Quiz returns!
Steve Doocy and Martha MacCallum again dueled in the Great American Culture Quiz. The Factor's questions included these: "Which group had a hit with the song 'Wooly Bully?' ... "What was the cause of Audrey Hepburn's death?" Both contestants were at the top of their respective games, answering four of five questions correctly and quickly. The Factor proclaimed the match a tie, and praised Doocy and MacCallum for their impressive recall of useless knowledge. If you want to test your wits against Doocy and MacCallum, the entire GACQ is posted here on BillOReilly.com under "Fun Stuff."
Pinheads and Patriots
Sesame Street & Kim Kardashian
Tuesday's Patriots: The folks at Sesame Street, who have produced a multi-media kit that prepares kids whose military parents are leaving for or returning from a war zone. And the Pinhead: TV personality Kim Kardashian, who discusses the Burma cyclone while prancing around on her web site. Nominate a Pinhead or a Patriot by sending an email to pnp@billoreilly.com.

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Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Jane, Memphis, TN: "O'Reilly, obviously it's been a long time since you taught high school. If teachers had interfered with that obscene dancing, they would have been sued or shot."

Molly Andersen, Laurel, MD: "Bill, as a high school teacher, I'm surprised that you're surprised. This is how kids dance these days courtesy of MTV. It's a cultural tragedy."

Andy Bell, Seaford, DE: "I am a high school sophomore and can tell you that morals and values do not exist in schools today."

Joe Romeo, Glen Falls, NY: "Mr. O, kudos to you for exposing the hate speech of Boyce Watkins. I am a senior at Syracuse and find it despicable that Chancellor Cantor turns a blind eye."

Dr. Karen Bryla McNees, Lexington, KY: "I'm a Syracuse alum and will not donate directly to the school because it has become radically left. I hope your report brings about a much needed change."