Monday, October 13, 2008
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Talking Points Memo and Top Story
Fairness in campaign coverage
"There have been nasty comments directed at Barack Obama by some people attending McCain rallies. Of course, that has happened in campaigns since Adams and Jefferson were running around. Nonetheless, the New York Times and other media supporters are more shocked than Claude Rains was in 'Casablanca' and are directly blaming McCain. The truth is that McCain has been restrained when speaking about Obama. Enter Congressman John Lewis, who said criticisms of Obama are inciting hatred, and even brought up George Wallace. But Talking Points is confused - exactly what criticisms are we talking about? We invited Congressman Lewis on The Factor, but he will not appear. That is not fair - if you light the fuse, you are responsible for the explosion. I didn't hear Congressman Lewis say a word when the Democratic presidential candidates showed up at the DailyKos convention. Any American trafficking in hate should be called on it; no politician should ever go to the DailyKos convention. Both John McCain and Barack Obama are honorable men, and I have not seen any hatred on the part of the two candidates. What I have seen is partisan hypocrisy."

FNC analysts Juan Williams and Mary Katharine Ham entered the No Spin Zone to opine on John Lewis' incendiary accusations. "It's exasperating to me," Williams began, "as someone who cares deeply about the civil rights movement. John Lewis is a hero, but there is no way to compare what George Wallace did with criticism of a political candidate. McCain has not brought Reverend Wright into this, so he is restraining himself." Ham maintained that Obama's connection with terrorist Bill Ayers is a legitimate issue. "The fact that he is connected to a domestic terrorist is totally fair game. People are arguing for a different set of rules for Obama because going after these associations might cause people to have bad thoughts. If you associate him with Ayers, a white man, you're called 'racist?' It's a cudgel and it's effective and they're going to use it as long as it works.

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Impact Segment
Stocks up big today
After the Dow soared by a record 936 points, The Factor called on Fox News business mavens Stuart Varney and Degan McDowell for their insight. "I don't think this is going to last," Varney declared. "There is danger ahead. The economy is deteriorating rapidly, and we now face the possibility of an Obama presidency with a heavily Democratic Congress that will be wildly redistributionist." McDowell tried to explain Monday's explosive move. "Last week a lot of experts were saying 'sell, sell, sell,' feeding the panic and hysteria and the downside move. It got overdone and people were looking for a good reason to buy. But what makes me worry about a move like today is that folks look at the stock market and say, 'that's a casino.'" The Factor offered a few reasons for guarded optimism. "Oil prices are going down, which puts more money in the folks' pockets. There's a plan for the banking system, interest rates are going down, so the psychology is that people have a little bit of hope."

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Body Language Segment
Palin gets booed at a hockey game?
Sarah Palin received both boos and cheers when she dropped the opening puck at a Philadelphia Flyers game this weekend. Body language ace Tonya Reiman analyzed Palin's reaction. "Her tongue came out for a full second," Reiman said, "so she wasn't certain where to go with this. Sticking the tongue out is a form of insecurity and uncertainty." Reiman also watched tape of Michelle Obama as she rationalized her husband's relationship with terrorist William Ayers. "As she was speaking, she was shaking her head back and forth, which was like telegraphing uncertainty. She looked uncomfortable, it was not one of her best interviews."

News Link: Video: Palin booed at hockey game?
Unresolved Problems Segment
Voter fraud in Ohio
The far-left organization ACORN is under investigation for fraud in various states, including Ohio, where witnesses testified that ACORN workers encouraged them to register multiple times. FNC analyst John Kasich, a former Ohio Congressman, elaborated on ACORN's tactics. "This radical organization is yanking people out of homeless shelters," Kasich declared, "and trying to get them to register. There is a deluge of new registrants and the secretary of state, who is supposed to be in charge of honest elections, is not helping the local election boards. Some of these people being registered by ACORN could slip through and cast votes that are fraudulent." The Factor pointed out that illegal voting is an unfortunate tradition. "This game has been played since George Washington was president, but now it has some big money behind it. There are millions of dollars behind an organization like ACORN."

News Link: ACORN under investigation in Ohio
Personal Story Segment
Are the debate moderators all liberals?
The Factor asked Fox News media analyst Bernie Goldberg to assess this year's debate moderators. "The problem isn't that these people have shown a liberal bias during the debates," Goldberg replied. "The problem is they all live in the same liberal media bubble, so they all come up with the same kinds of questions. If you could bottle the Tom Brokaw debate, you'd have a clue for insomnia." Goldberg also mocked the media's sudden concern with incivility among McCain supporters. "I don't remember these 'sensitive' media types worrying when George Bush was called a Nazi, when Dick Cheney was called a fascist." The Factor expressed hope that the final debate will be an improvement. "Tom Brokaw didn't come up with any confrontational questions about the economy. Bob Schieffer promises to rattle their cages, and he has to be a little tougher.

NewsLink: Debate moderator Bob Schieffer previews tone
Reality Check Segment
Kids take field trip to teacher's lesbian wedding
NBC's Tom Brokaw says "the McCain campaign is dysfunctional," while ABC's George Stephanopoulos also downplays McCain's chances. The Factor put forth this reality check: "If Brokaw and Stephanopoulos and other network notables continue to say Obama has it locked, how will that affect the actual vote? Independents could get mad and swing to McCain, or lots of folks could stay home, thinking Obama has it." Meanwhile, first graders in San Francisco attended the wedding of their female teacher to another woman. The Factor's check: "The wedding was listed as an 'official field trip,' certainly a reality check for 6-year olds." Finally, noting that Fox News continues to pound MSNBC in the cable news ratings, The Factor offered this check: "It looks like opening an 'Obama for President' headquarters didn't really cut it for NBC News."

News Link: 1st grade takes class trip to lesbian wedding
Patriots and Pinheads
Cheryl Burke & Jose Canseco
Monday's Patriot: Cheryl Burke of "Dancing with the Stars," who responded forcefully to people who have called her overweight. And the Pinhead: Former baseball player and steroid abuser Jose Canseco, who was detained at the Mexican border for possessing a fertility drug. Nominate a Pinhead or a Patriot by sending an email to

NewsLink: Video: Cheryl Burke fires back over weight issues

News Link: Jose Canseco detailed at border for drug possession
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Linda Yoblonsky, Colorado: "Bill, your nightly attacks on Jeffrey Immelt, the CEO of General Electric, are having a direct effect on American families. My son-in-law works for GE and his children are depending on him to put them through college. So, stop it."

Paul LeBlanc, Boston, MA: "Greed on Wall Street is usually offset by fear of exposure. When the government declines to oversee financial transactions, greed runs wild. This crisis is one of bad government, not deregulation."

LeeAnn Graham, Raleigh, NC: "Mr. O, loved Bold Fresh. My mother offered me the same advice as your father: If a man treats his mother badly, you don't want to know him."

Pete Hodgson, Hawaii: "The book cover lets us know that you were an alter boy. Boy, have you altered."