Thursday, February 11, 2010
On The O'Reilly Factor...
Segment Summaries
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Talking Points Memo & Top Story
What Americans believe about socialism
"A recent Gallup Poll is simply incredible: 36% of Americans have a positive view of socialism, including 53% of Democrats. A socialist believes the government has the right to control and/or seize private property and regulate the distribution of goods and services. That means the government has all the power, and you have none. And 53% of Democrats think that's a positive thing? Gallup says it didn't define 'socialism' and therefore some of the respondents simply don't know what socialism is. Even so, the poll is disturbing because there is a trend by the Obama administration to expand the federal government and redistribute wealth. It is long past time for Americans to wake up - the far left wants to diminish personal power and impose social justice on the nation. They want to erode our personal freedoms in order to right what they consider wrongs brought about by capitalism. Talking Points believes that will not happen, and the more exposure this quasi-socialism gets, the more Americans will object. America was founded on hard work, personal responsibility and honest achievement. Socialism has no place in the USA."

"Do you believe President Obama is a socialist?" The Factor posed that point-blank question to Laura Ingraham: "That's the type of question," Ingraham replied, "that Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod want us to be talking about, because it's their way of marginalizing people who disagree with their approach. President Obama is not going to say 'we want state control of production,' but this administration's policies - cap and trade, health care reform, massive spending - diminish our personal liberty and freedom. What you call it is irrelevant; the bottom line is that these ideas have to be defeated." The Factor agreed with Ingraham's assertion that environmentalism can be a form of socialism: "If the federal government gets the power to tell people what kind of car they can drive and what kind of energy they use to heat their homes, then they control the industries that provide the cars and the energy and everything else. The government becomes tremendously powerful."
The Kelly File Segment
Will Elizabeth Edwards file suit against John?
There are reports that Elizabeth Edwards may sue over her husband's affair with Rielle Hunter. Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly provided the latest on the story. "The suit would be based on 'alienation of affection,'" Kelly reported, "which is a viable claim in North Carolina. It's a way for someone who has been cheated on to get back at the 'cheatee' and the 'cheater,' so she could sue Rielle Hunter. The first thing you have to prove is that you had a happy marriage or something close to it, and you also have to prove that the reason your marriage deteriorated was this person's conduct. But how can she prove Rielle Hunter was the reason their marriage deteriorated." The Factor contended that Elizabeth Edwards could win a suit: "I don't know what happened and I don't really care. But I know the American people and if you have a jury listening to this harrowing story, they're going to want to punish somebody."
Personal Story Segment
Ohio Speaker flip-flops on pro-life speech
After 19-year-old Elisabeth Trisler won an oratory contest sponsored by a pro-life group, Ohio House Speaker Armond Budish refused to honor the young woman in the legislature, then reversed his decision when he came under fire. The Factor explored the controversy with Elisabeth and her mother Sandy. "People like me are the next generation of leaders," Trisler said, "and is this the kind of example you want to set? If you want tolerance, how come you can't tolerate me or anyone like me who is different from you." Sandy Trisler expressed enormous pride in her daughter's accomplishment, saying "she won a national contest and she was standing up for life, which was an important thing." The Factor accused Budish of putting politics above all else: "It looks like this was a pure political play to keep a pro-life point of view from receiving any attention, and Mr. Budish should be very embarrassed."
Factor Follow Up Segment
Rod Blagojevich in the No Spin Zone
Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, who has been charged with various felonies surrounding the alleged sale of Barack Obama's Senate seat, entered the No Spin Zone and put forth a ringing defense. "The most important evidence," Blagojevich said, "is the secretly taped conversations from when the government tapped my phones. There are hundreds of hours of conversations and I have asked the court to have all the tapes played in court so a jury can hear the whole truth. It will exonerate me and it will show the theft of a governor by government bureaucrats with fancy law degrees." The Factor asked Blagojevich whether his conversations with Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel could be considered damaging to them. Blagojevich danced around the question, only saying "there were no illegal conversations between me and Rahm Emanuel or President Obama." The Factor accused Blagojevich of being evasive: "You're dodging, and you're supposed to be a straight-up guy."
Culture Warriors Segment
Obama advisor criticizes Pope Benedict XVI
Culture Warriors Margaret Hoover and Gretchen Carlson began with Obama administration official Harry Knox, who accused Pope Benedict of "hurting people in the name of Jesus" because of his opposition to condoms. "That's really extremist language," Hoover said, "and doesn't do much to further his policy objectives." Carlson elaborated on Knox's position in the administration. "He's on the President's advisory council on 'faith-based and neighborhood partnerships.' This was inflammatory, whether or not you think condoms are a good idea." The Warriors looked south to Brazil, where a 7-year-old girl was named Samba Queen of the annual Carnival. "When you watch her provocative moves," Carlson asked, "what parent would think that's okay for a 7-year-old?" Hoover agreed that the girl's parents are "over-sexualizing" her.
Back of Book Segment
Great American News Quiz
Steve Doocy and Martha MacCallum resumed their rivalry in the Great American News Quiz. Among the questions: "An ad in Sunday's Super Bowl showed the 'Green Police' terrorizing folks. The spot was for which car company?" ... "Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend are the only surviving members of The Who. Who was the drummer in the band's glory years?" ... "Nashville was home to which former president?" For the second week in a row, Doocy was dead solid perfect and waltzed to victory.
Pinheads and Patriots
Joe Biden & Charles Ogletree
Thursday's Patriot: Vice President Joe Biden, who called Sarah Palin "an engaging person with a great personality." And the Pinhead: Harvard professor Charles Ogletree, who actually claimed Sarah Palin's description of President Obama as a "professor of law" has racial overtones.
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Patricia Sadler, Indianapolis, IN: "Bill, how come you're against anyone saying anything negative about Sarah Palin when you let Dennis Miller say negative things about our President?"

Stan Evans, Valley, CA: "Enough with your personal attacks, Bill. End the pinhead segment."

Rod Neely, Mt. Joy, PA: "Bill, you criticized Eve Ensler for attacking Palin's intelligence then turn around and say you are smarter than Eve. Double standard?"

Susanne Lovisolo, Allendale, NJ: "Mr. O, you don't need a Ph.D. to win arguments with Dr. Marc Lamont Hill. And your ties are much better than his."