Thursday, May 6, 2010
On The O'Reilly Factor...
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Talking Points Memo & Top Story
Immigration chaos dividing Americans
"I am angry this evening because craven politicians and dishonest media are creating an atmosphere where good Americans are being pitted against one another. One new poll shows that 60% of Americans support the Arizona law which allows state and local police to investigate a person's citizenship if another police matter is in play. Only 30% oppose the law, but you'd never know that if you follow the media, most of which is portraying the Arizona law as a racist situation passed to harm law-abiding Hispanics. President Obama, President Clinton, and President Bush all failed to secure the Mexican border, but there's no reason that the most powerful country in the world can not control its southern border. The feds can do it; they simply won't do it, largely for political reasons. So the state of Arizona, faced with an overwhelming crime problem, social chaos, and a bankrupt treasury, passed a new law. And now anybody who supports the law is branded as racist in the far-left precincts. If that doesn't make you angry, nothing will. All Americans should support what's best for the country, and a porous border is certainly not good for the USA. It's way beyond time for all fair-minded Americans to rally together and solve the immigration mess."

The Factor was joined by Karl Rove, who disputed the Talking Points assertion that his former boss failed to secure the border. "The border today," Rove posited, "is a lot tougher than it was fifteen years ago. We put up a fence, we put up sensors, we put up watchtowers, we tried everything. And President Bush ended thirty years of 'catch-and-release.' You can't expect everything to work perfectly, but I wish you would give the Border Patrol some credit for doing a better job." Still, The Factor insisted that the Bush and Obama administrations have been ineffective: "Under President Bush you put in a virtual fence and that was wasted. You guys did some good things, but you were slow. It took me five years to pound you into sending the National Guard to the border. We don't want to be persecuting Hispanic Americans, but the federal government has an obligation to protect us and they have not done it."

Conservative radio talk show host Laura Ingraham entered the No Spin Zone and also criticized Presidents Bush and Obama. "I respect Karl Rove," Ingraham said, "but there is no doubt that the will to enforce our immigration laws over the past twenty years just wasn't there. The American people see very clearly that there are 460,000 illegal aliens in Arizona and other states are struggling. It's out of control, the border is porous, and the will is still not there. And now good people who just want to live in peace are being demonized by the President of the United States, and that is truly a shame." Ingraham theorized why both parties have been less than diligent. "Democrats see that a lot of the unskilled laborers coming across from Mexico are going to be future Democratic voters; Republicans have a 'wink-and-a-nod' thing going on with American business, which likes the influx of cheap labor."
Unresolved Problems Segment
Students sent home for wearing USA flag t-shirts
Five students at a California high school were sent home Wednesday, which was Cinco de Mayo, after refusing to remove T-shirts and bandanas with images of the American flag. Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly blasted school authorities for trampling on the students' rights. "They got pulled in to the vice-principal's office," Kelly reported, "and he felt this was going to cause some sort of a disturbance. The theoretical notion that there 'could be' a fight is not enough, you don't check your free speech rights at the school house door. Legally, this vice-principal was out of line." The Factor searched for a compromise in the dispute: "If I were a vice-principal and I thought this could be explosive, I would try to prevent that. But if you're going to haul these guys in, you also have to haul in the guys wearing Mexican flags."
Culture Warriors Segment
Another Erin Andrews controversy
"The View's" Elizabeth Hasselbeck issued a tearful apology to ESPN's Erin Andrews, who had been victimized by a stalker, after criticizing her for wearing skimpy outfits on "Dancing With the Stars." Culture Warriors Gretchen Carlson and Margaret Hoover tackled the issue. "As a victim of a serious stalking situation myself," Carlson revealed, "I empathize with Ms. Andrews. Criticizing her is like saying a woman who wears a short skirt deserves to be raped. But I don't believe that Elizabeth Hasselbeck premeditated her comments." Hoover suggested that Hasselbeck's gender helped her in this situation. "The media has covered this very differently than if a man had said it, a man would have been sent to sensitivity training in five minutes. Elizabeth Hasselbeck deserves credit for genuinely realizing that she said something wrong." The Factor agreed that "you have to be careful when you're talking about a crime, and if a man had done that he would have been fired."
Personal Story Segment
Legal challenges to the National Day of Prayer
Thursday was the National Day of Prayer, a designation that angered some secularists and atheists. The Factor welcomed Sarah Palin, who vigorously endorsed the prayer initiative. "America is based on Judeo-Christian beliefs," Palin declared, "and you can just go to our Founding Fathers' early documents to see that. They crafted a Declaration and Constitution allowing that Judeo-Christian belief is the foundation of our lives. Our inalienable rights don't come from man, they come from God, and the Constitution is set up to protect us from a government that would infringe on our freedom of religion. On the National Day of Prayer it's ironic to hear so much controversy about whether or not we can talk about God in the public square." The Factor reminded Governor Palin that more than two centuries have elapsed since those documents were written: "You're absolutely correct that the Founding Fathers based the founding documents on Judeo-Christian philosophy. But America has 'evolved' and we are now a much more a secular nation."
Back of Book Segment
Great American News Quiz
Quiz Kids Steve Doocy and Martha MacCallum, lauded by The Factor as "the two most brilliant people in the Fox News building," clashed in the Great American News Quiz. Among the questions: "In 1990, what Arizona legislative decision caused nationwide outrage?" ... "Why does President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad refuse to wear a tie?" ... "What does Cinco de Mayo commemorate?" Doocy managed a one-point victory, although, as the sports clich? says, the contest was not as close as the final score indicated.
Pinheads and Patriots
Katie Holmes & Greek protesters
Thursday's Patriot: Actress Katie Holmes, who performed with her husband Tom Cruise at a charity benefit in Los Angeles. And the Pinheads: Greek protesters who are rioting to protest cuts in their generous government benefits.
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Tommy Finn, Birmingham, England: "Over here we have Muslims trying to kill us as well. We also have a media sympathetic to them."

Susan Erick, Palm Beach, FL: "Bill, you are so right! As a moderate democrat, I can't understand why na?ve liberal journalists try to make excuses for terrorists!"

Daniel Smith, Andalusia, AL: "Perhaps the Times Square terrorist couldn't pay his mortgage because he took 13 trips to Pakistan."

Tom Jaosz, Safety Harbor, FL: "Pennsylvania doesn't need a scary video to collect back taxes. Governor Rendell should send Jesse Watters to collect them."