Thursday, June 24, 2010
On The O'Reilly Factor...
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Talking Points Memo & Top Story
President Obama on the decline
"This week is the low point for the Obama administration and a new poll confirms that - more Americans think President Obama is doing a bad job than a good job. The really bad news for the President is that 62% of Americans feel the country is heading in the wrong direction. Talking Points believes it is the 'chaos factor' that is damaging the administration. The economy, shaky; the oil spill, chaos; the Afghan war, not going well; and the border situation, so bad that the state of Arizona is defying the federal government. Add it up and you are in the chaos zone. But President Obama has a very powerful ally - the American media. After he fired General McChrystal yesterday, many reporters hailed the move as 'brilliant.' For a guy like the President, who is ultra-confident, this must be a very frustrating time. His policies simply aren't working, and if the war in Afghanistan and the economy get any worse, he will go the way of Jimmy Carter. Fair-minded Americans bear no malice towards President Obama, but the truth is that America is now in the chaos zone and November is coming up fast."

The Factor asked conservative radio talk show host Laura Ingraham how her listeners reacted to President Obama's firing of General Stanley McChrystal. "There's a diversity of opinion," Ingraham replied. "What people want to know is whether this strategy is working in Afghanistan. And there is an underlying question: If the commanding general in Afghanistan and some of his top staff have such disdain for the civilian leadership and President Obama, why aren't we at least asking why? Is President Obama equipped for the job as Commander-in-Chief? That's a very legitimate question." Ingraham also administered a smackdown to the reporters who hailed Obama as "brilliant." "This shows you how totally out of touch they are. Regular people are saying the economy isn't working, they're losing confidence in Afghanistan, but putting in General Petraeus is called 'brilliant.' It's probably the only general he knows."

For a view from the left, The Factor welcomed Professor Marc Lamont Hill. "This is absolutely the low point for the Obama administration," Hill conceded. "He bungled the BP response - I'm not saying it's his fault, but the perception of how he responded made it look like he was out of control. He didn't think deeply enough about what it means for the public to not see him right away." Hill also agreed that the media over-hyped President Obama's firing of General McChrystal. "McChrystal embarrassed him and he had no choice, but it wasn't 'brilliant.' It was a wise move and the right thing to do." The Factor opined that many reporters are eager to prop up the Obama administration: "The media in this country are traditionally cynical and distrustful of people in power, but here they're calling President Obama 'brilliant.' The press senses that this is the low point for the President."
Impact Segment
Mexican drug violence spilling into USA
Federal and local law enforcement officers say their lives are endangered by the brutal Mexico drug wars. Reporter Sara Carter explained the perilous situation on and around the border. "These officers have every right," Carter said, "to believe that their lives are threatened by these cartels. The cartels aren't just killing adults, they're killing children. The Mexican and U.S. governments have ignored this for years, and federal and local officers feel the Obama administration is completely disengaged from what's happening. If we don't face the reality of what's happening in Mexico, it's going to get worse and our officers are going to die." The Factor described the drug warriors as ultra-violent and amoral killers: "They will kill anybody, and not only will they kill you, they'll cut your head off. One guy got his face taken off and sewn onto a soccer ball."
Culture Warriors Segment
New Orleans strippers and BP bailout money
Some strippers in Louisiana want BP to reimburse them for wages lost because of the oil spill. Culture Warriors Gretchen Carlson and Margaret Hoover agreed that the pole dancers have a legitimate claim. "I'd like to convince these strippers to go into another profession," Hoover began, "but the reality is that BP has already paid out $119 million in claims, and some of those claims have gone to people on the secondary and tertiary levels of the economic ecosystem. So as long as they are in a legitimate business, they have a real claim." Carlson concurred that the strippers should be compensated. "You could argue that business is down because we're in a recession, so I think it will be hard to prove. But I don't really give a rip because it's BP money. If it were taxpayer money I'd have a problem." The Warriors also endorsed the web site on which Barack Obama gives tips to dads. "I don't see anything wrong with this," Carlson stated. "The President said government can not do what fathers can do best, and my reaction was wow, finally there is something President Obama does not think government can do better." The Factor made light of the site's suggestion that fathers and sons bake cupcakes together, contending that "I don't want to get flour all over me ... or whatever it is that you put in cupcakes."
Kelly File Segment
Federal government to sue Arizona over immigration
Now that the Justice Department has decided to formally challenge Arizona's immigration law, The Factor asked Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly to scrutinize the case. "It is unusual," Kelly said, "for the Justice Department to come in and do this - normally they would join a case as a 'friend of the court.' And you have to wonder why they're doing this, given the poll numbers - 70% of Arizonans and 60% of Americans back the law." Kelly suggested that Arizona's law will likely be upheld. "The Supreme Court ruled 35 years ago that states can pass laws dealing with immigration. I think the law is on Arizona's side, but this will depend on the judge that's hearing the case." Kelly also took a moment to ridicule the organization that is suing McDonald's because the fast food giant gives toys to children. "This is a publicity stunt and here's how ridiculous it is - they claim McDonalds has 'conscripted America's children into an unpaid drone army ... causing them to nag their parents to bring them to McDonald's.'"
Back of Book Segment
Great American News Quiz
Martha MacCallum was back in action against Steve Doocy in the Great American News Quiz. Among the questions: "Which Senator was questioning General David Petraeus last week when the dehydrated General passed out?" ... "On which TV reality show did Rod Blagojevich make a short-lived appearance?" ... "What do Jimmy Buffett's fans refer to themselves as?" Thanks to his obvious familiarity with Margaritaville, Doocy squeaked out a one-point victory.
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Tom Monfort, Columbus, GA: "I believe General McChrystal did not want to be General Westmoreland who was blamed for losing in Vietnam. So he found an out courtesy of Rolling Stone."

Frank Foley, Las Vega, NV: "General McChrystal's biggest mistake was letting Rolling Stone Magazine into his fold."

Jim Harrington, Natick, MA: "Bill, McChrystal's lack of judgment was prompted by months of frustration with the President's indecision on Afghan strategy."

Mike Goodson, Chattanooga, TN: "How dare Bernie Goldberg thumb his nose at talk radio! There was plenty of disagreement on the McChrystal issue."

Betty Arenson, Valencia, CA: "I am a conservative but don't want to hear Obama is wrong on every single issue."
Pinheads and Patriots
LaToya Jackson & Barre animal control
Thursday's Pinhead?: Perhaps Michael Jackson's sister LaToya, who broke down and wept during an emotional reunion with Bubbles, the late singer's pet chimp. And more Pinheads: Animal control officials in Barre, Vermont, who want to mandate that all cats be put on leashes.