Monday, December 6, 2010
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Talking Points Memo & Top Story
Obama on the rocks with the far left
"Word is that President Obama will compromise on the 'Bush tax cut' situation. Democrats want to raise taxes on people and businesses making more than $250,000 a year; Republicans don't want to raise taxes on anyone, and it looks like the GOP will win. Congress will extend unemployment benefits for another year in return for no tax hikes. Talking Points believes the tax code should stay the same because if the economy improves, tax revenues will rise anyway. Also, I don't believe in income redistribution, which is really what this is all about. The far left, however, lives for taking money from the affluent and giving it to low income Americans, so they are furious with the President. Once again, Mr. Obama finds himself in a very difficult place with his far left base defecting. The bottom line: No tax hikes, more angst for the President."

The Factor asked FNC analyst Brit Hume to assess President Obama's standing with his liberal base. "Redistributing income is an article of faith among liberals and Democrats," Hume began, "and it is the path, in their view, to a more just society. This compromise that he was forced into has angered a lot of people and some are saying that there will be a primary challenge to President Obama and it will be a good thing because it will force him to stay to the left. I think that logic is upside-down, but it gives you an idea of the kind of thinking he faces among his most ardent supporters." The Factor explained that raising taxes on the wealthy is not politically feasible: "People on the left seem to believe that just because they want tax hikes on the affluent, it's possible. I don't understand that thinking because it's impossible to get a tax hike through the Senate. Barack Obama wants to raise taxes, but it's impossible."

For a diametrically opposite view of the tax issue, The Factor welcomed Democratic strategist Rev. Jacques De Graff. "I don't think this is about income redistribution at all," De Graff said, "this is a request for sacrifice - all of us are going to have to have some pain to get this ship back in shape. We're at war, and the middle class and the working class are bearing the brunt of that. The sons of millionaires and billionaires are not in that war, so it is not unfair to ask them to bear a portion of the financial burden as we try to get this country back on track." The Factor questioned whether additional government revenue would actually help the nation's most intractable problems: "I don't think wealthy Americans mind paying 3% more in income tax if we are assured that the money would be spent for good purposes and in a smart way. But money doesn't solve social problems."
Impact Segment
New Pew survey reveals Muslim problem
Pew Research polled people in predominantly Muslim countries and uncovered some disturbing attitudes. Majorities in many nations favor Sharia law, which dictates stoning for adulteresses and death for apostates. FNC's Mary Katharine Ham and Juan Williams analyzed the findings. "The most unacceptable part," Williams said, "is when you see that people embrace terrorist organizations like Hamas, Hezbollah and Al Qaeda in high numbers. So yes, there is a problem, but is it a 'Muslim problem' or is it a problem with people who are unemployed, uneducated and don't see any opportunity?" Ham lamented the stark difference between many Islamic nations and the Western world. "The very fact that you have a 'shall we stone them' question represents the gulf between the West and some of these Muslim countries. That's the problem you have when these folks emigrate and not assimilate to Western values." The Factor berated Americans who deny the existence of a deep problem in the Muslim world: "The majority of people think Muslims should be killed if they convert to another religion. There is a Muslim problem in the world, but I'm roundly condemned for pointing out this reality."
Personal Story Segment
Does Dennis Leary hate America?
Comedian Denis Leary, famed for his humorous rants, has a new book called "Suck on This Year," which includes observations about the foibles of everyday Americans. Leary entered the No Spin Zone and quipped about his basic outlook. "I love America," Leary proclaimed, "but don't you notice how many morons are walking around with their heads down texting in New York City? I'm not saying we're doomed, but we have a lot of dead weight." Leary described himself as a political throwback. "I'm a Jack Kennedy Democrat - I believe in a strong military, helping those below you, and if you're balancing the budget and doing a good job you should be able to sleep with whomever you want." The Factor joked that Leary's success proves the premise of American exceptionalism: "America is the greatest country because you can charge eighteen bucks for this book. But it also illuminates your other point - we may be the dumbest people on earth to spend eighteen dollars for this book."
Weekdays with Bernie Segment
The FCC and the Fox News Channel
As The Factor reported last week, FCC Commissioner Michael Copps implied that government action may be needed to correct America's lack of "news and information." FNC's Bernie Goldberg contended that Copp represents a legitimate threat. "When an FCC commissioner complains about the way news is covered," Goldberg said, "and talks about a 'government test of public values' to determine who gets their licenses reviewed, that's something my liberal friends would normally call a 'chilling effect.' But they're not concerned about this because Copps has only one goal, and that's to shut down conservative talk radio and move on from there." The Factor argued that the FCC is unlikely to target conservative media: "If they tried that, they would then have to intrude in NBC and PBS and NPR - all of the liberal organs would be under the same scrutiny as Fox News and talk radio. And if President Obama gets behind this effort, I predict that would be the end of his administration."
Back of Book Segment
Reality Check: Palin ambushed in Iowa
The U.S. Civil Rights Commission has determined that the Justice Department botched the case of alleged voter intimidation by members of the New Black Panther Party. The Factor's Check: "The commission says it can not confirm that the Justice Department did anything actionable because Attorney General Holder's crew will not provide the commission with the information it needs." In a speech last week, former White House correspondent Helen Thomas contended that Hollywood, Wall Street, and Congress are all "owned by the Zionists." The Factor's Check: "There's no truth to the rumor that Helen Thomas and Rick Sanchez will be co-anchors on the Al Jazeera network in the near future."
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Ian Fong, San Diego, CA: "Mr. O'Reilly, FCC Commissioner Copps has a point when he says that some Americans lack the resources to obtain information."

Tony Hoskin, Odessa, TX: "Bill, don't be a pinhead. Entering the country illegally is not a civil violation, it's a misdemeanor."

Roger Kulman, Ann Arbor, MI: "Bill, both you and Lou Dobbs are showing misplaced sympathy for Nicky Diaz. You should remember that she deprived a deserving American worker of a nice paying job with Meg Whitman."
Pinheads and Patriots
You decide who's who!
Monday's Patriot or Pinhead: Time magazine managing editor Richard Stengel, who basically excused the actions of WikiLeaks boss Julian Assange. Is Stengel a Patriot or a Pinhead? You can make the call by voting here on