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Wednesday, March 2, 2011
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Supreme Court rules on Westboro Baptist Church
"Today the Supreme Court ruled 8 - 1 in favor of the vicious Westboro Baptist Church protesters who roam the country screaming hatred at military funerals and other places. These loons believe they're protesting because the United States does not persecute gays, and these vile idiots are happy that our soldiers are coming home dead. Enter Albert Snyder, whose son Matthew was killed in Iraq. Mr. Snyder sued Westboro for intentional infliction of emotional distress, and initially won $11 million from a jury. But judges overturned the verdict and even made Mr. Snyder pay court costs. Today the Snyder family received the ultimate insult - the vicious Westboro crew won in the Supreme Court. Writing for the majority, Chief Justice John Roberts said America has chosen 'to protect even hurtful speech.' Noble in theory, but what about the rights of Mr. Snyder to bury his son in peace? Talking Points believes the Supreme Court needs to think about what is really happening in the world. Because of the Internet, anonymous sociopaths can now smear and bully anyone they want. The First Amendment is in place to protect the rights of Americans, but free speech can be abused. Slander is real, bullying is real, inflicting pain on others through words is real, but the Supreme Court doesn't seem to get that. It's not just about free speech anymore; it's about personal destruction."

Fox News anchor and attorney Megyn Kelly, who correctly predicted that the Westboro folks would prevail, concurred with the Supreme Court's decision. "I don't like what these Westboro people are doing," Kelly began, "but I do like the First Amendment and the Supreme Court has a long history of vigorously upholding and protecting the First Amendment. And speech on matters of public concern gets more protection than speech on matters of private concern." The Factor praised the logic of Justice Samuel Alito, the Court's lone dissenter in the case: "He said the Westboro haters singled out the Snyder family and went there specifically to hate them. They got into all kinds of personal issues, this was a personal attack."
Democrats still haven't returned to Wisconsin
Wisconsin's Democrat state senators are still hiding in Illinois, thus preventing a vote to curtail collective bargaining power for state workers. And tempers remain raw - The Factor welcomed Republican Assemblywoman Michelle Litjens, whose Democratic colleague Gordon Hintz told her she is "f***ing dead." "We had been on the floor for about 57 straight hours," Litjens explained, "and we had just taken a procedural vote. The Democrats all started screaming and Gordon Hintz looked directly at me and said exactly that. I said nothing - that's very intimidating. At the same time, we had drums banging outside the door and protesters chanting, so it was a little scary sitting in that room." Litjens added that Hintz later apologized, and she vowed not to "give in to the thuggery in Wisconsin."
Mitt Romney becoming the 2012 frontrunner?
Many polls and pundits see former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney as the favorite to win the GOP presidential nomination, but not political strategist Dick Morris. "There is no way this guy is going to get nominated," Morris declared, "after passing the equivalent of Obama-care. He's saying it's working just fine, even though medical costs in Massachusetts are 24% higher than the national average. The party is never going to nominate somebody who's soft on this issue." The Factor advised Romney to step up with a definitive mea culpa: "He could say, look, we tried to do what was best for our people but it didn't work out financially." Before leaving, Morris took a moment to plug his new book "Revolt!" "The issue is how you get from the victories of 2010," he said, "to defeating Obama and repealing his programs in 2012. This explains step-by-step what we Republicans have to do."
Is Mexico a safe place to visit?
With spring break coming up, should U.S. college students head to Mexico, which has become increasingly violent. The Factor pursued the issue with Joachim Bamrud, a specialist in Latin American affairs. "Acapulco is getting more dangerous," Bamrud conceded, "but in terms of Cancun, you have to emphasize how safe it is for tourists and spring breakers. According to my information, Cancun is still relatively safe for those two groups. Most of the violence is between drug traffickers." Nevertheless, The Factor advised students and tourists to steer clear of Mexico: "I've been to Cancun and I know the turf. Most of the nightclubs are owned by the drug dealers. So you're telling me there's no problem there?"
Dennis Miller on Obama and unions
The Factor turned Dennis Miller loose on public unions and the fact that federal workers have almost no collective bargaining power. "I don't think Barack Obama knew about this," Miller opined, "and what if these guys aren't as smart as we're told? I'm not trying to be mean, but this looks like the gang that couldn't shoot straight. This is like a Jackson Pollock presidency - he throws it up against the canvas and if you misinterpret what he wants you to think he's saying, then your impression is wrong." Miller then aimed his verbal jabs at Libya's Qaddafi/Gaddafi/Kadafi. "When your three different personalities are so well defined that they spell your last name a different way, that's when you know you're full-bore crazy. But I liked it this week when Qaddafi called Charlie Sheen and said 'you have to slow down.'"
Huckabee on Obama's background
During a radio interview, prospective Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee incorrectly stated that President Obama was raised in Kenya. The liberal media went wild, and Huckabee entered the No Spin Zone to explain his error. "That was about the 40th media interview of the day," he said, "and it was a verbal gaffe. I immediately apologized, but that's not enough for the left wing media in this country. I've been one of those people who say I don't have any doubts about his American birth, I've been adamant about that." Huckabee explained why President Obama's childhood matters. "He was raised in Indonesia, and the point I want to make is that this creates a different worldview. This was not a kid going to Boy Scout meetings and playing Little League baseball."
Viewers sound off
Jeff Bender, Lancaster,OH: "Charlie Sheen is a pinhead, deluxe. The media is right to expose him."

Scott Mitchell, San Antonio, TX: "As an addiction counselor, I believe Sheen is exploiting the media. At the same time, the press is giving Sheen the attention he craves and helping him to stay sick in his addiction."

Bill simpson, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA: "Bill, you say Governor Walker should compromise. Did the Democrats compromise on health care?"
You decide who's who!
Wednesday's Patriot or Pinhead: Former 'Friends' star Matthew Perry, who said this to the ladies of The View: "I'm just glad two of you have not walked off." Was his quip patriotic or a pinheaded? Cast your vote here on Tuesday's P or P asked about singer Nelly Furtado, who will donate to charity the $1 million she was paid for entertaining Muammar Qaddafi's family in 2007. 84% of you called her decision downright patriotic.