Wednesday, April 4, 2012
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Talking Points Memo & Top Story
Will the media skew the election in Obama's favor?
Guest: Dick Morris

"There's no doubt it will be Mitt Romney running against President Obama in November, and the President is already defining his opponent as a guy who cares only about the rich and would harm everyday Americans because the Republican Party wants to cut government spending. Thus President Obama will say that if you don't want to pay for birth control, you're anti-woman, if you don't want to spend more on education you don't care about the kids, and if you call for Medicare reform you want to hurt the elderly. The Democrats will paint themselves as the party of compassion, while the Republicans are the bad people who just don't care. Liberal Americans will buy that, but it is those in the middle who will decide the election. President Obama has one huge advantage in courting them - the media. The Associated Press is the most widely distributed news service in the country, and the other day its chairman Dean Singleton introduced President Obama as a man who 'pushed through the biggest economic recovery plan in history and led a government reorganization of two of the big three auto manufacturers to save them from oblivion.' I'm surprised Singleton wasn't wearing an Obama button! The President understands that most in the media will back him, but it will go beyond that, as MSNBC demonstrated when host Lawrence O'Donnell said Mormonism was founded by a man who 'got caught having sex with the maid and explained to his wife that God told him to do it.' What a smear! And so the campaign is underway and it could be the dirtiest in the nation's history."

The Factor asked political strategist Dick Morris to foreshadow the tone of the coming campaign. "This will be horrible," Morris said, "and that MSNBC clip was absolutely revolting. There are 15-million Americans who are Mormon - if he used the same words going after Islam they'd have fired him! It's notable that he was not reprimanded and not fired." Morris also theorized that President Obama's current lead in the polls may be deceptive. "Obama is up by seven points among 'registered voters,' but there's only one pollster who is tracking 'likely voters,' who are much more expensive to poll. Obama and Romney are tied among likely voters, meaning Obama has a lot of people out there who would vote for him but won't show up."
Impact Segment
Examining the Florida 'Stand Your Ground' law
Guests: Mark Eiglarsh & Jude Faccidomo

The shooting of Trayvon Martin focused attention on Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law, which allows someone to use deadly force in self-defense. The Factor asked two Florida lawyers about the law and the Martin case. "Even if a judge finds that George Zimmerman was the aggressor," said Mark Eiglarsh, "that's separate from what he was confronted with at the time he used deadly force. If he reasonably feared death or great bodily harm at the time he pulled the trigger, case closed! He would be legally entitled to immunity under 'Stand Your Ground.'" But Jude Faccidomo contended that Zimmerman could still be found guilty. "You can't bring yourself to the fray and then apply 'Stand Your Ground.' Mark is doing what a lot of the media is doing - confusing the difference between 'Stand Your Ground' and self defense."
Factor Follow Up Segment
Author says he has proof that O.J. is innocent
Guest: William Dear

In a new book, Dallas private investigator William Dear argues that O.J. Simpson did not kill Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. "In all probability this is the actual knife that was used to kill them," Dear said, holding up a hunting knife. "This came from the storage facility of O.J. Simpson's son Jason - he was 24 at the time, 5'11", 235 pounds, and on probation for assaulting his previous employer with a knife. This knife was designed to cut and to kill and when you compare this to the laceration on the skull of Nicole it matches perfectly." The Factor questioned why the LAPD has ignored Dear's theory: "Why aren't the cops taking your knife and doing all the forensics? We're going to call the police chief and the attorney general of California, we'll follow up on this."
Lou's the Boss Segment
Who are the 'One Percent'?
Guest: Lou Dobbs

With April 15th rapidly approaching, The Factor asked Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs whether he and those other dastardly "one percenters" are paying enough in taxes. "People don't even realize what we're paying as individuals," Dobbs said, "because the employer withholds the money. By the time we're done, it's more than 50% - we're crushed when it comes to paying taxes. The top 5% of earners in this country are paying 60% of federal income taxes; they're paying too much and our federal government is spending far too much!" The Factor added a few germane stats: "There are about 1.4 million 'one percenters,' Americans earning more than $344,000 a year, and they fork over 37% of all the federal income tax collected."
Miller Time Segment
Can the Oprah TV network be saved?
Guest: Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller, tanned and toned after a week off, opined on Oprah Winfrey's struggling cable network. "Far be it from me to tell Oprah Winfrey anything about entertainment," he began, "because I've had a lot of shows shot out from under me. But I do think that once a nice, hard-working, intelligent talk show host suffers the deification of the culture at large, it catches up to you. The best thing Oprah could do to get it back together is say, 'Hey, I'm a woman with a startup business.' There's a tenuous grasp on a human being's attention span and she did it better than anyone in the history of the medium." Miller also commented on Forbes magazine's list of the most overexposed celebrities, which includes the Kardashians, Lindsay Lohan and the Jersey Shore crew. "We now take lightweights and constantly imprint them on your frontal lobes. At this time in history what piques our interest as a culture is uninteresting people - the emptiest vessels are the ones that you can empty all your dreams and aspirations into."
Back of Book Segment
Did You See That: Who won the Palin-Couric ratings war?
Guest: Juliet Huddy

Fox News correspondent Juliet Huddy recapped Tuesday's morning battle between Katie Couric, who guest hosted on ABC's Good Morning America, and Sarah Palin, who sat in on NBC's Today Show. "Sarah Palin won in the ratings," Huddy reported, "and that wasn't a big surprise. Katie Couric isn't the biggest ratings grabber and her return to morning television wasn't that big of a deal. The Today Show was up 10% from normal with Sarah Palin." Huddy turned her attention to the YouTube video in which a baby bites his big brother's finger. "This has 500-million views and the family is making money off of this because when you hit a certain amount of views on YouTube you can participate in revenue sharing. So they've made $500,000."
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Ronda Gabrielson, St. George, UT: "The government should consider tax revenue as a sacred trust. Those dollars represent time, energy and stress that go into making a living."

Janell Wight, Seattle, WA: "O'Reilly, don't paint all government employees with the same brush. I am one and have saved the taxpayers more than $50,000 on phones."
Pinheads and Patriots
Tom Cruise?
Wednesday's Pinhead: Perhaps Tom Cruise, who plays an often-shirtless, heavily tattooed heavy metal rock star in a new movie.