Monday, July 23, 2012
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Talking Points Memo & Top Story
Guns and murder in America
Guests: Jon Scott and Craig Silverman

"Predictably, far-left ideologues are demagoging the mass murder in Colorado. They want gun control imposed on the country. Uber-liberal Bill Moyers...has no clue. He apparently believes that federal and state governments can actually control gun crimes. That's so dumb it hurts...
"Alright here's the deal: anyone who sells a heavy weapon or ammo should be compelled to report the sale to the FBI. It's a felony if you don't. That just makes sense in this age of terrorism...
"Congress should pass two laws. First, the heavy weapon reporting. And second, if you commit a crime, like a robbery with a gun, it becomes a federal offense with a mandatory 10 year prison sentence upon conviction. That would dent the problem. But the truth is criminals will always get guns, always...
"The Second Amendment is there for a reason. The Founding Fathers firmly believed that Americans should have the right to protect themselves. Finally, most Americans do not want more gun laws. According to a Pew poll taken in April, 49% do not want the government intruding on gun ownership, 45% do. The folks know that government cannot protect you from monsters like James Holmes in Colorado."
Jon Scott described the detached expression and bizarre appearance of 24-year-old James Holmes during his initial court appearance. The Factor questioned whether this appearance was the first step in Holmes' legal team setting up the insanity defense. Mr. Silverman agreed, suggesting that the insanity defense will likely be used to try to help Mr. Holmes escape capital punishment.
Impact Segment
NCAA punishes Penn State over Sandusky molestation
Guests: Greg Gianfarcaro and Polly Franks

Guests: NJ attorney Greg Gianfarcaro & Polly Franks, director of a foundation protecting kids from predators

The NCAA says it will fine Penn State $60 million, ban its football team from bowl appearances for four years, and cut scholarships. In addition, the university has taken down the statue of former football coach Joe Paterno, who is implicated in covering up the molestation crimes of Jerry Sandusky.

Both guests concurred that the Penn State punishment was a good start, contending that it might bring some closure to Sandusky's victims.

Mr. Gianfarcaro pointed out that Penn State, like the Catholic Church, is an example of institutional abuse, where the authorities are more concerned about protecting the institution than they are about protecting kids.

On the big picture, the Factor expressed frustration with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who doesn't seem to want to hear about Jessica's Law, as well as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who doesn't want to address the lenient sentence handed down by a judge in his state to a long-time child molester. Polly Franks shared this frustration and said it's time for these governors to "man up."
Campaign 2012
Should President Obama be campaigning with the economy suffering?
Guests: Mary Katharine Ham and Juan Williams

This week, President Obama will be campaigning in Oakland, Portland, Seattle, New Orleans, and McLean, Virginia. Meanwhile, the Associated Press reports that poverty is on track to reach its highest levels since 1965.

The Factor launched the conversation by asking if there was anything unsettling about the President raising campaign funds while poverty is mounting in the country. Juan defended President Obama by saying that Republicans who have been obstructing Obama's jobs bill will also be out campaigning. But the Factor asserted that he personally wouldn't vote for that jobs bill either because pouring billions of dollars into failed government programs doesn't make sense.

Mary Katharine opined that the President's coolness factor worked for him in 2008, but now when people are suffering and he's hanging out with Vogue editor Anna Wintour, Obama runs the risk of looking out of touch.

The Factor wrapped up by saying this is all about perception, and it might look bad to voters to have the President hopping around all week to line his pockets with cash so he can get re-elected, when he should really be dedicating time to turning the economy around.
Personal Story Segment
How will Team USA do in the Olympics?
Guests: Amanda Beard and Dara Torres

The Wall Street Journal reports that the USA is the strong favorite to win the most medals at the London Summer Olympics.

Dara Torres predicted the U.S. women's swimming team will be dominant and that Michael Phelps will walk away with at least three medals. Amanda Beard explained that while she's fanatical about watching all the swimming events, she won't necessarily watch every minute of this Olympics.
Weekdays with Bernie Segment
ABC News makes a big mistake in its early Aurora shooting covergae
Guests: Bernie Goldberg

President Obama in Virginia Beach: "Just in case some of your friends, neighbors, or your stubborn Uncle Jim who's been watching Fox News thinks I've raised taxes, let's just be clear: we've lowered taxes on middle class families."

The Factor brushed off the President's remark, but Bernie thought it important to note that the President dislikes Fox News because it gives significant coverage to stories like Solyndra and the Fast & Furious scandal, which don't reflect well on his administration.

Switching gears, ABC News' Brian Ross made a significant mistake in his initial reportage of the Aurora shooting by indicating that the shooter may be a member of the Tea Party.

Bernie insisted that there was no relevance at all to bringing the Tea Party into the discussion of the shooting; he said too many reporters have a predisposed opinion of the Tea Party so they unnecessarily tie them to stories. The Factor, however, claimed that any sort of political activism attached to mass murder should be part of the story, if accurate.
Reality Check Segment
Report: Canadians wealthier than Americans
Check one: A truck carrying suspected illegal immigrants from Mexico overturned in Texas, killing 14. This demonstrates how chaotic things continue to be on the southern border.

Check two: Virginia state senator Louise Lucas, an African-American, says Mitt Romney is speaking to people who only want a white male in the White House. Check expects to hear more of this type of nonsense in the weeks to come.

Check three: A poll by the Hill newspaper shows 34% blame President Obama for the nation's economic woes, while 18% blame President Bush.

Check four: Canadians are now richer than their American counterparts. The collapse of the U.S. housing market has driven down our net worth, thus the shift.

Check five: The Factor's brand new book "Killing Kennedy" will be out on October 2nd. We are bracing for criticism because many in the liberal media simply despise the Factor.
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Richard Overstreet, Beverly, MA: "Mr. O, you say the President isnâ??t seizing private property. That's exactly what taxation is!â??

June Jones, Arlington, VA: "The last thing Mitt Romney needs at the convention is a loose cannon like Sarah Palin. She could very well alienate independent voters."

Rob Pryor, Roundup, MT: "I'm not real big on Romney, and if Sarah Palin is not given a place at the convention, he can kiss my vote goodbye."
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