Thursday, November 1, 2012
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Talking Points Memo & Top Story
A new Fox News poll on the presidential election
Guests: Laura Ingraham

"A new Fox News Channel poll has the presidential race tied at 46%, a slight improvement for the Obama-Biden ticket since early October. Among likely independent voters, Governor Romney defeats President Obama 46 - 39, and 'extremely interested' voters are leaning toward Romney by 11 points, 53 - 42. On the question of Libya, voters disapprove of the President's handling of that situation by a 47 - 39 margin. Fox News correspondent Catherine Herridge reports that she reviewed a cable sent from the U.S. mission in Benghazi to Secretary of State Clinton in August. It stated that Americans in Benghazi did not believe the consulate could be protected against coordinated attacks, so it's clear the Obama administration was warned and did nothing. That's a pretty big story, but the press has not embraced it and the President has simply ignored it. There are just four days until we vote and Libya will not be a major issue. The President will be able to ride it out and he can thank his friends in the media for that."

The Factor asked radio talk show host Laura Ingraham to evaluate the Fox News presidential poll. "I've never seen a presidential race this close for this long," she said, "and this poll really does mirror what a lot of the other polls are saying, that these two men are in a dead heat. But what I thought was interesting is that among likely voters Obama seems to have lost ground compared to exit polls from the 2008 election. You're also seeing erosion among independent voters and some other polls have Mitt Romney winning independents by as much as 19%." The Factor predicted that a positive unemployment report on Friday could buoy the President's campaign in the stretch run: "The Obama team will dominate the news cycle Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and the Romney team doesn't have any real way to reply. Voters will hear for three days that the economy is getting better."
Impact Segment
African American Bishop E.W. Jackson says black voters should not vote for Democrats
Guests: Rev. Jacques DeGraff and Rev. Michael Walrond

Bishop E.W. Jackson has condemned the Democratic Party for its stances on abortion, saying Democratic policies have "killed unborn black babies by the tens of millions." The Factor elicited reaction from Rev. Jacques DeGraff and Rev. Michael Walrond. "African Americans are intelligent enough to make a decision," DeGraff said, "and 95% of our community has discerned among the policies of the Democratic Party. People like me who disagree with the party on abortion don't reject the party for this one plank. This is not a choice between the Democratic Party and perfection; this is a choice between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party." Walrond took issue with Bishop Jackson's objection to same-sex marriage proponents labeling it a 'civil rights' issue. "The bishop clearly is biased and he's not offering an alternative. His stand is quite venomous and there's a problem when you begin to compare oppression." The Factor concluded, "I'm a Catholic and it's hard for me to see Jesus Christ walking into a Planned Parenthood clinic, other than to try and convert them."
Stossel Matters Segment
How should the government handle Hurricane Sandy damage?
Guests: John Stossel

The Factor welcomed Fox Business host and noted libertarian John Stossel, who was reimbursed by the federal government after his beachfront home was washed away two decades ago. "The government should stop insuring people like me who were stupid enough to build a house on the edge of the ocean," Stossel declared. "Anyone who wants to live near the water should take the risk with their own money, but don't ask the taxpayer to cover you. The private insurers are experts at figuring out what's a good risk." Stossel argued that the feds have no role in rebuilding, even after a disaster like Hurricane Sandy. "The government has an obligation to get out of the way so you can rebuild if you want. The government should keep the peace and make sure there's no looting so that free, private individuals who want to take the risk will rebuild. FEMA is incompetent, charities do it better!"
Culture Warriors Segment
Hollywood stars in pro-Obama Planned Parenthood ad
Guests: Jeanine Pirro and Gretchen Carlson

Planned Parenthood has released a new ad featuring Hollywood stars speaking up for President Obama and his pro-choice stance. Culture Warriors Jeanine Pirro and Gretchen Carlson evaluated the spot. "I fell asleep during that ad," Carlson complained, "because it goes on and on and on for two-and-a-half minutes. It has no impact whatsoever, women do not vote on a single issue and women have lost more jobs than men." Pirro ridiculed the ad's attempt to provoke fear. "They make you feel like it's 1850, that you have no rights, and that if Romney gets elected we'll all be barefoot and in the kitchen. This is going to be the smartest move on the part of the Democrats or the dumbest, they have staked this election on making women believe there's a war on them." The Factor contended that the Democratic strategy may be effective, saying, "I think it's working because Mitt Romney is still behind with single women."
Kelly File Segment
Can we learn anything from early voting patterns?
Guests: Megyn Kelly

Millions of Americans have already cast their ballots for president and, while their votes remain secret, there are certain patterns that can be revealing. FNC anchor and attorney Megyn Kelly gave her analysis. "Gallup and Pew tell us about 17 million people have voted already," she reported, "and they say Romney has about a seven percent edge on a national basis. Obama led McCain at this point four years ago by 15 points, so it's been a big swing in the favor of Republicans. In specific swing states things are different; there has been polling in Nevada, Ohio, and Iowa showing that President Obama is doing better in those states." Kelly also objected to an incident last week, when The Factor advised Jeanine Pirro to "calm down." "It's patronizing, and it has a certain connotation when a man says it to a woman, it says 'you're a hysteric.'" The Factor proudly pointed out that he is an equal-opportunity offender: "I tell Bob Beckel and Karl Rove and Dick Morris to calm down all the time, and I never hear a beef from you about that!"
Back of Book Segment
New Obama ad features Colin Powell's endorsement
Guests: Arthel Neville

Fox News correspondent Arthel Neville analyzed a new ad in which General Colin Powell heartily endorses President Obama. "It's a big deal because he's a big-name Republican," Neville said, "not to mention the fact that he has a military pedigree. This ad will be running for the next five days in key swing states. It's disrespectful to General Powell and it's disrespectful to the President to say this has anything to do with pigmentation."
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Doug Abrams, Louisville, KY: "The MoveOn ad about violence was despicable, Bill, but your comment that President Obama has nothing to do with them is ludicrous."

Carolyn Castro, Culebra, Puerto Rico: "Bill, you are losing perspective. You said the far right had no presence at the Republican Convention. They didn't need to because the entire party is far right."

Aaron Weaver, Dayton, OH: "I am nineteen and voting for the first time. The Factor has helped me in my decision making."

Tyrell Zimmerman, Newport News, VA: "The two toughest guys on Fox News, Beckel and O'Reilly, in the same segment makes for awesome TV."
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