Friday, November 2, 2012
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Talking Points Memo & Top Story
The last weekend before the presidential election
"As Talking Points predicted yesterday, the national media is reporting today's economic news as a plus for President Obama. Here's what's really happening: Unemployment ticked up from 7.8% to 7.9%, but there were more jobs available in October. The reason unemployment went up is because more Americans are now looking for jobs because more jobs are becoming available. The bad news is that unemployment among African Americans jumped almost a full percentage point to 14.3%, which is a disaster. Also, the real unemployment rate is 14.6% when you include people who have given up looking for work. You can make the call on which candidate has the better grasp of the economy, which will be the deciding factor in the election on Tuesday. Finally, my prediction of yesterday that the mainstream media will use the last few days before the vote to bolster Mr. Obama looks to be on track."

The Factor asked Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs to scrutinize Friday's job numbers. "Unemployment is higher now than when President Obama took office in 2009," Dobbs pointed out, "and there are 23 million people without work. The workforce in this country is 135 million people and we saw a net job gain of 171,000 last month, yet suddenly there's an effusive economist on the air on CBS calling this a broad-based change of direction. It's a modest to slight improvement and that's the fact of the matter." The Factor concluded, "This blip doesn't really indicate anything about the overall American economy, but voters will be hearing the national media telling them that things are getting better."
Impact Segment
New Study on how cable news is covering the presidential candidates
Fox media analyst Bernie Goldberg assessed a new study showing that MSNBC and CNN have been generally negative toward Mitt Romney. "This does not matter in terms of the election," Goldberg said, "because people choose a cable network to have their own views validated. So if you're a conservative, you're not spending a lot of time watching MSNBC, and I think we can agree that more conservatives than liberals watch Fox News. On MSNBC, 71% of the stories on Mitt Romney were negative but just 3% were positive!" The Factor reminded Goldberg that Fox appeals to a wide spectrum: "On this program, which is the flagship at 8 PM, there is a large independent audience and a significant Democratic liberal audience. We have influence because we separate fact from propaganda."
Personal Story Segment
Senator John McCain outraged over Libya
The Factor was joined by Senator John McCain, who has been denouncing the Obama administration for its handling of the consulate attack in Benghazi, Libya. "This is a case where four brave Americans lost their lives," McCain stated, "in the most incompetently functioning national security of any administration in history. It's either that or a willful deceiving of the American people, maybe a combination of both. There had been two previous attacks on our consulate and there were warnings about the lack of security. This has taken on all the earmarks of a classic scandal and cover-up, and the cover-up continues. The President was quick to go on television to tell the American people about the raid that got Bin Laden, but have you heard any information from the President about this?" McCain predicted that the Libya incident could play a role in Tuesday's vote. "I am hearing from veterans all over this country and they have no trust and no confidence in this President. Veterans all over America are at a level of anger that I have never seen before and I think that could affect the voting."
Fridays with Geraldo segment
Geraldo gets heated over Libya
For a different view of the Libya situation, The Factor welcomed Geraldo Rivera, who has defended President Obama's actions during the attack. "The President has been absolutely slandered over this," Rivera complained, "he's been called a murderer and a liar. I think the President is owed an apology, he did everything he could have done during the attack to keep our people safe." However, Rivera conceded that not enough was done to protect Ambassador Chris Stevens and his staff. "There should be vigorous hearings to determine whose idea it was to keep our people in harm's way with such little help. There are also questions about how the administration characterized the attack. They spun an act of terrorism into an act of vandalism." The Factor reiterated, "The President should have held a press conference long ago to clarify those issues."
What the Heck just Happened Segment?
New York area still suffering big time from Hurricane Sandy
Friday regulars Greg Gutfeld and Bernard McGuirk, New Yorkers both, described their vastly different fates when Hurricane Sandy hit. "On Monday night outside my front door," McGuirk said, "I saw the Atlantic Ocean coming down the block like rapids, and there was a mandatory evacuation that I disobeyed. I can speak for my own 'hood, the Long Beach area of Long Island, and people are despondent, stunned, angry, confused, and waiting for help. They don't feel like anybody is being pro-active and speaking up for them." Gutfeld endured the storm from the comfort of his Manhattan apartment. "I suffered nothing but guilt," he confessed, "because nothing happened to me. All I did was sit in the dark, drink wine, and write poetry about you. My biggest hardship was trying to figure out what kind of takeout I wanted, I felt guilty because I didn't have anything wrong." The Factor, Solomonic as always, suggested that Gutfeld provide McGuirk with a place to stay. Both men summarily rejected the idea.
Back of the Book Segment
A look at the latest presidential polling
The Factor was joined by pollster David Paleologos, who analyzed the presidential race with the campaign entering the final weekend. "I see it really close in Ohio," Paleologos said, "and if you look at the last four polls there the margin is only one point. In Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia President Obama is stuck at 47% or 48%, he hasn't grown at all. It'll be tough to beat Barack Obama in Iowa, but New Hampshire is a lot trickier because the libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is getting 2%. He's a hidden weapon for Barack Obama. If people rotate away from Gary Johnson and if the undecided break against the incumbent, I believe New Hampshire could also be in play. New Hampshire, Ohio, and Colorado are the states that people should focus on."
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Marjorie Newton, California: "My friend CJ doesn't do computers but wants me to ask you, O'Reilly, to stop criticizing Planned Parenthood."

Tess Westmoreland, Humble, TX: "Mr. O, you were brilliant in telling the pastors that Jesus would not be walking into a Planned Parenthood clinic. That painted a very vivid picture."

John Wimbush, Virginia Beach, VA: "Being an African-American conservative, I am grateful for the segment on the Democratic Party's lack of respect for religion."

Dorothy Schawk, Davie, FL: "Hey, Bill, I like it when you say 'calm down.' I know I get rattled once in a while."
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