Wednesday, November 14, 2012
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Talking Points Memo & Top Story
The presidential press conference
Guests: Kirsten Powers and Kristen Soltis

"Today's press conference was mostly a waste of time as President Obama did what he always does, provide long-winded answers to general questions. The first question should have been very simple: 'Exactly when were you told about General Petraeus and why was this kept secret until after the election?' Instead, an Associated Press guy asked an opinion question, allowing the President to dance. The only journalist who remotely challenged the stone wall was Fox News White House correspondent Ed Henry, who asked the President how he would address the families of the four men who died in Benghazi. The President said the entire administration's priority was to 'protect American lives,' but American lives were obviously not protected and after two months we still don't know why. If the President gave orders that our ambassador and other Americans should be helped, why weren't those orders obeyed? Who exactly is responsible here? The President won't say because it's all 'under investigation.' The rest of the press conference was business as usual, allowing the President to roam at will. The New York Times asked the President about 'global warming,' and he said he'll do everything he can to cool the planet. CBS News asked him if he would confer with Mitt Romney over some issues. In short, this was a very relaxed press conference because, indeed, happy days are here again. As I told you last night, the press in America is in terrible shape. I think Barack Obama doesn't respect the national press corps because he knows they love him. Summing up, I learned nothing from today's press conference, and it was kind of dull to boot."

For different views on the press conference, The Factor welcomed Democrat Kirsten Powers and Republican Kristen Soltis. "It wasn't a waste of time," Powers declared, "because the President said one thing that added to the Libya story. He said Ambassador Susan Rice shouldn't be criticized for going on Sunday shows because she knew nothing about Benghazi. Which raises the question of why she was sent out to do those shows." Soltis actually defended some members of the White House press corps. "He was pushed a little harder than you're giving some of those journalists credit for. He was asked a question about the 'fiscal cliff,' and the questioner pointed out that he 'caved' to Republicans in 2010 and asked why Republicans should not believe he's going to cave now. But I would have loved more questions about how he proposes to fix entitlements that are going to bankrupt the country." The Factor reiterated, "What we experienced as Americans today was one hour of vast nothingness.'
Factor Follow Up Segment
The Petraeus scandal and Libya
Guests: Jennifer Griffin

FNC correspondent Jennifer Griffin, who has been pursuing the story involving former CIA boss David Petraeus and his biographer Paula Broadwell, put forth the latest on the soap opera-like tale. "Paula Broadwell is military reservist," Griffin reported, "and she did have a security clearance at one point. Supposedly she had classified documents in her house and authorities are looking at whether there were any national security breaches, but the FBI says David Petraeus was not responsible for giving her those documents." Griffin turned to the deadly September 11th attack in Benghazi in which four Americans were killed. "For 50 minutes that afternoon, Defense Secretary Panetta and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs were not told what was happening, and then it took the military another 20 hours to send special operators to the base in Italy. They never made it to Libya."
Impact Segment
Winning the Latino vote
Guests:Luis Gutierrez

Even though President Obama won the Hispanic vote overwhelmingly, some Republicans claim Hispanics are socially conservative and can be won over. The Factor explored that with Democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez. "The problem the Republican Party has," the Congressman said, "is that they begin the conversation with 'self-deportation' and by embracing Governor Brewer of Arizona. When you begin a conversation like that, people don't hear much else. People like me who were born here in this country see our fellow Latinos as our cousins, brothers, and grandparents, we see them as part of an extended family. You and I could have lunch and, given the previous conversations we have had, we can figure this out." The Factor added, "You can not have a lenient sieve-like border and I don't know if most Hispanic Americans are going to support that."
Miller Time Segment
Miller on the President's presser
Guests: Dennis Miller

The Factor asked Dennis Miller to weigh in on President Obama's press conference. "I didn't watch the press conference," Miller quipped, "because I wanted to see a crowd that was less fawning. So I watched a Justin Bieber concert instead. The reporters not wearing red were red-faced from embarrassment over how they rolled for this guy. Ed Henry's about to be gang-audited!" Miller doubled down on his previous assertion that America has been permanently transformed. "Billy, you think this is a glitch, but I think this is a sea change and I don't think it comes back in my lifetime. The inmates are now sub-letting the asylum. This thing isn't going to fix itself until a check doesn't go out to somebody, and then this country is going to make Greece look like the Triple-A Pawtucket team." The Factor countered, "I do think traditional forces are going to gather and they're going to come back."
Back of the Book segment
Did you see that?
Guests: Juliet Huddy

Fox News correspondent Juliet Huddy screened a video from earlier this year in which Paula Broadwell was interviewed about her biography of David Petraeus. "This interviewer has a celebrity website," Huddy reported, "and he basically asked Paula Broadwell about General Petraeus' reaction to her book. She said, 'I'm not in love with him,' which I thought was very interesting of her to throw out there. I'm fascinated by this story, but I feel badly for the wives and the husbands and the country." Huddy also commented on the story involving Kevin Clash, who provides the voice for Elmo on Sesame Street and was falsely accused of having sex with an underage boy. "A 23-year-old claimed they had an affair when he was 16, but he has since recanted. The celebrity gossip website TMZ is now reporting that both sides are in settlement talks, but this is a cloud that will be hanging over this guy forever."
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Dale Crowe, New Smyrna Beach, FL: "Bill, concerning your conundrum of whether or not to name smear merchants in the media, sometimes you have to expose a fool but other times you don't want to empower the person. You are great at deciding each situation."

Donald Dodge, Homestead, PA: "I recommend you fully expose the liars and frauds."

Tony More, Stafford, VA: "Bill, your Talking Points Memo confirmed my worst fear. The far left media has now turned conspiratorial."

Tom Truncellito, Kennett Square, PA: "Bill, thanks for the helpful Tip of the Day. I'll head down to the Turks-Caicos right after I finish changing the oil on the Rolls Royce."
Tip Of The Day
Stone cold ignorant
Be very skeptical when an America-basher like Oliver Stone claims that "China has no history of aggression." That would come as a great surprise to the Dalai Lama, the Taiwanese, the Mongolians, and the millions of people executed by the Chinese communists.