Monday, November 19, 2012
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Talking Points Memo & Top Story
Liberals and conservatives ganging up on Mitt Romney
Guests: Juan Williams and Mary Katherine Ham

"One of the bad things about America is that some of us feel the need to kick people when they're down, which is what's happening to Mitt Romney right now. Romney played it safe, failing to hammer the President on Libya and pretty much sitting out the last eight days of the campaign. So President Obama's team won the fourth quarter big! They pinpointed voters who might support them and got them out. Early on election night, I said this is a changing country and 50% of Americans 'want stuff.' Some liberal Americans were outraged that I would actually say the truth, but eight days after the vote Mitt Romney held a conference call with his voters and basically said the same thing, that President Obama gave his base coalition 'extraordinary financial gifts from the government.' That's the truth! 20% of those who voted make under $30,000 a year and many of them receive entitlements. And of that group, 63% voted for Barack Obama, so it a stone cold fact that lower income Americans largely reelected President Obama. The left is going to scream when you say that because they don't want to acknowledge the economics of the vote. Liberals want to consider themselves 'noble' and they don't want to consider that entitlements buy votes, so if you tell them the truth, they attack you. But now, Mitt Romney is also getting it from the right wing; conservatives George Will and Newt Gingrich also slammed him. Mitt Romney's failure is very clear. He could not convince the majority of American voters that he would look out for them, he did not show enough outrage over the $16 trillion debt or explain what that could lead to. Millions of lower income Americans voted for the candidate they thought was going to directly help them financially. Going forward, the Republican Party has to engage poor people and demonstrate that a healthy economy and robust capitalism will lift far more people out of poverty than government handouts will."

FNC's Mary Katharine Ham and Juan Williams analyzed why poorer Americans broke big for President Obama. "I don't think people necessarily voted their economic interest," Williams asserted. "There are lots of poor people and seniors who voted for Mitt Romney, and there are lots of people in the suburbs working in big companies that would have to pay higher taxes under Obama who nonetheless believed Obama was the better candidate. Poor people voted for a government they feel understands what it means to be in their financial situation." Ham added that Romney wasn't able to sell conservatism, saying, "Poor people didn't believe Mitt Romney was on their side and that is a failure of our own and of Romney's campaign." The Factor again stressed that numbers tell a revealing story: "The stats are overwhelming that people earning less than $30,000 a year gave President Obama seven million more votes than Mitt Romney. This vote was about money!
Impact Segment
Similarities between Watergate and Benghazi?
Guests: Bob Woodward

The Factor welcomed reporter and author Bob Woodward, who contrasted the situation in Libya with the Watergate scandal he covered for the Washington Post. "I don't see parallels yet," he stated, "and we don't know if there is a crime or corruption here. This could be explained by misjudgment, but I agree that we should dig into it. The Obama administration has basically been silent and that's the problem here. We need to find the non-political appointees in the White House and the intelligence agencies and dig into this." The Factor urged the mainstream media to follow the example set by Woodward forty years ago: "I got into journalism because I saw how you guys took on the establishment and got to the truth. But we don't have that kind of a press today, there are very few who do that."
Rollin' with Carolla Segment
Victoria's Secret in hot water over models wearing head dresses
Guests: Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla began his segment with a story out of Santa Monica, where atheists have succeeded in banning a nativity scene that had been a Christmas fixture for sixty years. "I'm an atheist because I don't want to be bothered," he said, "not because I hate God or the baby Jesus or the manger or the wise men. I don't understand people who turn atheism into its own religion, they're giving us atheists a bad name. Most atheists are angry." Carolla eagerly turned to Victoria's Secret, which apologized for outfitting one of its models in an Indian headdress after some Native Americans protested. "They wore angel wings last year and were all the Christians up in arms? No. So just get over it, unless the Indians want to go to war." The Factor took the other side of this dispute, saying, "I admire Native Americans and I understand why they're teed off about the headdress, which was a very important part of their culture."
Miller Time Segment
Miller opines on General Petraeus and the end of Twinkies
Guests: Dennis Miller

The Factor was joined by Dennis Miller, who pooh-poohed the significance of the David Petraeus-Paula Broadwell affair. "At least these women are hot! When I saw Charles cheat on Diana with Camilla Parker Bowles, I remember sitting at home going, 'You're kidding me.' People like sex, they're always going to bonk, and when Petraeus said he was leading the surge, I guess he was leading the surge! Powerful men have always run around, I don't think this is a big ticket item." Miller also weighed in on Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who wants to ban unhealthy items from vending machines. "The Woodstock generation has become Orwell's 'Big Brother,'" he complained. "They want to be involved in every single aspect and the stuff they worry about on a day-to-day basis is absolutely insane. The only reason Obama can't jump in and save Twinkies is because Michelle is out there telling people they can't even have a burger anymore! It's sad to see what this country has rolled over for."
Reality Check Segment
Jon Stewart targets The Factor
Comedy Central's Jon Stewart mocked Bill for saying "traditional America as we know it is gone." The Factor responded thusly: "If you and your seventeen writers would actually look at the exit polling, you'd see that a coalition of voters put the president back into the Oval Office. That coalition was non-traditional, it veered away from things like traditional marriage, robust capitalism, and self-reliance. Instead, each constituency had very specific reasons for doing so. What did you think was going on at the Democratic Convention, when speakers put out a laundry list of things they want the government to provide. Did you miss that, Jon Stewart? The majority of those who voted for President Obama want a large government that spends heavily on entitlements, equality for gays in the marriage arena, unfettered abortion with no parental notification, and a one-world foreign policy that gives other nations equal status with America. Here's a bulletin to those pinheads at Comedy Central: Those are not traditional positions!"
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Thanksgiving Sandwich
If you're anywhere near New England, one of America's best Thanksgiving dinners is served at the Daniel Webster Inn in Sandwich, Massachusetts.
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Stephanie Ferrandino, Woodbridge, VA: "Bill, get your head out of the sand. I'm one of the 47% Romney said do not pay income tax. But I didn't vote for Obama to get free stuff. I voted for him on gay marriage and abortion."

Linda Nicolais, Orland Park, IL: "Bill, you are right. The bling Obama was handing out was too much for the Republicans to overcome."

Brian Willis, Edmonton, Canada: "President Obama promises goodies; Romney promised jobs. The American people chose the goodies. The beacon on the hill no longer shines."

Sabrina Heng, Adelaide, Australia: "The reason Asian-Americans went for Obama in big numbers is that the Republican Party is perceived to be the white party."