Tuesday, November 27, 2012
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Top Story
Republican senators meet with UN Ambassador Susan Rice
Guests: Charles Krauthammer

The Factor began Tuesday's show with news out of Washington, where three Republican Senators met with Ambassador Susan Rice, who has been accused of misleading the public after the Libya attacks. FNC analyst Charles Krauthammer gave his take on the alleged cover-up. "A complete whopper was told to America by Susan Rice," Dr. K said, "because the real story would have gone against the narrative. This was just after the Charlotte convention when Democrats were dancing on the grave of Bin Laden and proclaiming Al Qaeda dead. After saying that as a way to fend off all attacks on their otherwise feckless foreign policy, they were suddenly faced with the murder of an ambassador and they had to find a cover story. They decided to say this was caused by a video rather than being a terrorist attack." The Factor added that the false narrative may have involved the pillars of American security: "The CIA and the Defense Department would have to go along with the charade, so you'd have two huge agencies compromised by party politics. That gets into the fabric of our democracy."
Talking Points Memo & Impact Segment
Christmas Chaos in Rhode Island
Guests: Doreen Costa and Thomas Brejcha

"Last year Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee wanted to ban the word 'Christmas' from the tree lighting at the state house; he wanted to call it the 'Holiday Tree.' He got his butt kicked as Rhode Islanders reacted furiously. This year Chafee's spokesperson announced there would be no tree lighting at all, even though the tradition dates back about twenty years. But less than a day later, the spokesperson recanted, saying she made a mistake. So there is again a controversy in Rhode Island and Governor Chafee is again behind it. This is insane and there's no reason to mess around with the word 'Christmas.' President Grant signed a law in 1870 making Christmas a federal holiday. It celebrates the birth of Jesus and therefore images of Jesus are appropriate under the law. Secular progressives don't like public displays of Jesus because Christians believe he's God and Christians are the 'enemy.' This has been going on for about ten years, and misguided politicians like Lincoln Chafee are still trying to use their power to diminish Christmas. We are looking forward to the Christmas Tree lighting in Providence, which should be a joyous occasion that honors a man of peace. And peace be with you, Governor Chafee."

The Factor asked Rhode Island state representative Doreen Costa why Governor Chafee and his staff changed their minds after initially saying there would be no tree this year. "They backed away because of the publicity they were getting," she surmised. "The Governor's office got bombarded with phone calls again, and I got hundreds of calls from people saying we can't let this happen and we have to protect what we believe in. C'mon Governor, stop being a grinch!" Tom Brejcha, head of a group that defends religious freedom, pointed out that Rhode Island is not an isolated case. "In Arlington Heights, Illinois there is a wonderful holiday display," he reported, "and our client called them up and said he'd like to put up a privately-sponsored nativity scene. The response was, thanks, but no thanks." The Factor expressed bewilderment at the situation in Rhode Island. "Governor Chafee has to know that his position here goes against the vast majority in Rhode Island and America. I want to encourage everyone across the country to send the Governor a Christmas card with Jesus on it."
Impact Segment
What is behind the War on Christmas?
Guests: Monica Crowley and Alan Colmes

Alan Colmes and Monica Crowley added their perspectives to the tales of Christmas chaos. "People like Lincoln Chafee," Colmes declared, "good-heartedly believe they should reach out and be as inclusive as possible. Inclusiveness is what it's all about, it's in the Christmas spirit." But Crowley reached a somewhat different conclusion. "If Governor Chafee really felt the spirit of good will, he wouldn't go down this road. Every year you clobber him and every year he backs down, so I'm beginning to think he likes the publicity. But there is something bigger going on - for decades the far left has been waging an assault on all organized religion. Their ultimate objective is a Godless society." The Factor offered this pithy summary: "Anybody who opposes the word 'Christmas' at this time of year is a loon!"
Stossel Matters Segment
Factor investigation into Food myths
Guests: John Stossel

Fox Business host and noted libertarian John Stossel, who has been cooking up a special about food, entered the No Spin Zone with a preview. "A lot of what we think we know about food is not so," he stated, "and people think without government food wouldn't be safe. The Agriculture Department has rules that help somewhat, but the primary reason food is safe is because companies worry about their reputations. The food companies have lots at stake, so why do you assume government has to do it? " The Factor promptly answered Stossel's rhetorical question: "Conditions in grocery stores and restaurants have to be monitored, just look at how many restaurants have to be closed down because there are rats running around the kitchen!"
'Is it Legal?' Segment
Supreme Court orders reopening of Obamacare lawsuit
Guests: Lis Wiehl and Kimberly Guilfoyle

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case that challenges a portion of the health care reform legislation. "Liberty University, the private Christian university in Virginia," legal analyst Lis Wiehl reported, "challenged Obamacare and the individual mandate in 2010. That was thrown out, but there is another claim that this university should not be forced to provide abortion and contraceptive care." On another legal issue, Kimberly Guilfoyle, the former First Lady of San Francisco, gave her perspective on a new law that bans most public nudity in the city. "There were nude men in San Francisco sitting in a restaurant eating a taco next to children." she complained. "When city supervisors voted 6 - 5 to ban this, people freaked out and threw their clothes off. They're a very vocal minority."
Back of the Book Segment
"Gangnam Style" breaks You Tube record
Guests: Keith Ablow, MD

A South Korean rapper named "PSY" has a video that has amassed 800-million views on YouTube. PSY-chiatrist Keith Ablow tried his best to explain the video's global popularity. "People will dismiss this as having no meaning," Ablow said, "but I won't be one of them. When you approach a billion views, perhaps you're tapping into something. And this fellow PSY is tapping into the fact that people don't want any meaning right now. The most popular music apparently is without intelligible words and doesn't try to convince you of anything, doesn't try to raise your emotions. It's just like a drug and that's what people seem to want right now."
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Nancy Bardakos, Los Gatos, CA: "Bill, thank you for your California vs. Texas comparison. I was born here and I can't believe what this state has become."

Debbie Hamblin, Modesto, CA: "O'Reilly, it grates on me that you lump all Californians together. There are large numbers of us who are fed up."

Mike Pearce, Harker Heights, TX: "Bill, your Talking Points were spot on! I escaped from the left-wing People's Republic of Rhode Island and moved here. God Bless Texas!"
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