Wednesday, December 12, 2012
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Talking Points Memo & Top Story
Violence in Michigan
Guests: Kirsten Powers and Marjorie Clifton

"Last night I opined that hate speech is a violent act because it incites people to harm the target of the speech. Now we're seeing speech leading to actual physical violence in Michigan. The issue is a new state law that allows workers to legally opt out of joining a union. Yesterday the three network television evening news programs covered the intense situation, but they missed a big component of the story, perhaps intentionally. Steven Crowder, a comedian who sometimes contributes to Fox News, was at the demonstrations in Lansing when he was assaulted by a union thug. Crowder emerged from the fracas with a chipped tooth and some minor cuts. Talking Points expects to see more violence like that as the country becomes even more divided. President Obama's reelection has emboldened the committed left and angered the committed right. Both sides are spoiling for a fight, but it is the left that is driving the division. Right now liberal America is more powerful than conservative America and what happened in Michigan may be just the beginning. This is not a tranquil country."

The Factor asked two prominent Democrats to opine on the Michigan protests and the networks' decision to ignore the violence. "Whenever there was a Tea Party rally," Kirsten Powers observed, "if there was one sign out of 500 people that was racist, then they would use that to show that the entire movement was racist. So it seems odd, in this situation, that they would ignore a story that does not make the unions not look very good." Marjorie Clifton disputed the notion that news outlets give unions favorable coverage. "If you look at the past rallies in Wisconsin when the teachers unions were rallying, that was widely covered for months. So I don't think the media is light on unions and this was reported in many major newspapers." But The Factor accused the network news programs of deliberately ignoring the assault on Steven Crowder: "They intentionally left this out. They had it, they saw it, but they didn't put it into their packages at ABC, NBC, and CBS."
Impact Segment
Can the GOP bounce back in 2016?
Guests: Karl Rove

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich has implied that Hillary Clinton could be almost unbeatable in 2016, thus adding to the widespread despondence among his fellow Republicans. Fox News analyst Karl Rove took issue with Gingrich's assessment. "I accept the point that today the Republican Party couldn't win the election," he said, "but the election is four years off. After the Republicans lost in 1964 they couldn't win the election, but they did four years later. Four years is several geological ages in politics. This election was a complex thing - President Obama did a good job of getting out his voters and he did an excellent job of irradiating Mitt Romney in the minds of ordinary Americans who were up for grabs."
Personal Story Segment
Where are General Petraeus and Paula Broadwell?
Guests: Carl Cameron and James Rosen

The Factor welcomed Fox News correspondents Carl Cameron and James Rosen, who reported the latest on General David Petraeus and his biographer/lover Paula Broadwell. "General Petraeus has gone to ground," Rosen said. "He is hanging out at his northern Virginia home, chiefly trying to repair his badly damaged marriage, which is said to be rough sledding at this point. He has hired lawyer Bob Barnett, which suggests that Petraeus thinks he may have some legal difficulties ahead of him. Less is known about Paula Broadwell's activities." Cameron turned to Hillary Clinton, who says she will likely forego a presidential run in 2016. "She has said over and over that she's not going to run," Cameron said, "but few people believe her, particularly the folks around her. There's absolutely no rush to make her decision, she could actually join the race late because she has such name recognition. When she leaves her State Department post she'll keep a full-time paid staff and may write a memoir about her time there."
Personal Story Segment
Barbara Walters on the Most Fascinating People of 2012
Guests: Barbara Walters

ABC's Barbara Walters entered the No Spin Zone to promote her annual "most fascinating" list, which includes Hillary Clinton, actor Ben Affleck, Governor Chris Christie, gymnast Gabby Douglas, and the ubiquitous Honey Boo Boo. "Hillary Clinton said that right now she has no intention of running for president," Walters reported, "and you'll learn much more about her. Chris Christie didn't like when I asked him about his weight, but we also asked him about his praising President Obama. He says he did more campaigning for Mitt Romney than anyone else, and I would be willing to bet you that Chris Christie will run for president in 2016." The Factor praised Walters' knack for selecting people who are genuinely fascinating to most Americans: "You have a nice eclectic crew there and I think you'll get a good rating."
Miller Time Segment
Miller's take on President Obama meeting Psy
Guests: Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller temporarily put the quips and jokes aside to focus on President Obama, who has said nothing about union thuggery in Michigan. "The main reason I have a beef with this president," Miller said, "is the divisive nature of this man. Mr. President, hear me: When Jimmy Hoffa Jr. says there's going to be a 'civil war' and when a Democratic legislator stands up and says 'there will be blood,' I need you to step forward and say, 'When I gave that Gabby Giffords speech, I meant it!' About half this country right now is pretty sure that this guy doesn't even like them." Miller also took the President to task for greeting the South Korean rapper PSY, who previously sang virulently anti-American lyrics. "Mr. President, where is your sense of propriety? Why can't you take one instance and say maybe I don't shake this guy's hand?" Finally, Miller had some fun with the boy band "One Direction," which is on Barbara Walters' "most fascinating" list. "Boys, that 'one direction' is going to be 'down' in about fourteen minutes! Save your money because you're going to be time-sharing a condo with Menudo pretty soon."
Did You See That Segment
West Virginia senator asks MTV to cancel controversial new show "Buckwild"
Guests: Juliet Huddy

Many West Virginians, including Senator Joe Manchin, are upset with MTV's reality show "Buckwild," which ridicules a group of young folks in the Mountain State. "Senator Manchin wrote to MTV," Fox News correspondent Juliet Huddy reported, "because he feels the show makes West Virginia look like a bunch of backward folks. But the fact is that MTV had a huge success with Jersey Shore, but do people around the country think that all people in New Jersey are like that? They do not." The Factor didn't buy Huddy's argument, saying, "If you say you're from New Jersey that has a pejorative label to it now."
Tip Of The Day
If she were a Carpenter
Perhaps the best Christmas album of all time, believe it or not, was recorded by The Carpenters and lead singer Karen Carpenter, so consider that as a present.
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
John Thomas, Bakersfield, CA: "Bill, you've got to be kidding me. I was totally offended by Jamie Foxx's comments about killing white people. If I said that about black people I'd be locked up."

Kay Wanstrarth, Chandler, AZ: "Someone should tell Jamie Foxx about all the white men who died freeing blacks from slavery."

Gerald Vernaglia, Cliffside Park, NJ: "The most offensive thing Foxx did was calling Barack Obama 'his president.' I think he's everybody's president."

Donita Sykora, St. John's, MI: "Jamie Foxx does not have the right to say hateful things even if it was in your opinion satirical."