Wednesday, January 9, 2013
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Talking Points Memo & Top Story
Political Predictions in 2013
Guests: Geraldo Rivera

"These are high days for liberal America and we are watching President Obama very closely to see if he will be a leader for all Americans or just left-wing folks. So far the evidence is that Mr. Obama is moving further to the left. There is no question that some kind of gun control will be embraced by the administration. Talking Points believes that legislation will have a tough time getting through the House, but there is danger for Republicans because most Americans do want some reasonable restrictions on powerful weapons. In the same vein, immigration reform will most likely happen because the Republican Party understands it must get more Hispanic Americans to support it. Therefore, we can expect a quasi-amnesty for law-abiding illegal aliens already in the country. On the gay marriage front, it's likely the Supreme Court will rule that individual states can decide the issue, and as for legalized marijuana, it will again depend on the state. Individual users will most likely be able to toke their lives away should they want to. So we are becoming a very liberal nation, but that can change quickly if left-wing policies begin to create problems. Believe me when I tell you Franklin Roosevelt never envisioned the day when a guy like Richard Nixon would be elected President."

Al Gore has made a killing by selling his little-watched cable network to the oil sultans behind Al Jazeera. Geraldo Rivera entered the No Spin Zone and recounted his own uncomfortable encounter with Gore. "It was around 2006 when I ran into Al Gore here in the lobby at Fox News," Rivera recalled. "He looked me up and down and said, 'Look where you ended up!' It was as if he was saying to me, how could you possibly sell out to go to work for Fox News. The Vice President basically accused me of hypocrisy, saying, 'I guess you'll never bite the hand that feeds you.' He insulted me and accused me of hypocrisy." The Factor added that Al Jazeera once celebrated an Islamic terrorist who had slaughtered an Israeli infant. "Al Jazeera threw a big birthday party for this guy and then Al Gore sells his network to Al Jazeera. Can you believe this guy was almost President? He's totally devoid of any moral outlook at all!"
Impact Segment
Why are gay Americans upset over Chuck Hagel's nomination as Defense Secretary?
Guests: Gregory Angelo

Some gay organizations are unhappy with President Obama's decision to name former Senator Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense because Hagel once made derogatory remarks about a gay ambassador. The Factor was joined by Gregory Angelo of the Log Cabin Republicans, a gay conservative group. "It's incumbent upon us," Angelo said, "to hold Hagel accountable for his record on gay issues, which has not been good. We're not just looking at one instance, we're looking at the totality of his record. He supported the Defense of Marriage Act and opposed the repeal of 'don't ask, don't tell.' His record speaks for itself and this is not the time to roll the dice on his nomination."
Personal Story Segment
ESPN and Brent Musberger apologizes for college championship comments
Guests: Kirsten Powers and Cheri Jacobus

ESPN has apologized after sportscaster Brent Musberger gushed over beauty queen Katherine Webb during Monday night's national college football championship game. Fox News analyst Kirsten Powers and Republican strategist Cheri Jacobus both defended Musberger's on-air observations. "ESPN should apologize for apologizing," Powers said, "because he did nothing wrong. There is nothing wrong with calling a woman beautiful and lovely. This is just feminism completely out of control and off the rails, a lot of liberal feminists are very shrill about this." Jacobus agreed that Musberger was not out of line in the least. "We're talking about a woman who's a beauty queen and there was nothing inappropriate, it was purely a compliment. The apology was a result of political correctness run amok."
Washington Beat Segment
Behind-the-scenes at VP Biden's gun control meeting
Guests: Carl Cameron and James Rosen

Vice President Joe Biden has been conferring with gun control advocates at the White House, and Fox News correspondent Carl Cameron provided the inside dope. "The Vice President has said that the President may use executive action," Cameron reported. "There's some speculation that it might be some kind of tracking database to keep track of weapons over time. The administration wants a ban on military-style assault weapons, new restrictions on high-capacity magazines, and loophole-free background checks. Gun rights groups want more emphasis on mental illness and the culture of violence, but it is clear the White House is less interested in culture than gun control." FNC's James Rosen analyzed Senator Lindsey Graham's fierce objection to President Obama's nomination of John Brennan to be CIA director. "Graham has threatened to put a block on the nomination," Rosen said, "unless he gets better answers on the administration's response to the Benghazi attack. On Capitol Hill John Brennan is not a popular guy; they call him aloof and arrogant and they say he makes Obama look humble."
Miller Time Segment
Poll: Congress less popular than cockroaches
Guests: Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller entered the No Spin Zone loaded for bear, specifically a bear named Gore. "You shouldn't get too deep with Al Gore," Miller said, "he's a bad guy! Ethically speaking, he makes John Edwards look like Sir Thomas More. Just imagine the Rube Goldberg-ian contraption he has inside that thin little peapod he calls his brain case to think that he, at the vanguard of the green movement, can do business with big oil! He's such an empty hack that I'm surprised he didn't become our president." Miller also scrutinized a new poll showing that head lice, colonoscopies, cockroaches, and France are all more popular than Congress. "I can understand cockroaches, head lice, and colonoscopies," he quipped, "but France!? That's brutal. I don't think much of Congress, but to say they're thought of less than France is inhumane. But let's face facts - out of the 535 people up there, there are probably 35 good, principled, smart people you can look up to. The rest of them weren't smart enough, couldn't play a musical instrument, and weren't good in sports. To be in Congress was their last chance of having sex!"
Back of Book Segment
VIDEO: Giant squid!
Guests: Juliet Huddy

Fox News correspondent Juliet Huddy investigated reports that Current TV employees are upset because their network has been sold to Al Jazeera. "I actually spoke with some insiders at Current," Huddy reported, "and a lot of them say they knew this was coming. They say it's better that Al Jazeera is coming in than CBS because Al Jazeera is likely to keep them around." Huddy also commented on the live giant squid that has been caught on video. "We knew there were giant squid because their bodies float to the surface when they're dead, but we never actually saw one. I spoke with a scientist today and she says this is the holy grail of nature cinematography. It's a one-ton squid about the size of a bus and it's about 3,000 feet under the sea."
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Josh Hicks, McLean, VA: "Mr. O'Reilly, your views on Planned Parenthood are wrong and offensive! Your failure to realize that organization helps women offends me."

Janie Alley, Huffman, TX: "Bill, your guest Cristina Page said our tax dollars are not going to fund abortions because Planned Parenthood bills Medicaid. Who does she think pays for that?"

Vicky Goosey, Bloomfield, MN: "Nearly all public and private businesses are audited. It should be no different for Planned Parenthood."
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Grow up, guys!
Men over 40 should assiduously avoid a few things: pony tails, earrings, bandanas, facial tattoos, and shirts that aren't tucked in.