Thursday, January 10, 2013
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Talking Points Memo & Top Story
Are we seeing President Obama's big power grab?
Guests: Adam Winkler

"Have you noticed a subtle change in the President's demeanor? He's always been a cocky guy, but now he's got an edge, he's almost dismissive of opposing points of view. Vice President Biden is saying the President is willing to use an executive order on a constitutional issue like guns. In fact, the left in America has embarked on a ferocious anti-gun campaign, basically telling every Democrat to support gun control or else. Once again, the driving philosophy behind this is that America is a bad country. President Obama does believe that America is flawed and it is his duty to correct those flaws. That's why we're not seeing much give in the President's position on government spending. He doesn't seem to care that he's run up nearly $6 trillion in four years. Congress will be asked again to raise the debt ceiling next month. Most Republicans will oppose that, asking for definite spending cuts before okaying more borrowing. President Obama could use an executive order to ignore the debt ceiling, and I will not be surprised if he does. So what we have here is a President who believes he can do what he wants with little accountability. If this continues, there will be a constitutional crisis in America. President Obama is hell bent on changing the USA, and in his mind no one is going to stop him!"

For an opposing point of view, The Factor welcomed constitutional law professor Adam Winkler. "To portray what President Obama is doing as a 'power grab,'" Winkler declared, "ignores the long history of executive orders. The Constitution says the President has executive power and every single President since George Washington has used those powers to issue executive orders. Any executive order can be challenged in court, but the courts have generally found them to be consistent with the Constitution." Nevertheless, The Factor reiterated that President Obama is overreaching, saying, "He's using his executive power to circumvent Congress in the gun control issue and probably in the debt ceiling issue."
Personal Story Segment
Glenn Beck will be here to tell us about his bid to buy Current TV
Guests: Glenn Beck

Before Al Gore sold his Current TV cable network to Al Jazeera, Glenn Beck made a serious inquiry about buying the network. Beck entered the No Spin Zone and explained the particulars. "We thought that if we could get that number of households it would be worth it," Beck said, "so called them and said we want to make an offer. Within fifteen minutes they called us back and said, 'The Vice President has a reputation and under no circumstance will he ever entertain an offer from Glenn Beck.' We never got to the table, we weren't allowed at the table. So he sold it to Al Jazeera! Al Gore is more in line with Al Jazeera than anything I would preach, he's that insane." The Factor laid it out to Beck in pithy terms: "You're more loathsome to Al Gore than guys who glorify Osama Bin Laden."
Lou's the Boss Segment
How widespread is welfare abuse?
Guests: Lou Dobbs

As The Factor reported previously, some New York welfare recipients obtained cash from ATMs in strip clubs and casinos. Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs tried to quantify the amount of fraud in government programs. "The number used to talk about Medicare fraud is $200 billion," he said, "and when you move to food stamps, over $2 billion is fraud. This is a government that is out of control - it doesn't have a standard of conduct and there are no benchmarks. It's because whenever anyone says we've got to do things the right way, somebody's accusing them of racism or xenophobia." The Factor complained that some government officials turn a blind eye to the problem: "There's a certain segment on Capitol Hill that doesn't want to solve the welfare fraud program, they just want to open the spigots."
Factor Follow Up Segment
Update on The Journal News publishing the names and addresses of legal gun owners
Guests: Jeanine Pirro

The Factor was joined by FNC host and former judge Jeanine Pirro, who was among those outed as a legal gun owner by the Journal News of Westchester County. "What's amazing about this," Pirro stated, "is that the Journal News, whose business is to peddle information, has gone into a hole. We went there this morning and our crew was told to get off the property by a security guard who looked like he was armed. Then we went to the publisher's house and she slammed the door in my crew's face. These people who have spent their lives prying into your life and harassing you won't even defend themselves." The Factor predicted the imminent demise of the Journal News: "I think this newspaper is through. The publicity is so bad that a lot of people aren't going to read it and advertisers are going to pull out."
Kelly File Segment
Will Massachusetts taxpayers have to pay $700K in legal fees for a transgender convicted killer?
Guests: Megyn Kelly

A judge has ordered Massachusetts to pay $700,000 in legal fees to a convicted killer who has demanded a sex change operation in prison. Attorney and Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly elaborated on the case. "This guy murdered his wife," she reported, "and was sentenced to prison. Then he decided that 'he' is really a 'she,' and Robert wanted to become Michelle while in prison. He sued because the department of corrections denied him treatment for his gender disorder and he won the case. He then said he needed a sex change operation, and a judge has found that it is a 'necessary' procedure." Kelly placed part of the blame on Massachusetts voters, saying, "Scott Brown introduced legislation a couple of years ago to prevent any taxpayer money being used for gender reassignment surgery and the taxpayers voted it down!"
Back of Book Segment
Watters' World: New Years craziness Edition
Guests: Jesse Watters

FNC's Jesse Watters entered the No Spin Zone to recap a few of the dumber things he saw and heard on New Year's Eve. The hands-down winner in as most outrageous was comedienne Kathy Griffin, who pretended to engage in a sexual act with her co-host Anderson Cooper. "It's ironic that ESPN had to apologize for a broadcaster calling a beauty queen pretty," Watters observed, "but they can simulate a sex act on CNN and no one says anything. No one apologized." Watters added that ABC destroyed its competition in the TV ratings race on the big night. "Ryan Seacrest took the torch from Dick Clark and they had 22-million viewers at the stroke of midnight, which beat all the other networks combined."
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Jim Williams, Delray Beach, FL: "O'Reilly, the right wing media including you have been taking shots at Al Gore since his global warming 'An Inconvenient Truth.' He was right about warming."

Jack Krump, Ormond Beach, FL: "With apologies to portly people, Gore puts the 'hippo' in hypocrisy."

Paul Fisher, Aurora, NC: "If Mitt Romney did what Gore did, the left would have scorched him for predatory capitalism."

Valerie McGarity, Charlotte, NC: "O'Reilly, you don't get it! The fawning over beautiful women by Brent Musberger made me think he was salivating. Yuck."

Tomas Masters, Mirage, CA: "Good for Musberger! Miss Alabama is smoking hot. My 14-year-old nephew is out throwing the football."
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