Wednesday, January 23, 2013
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Talking Points Memo & Top Story
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Libya
Guests: Carl Cameron and James Rosen

"Because President Obama was not forthcoming about the assassination of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is bearing the brunt of the public exposure. Today she testified in front of Senate and House committees and the overall tone was soft, but there were some intense moments. Ambassador Stevens was very worried about security and asked for help, but no help arrived, perhaps because Secretary Clinton didn't even read the Ambassador's cables. It should be noted that not one Democrat asked Mrs. Clinton a tough question, which is appalling. Are you guys looking out for the folks? Secretary Clinton will leave her job as soon as John Kerry is confirmed as the new Secretary of State. Many Americans believe that Hillary Clinton will run for 2016 and if she does she'll be formidable. She dodged bullets in various controversies while her husband was president. Summing up, if there is one politician in the country who should be advertising Teflon, it's Hillary Clinton."

The Factor asked Fox News correspondents Carl Cameron and James Rosen what they gleaned from the hearings on Capitol Hill. "Probably the only salient fact that we didn't previously know," Rosen reported, "is that the one suspect in the Benghazi attacks who was arrested in Tunisia and later released remains under constant surveillance. Congressional hearings are a very poor vehicle for actual investigation because the witness is usually smarter than the questioners, who don't do their homework and don't grasp the fundamentals of cross-examination." Cameron pointed out that some Republicans were very combative "John McCain has been quick to praise Hillary Clinton over the years, but he was very tough on her today. So was Rand Paul, who is eyeing a presidential run of his own, and Marco Rubio. But the biggest problem with congressional hearings is that members use their question time to make speeches."
Top Story
Did today's hearings provide closure on the Benghazi terror attack?
Guests: Lt. Col. Ralph Peters

The Factor invited Fox News analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters to provide a headline for Wednesday's hearings. "Hillary mops floor with Congressmen and Senators," Peters responded. "She was prepared, she had answers ready, but the Congressmen and Senators didn't do their homework. They needed to ask her why, when there was an attack, she did not immediately ask for urgent military help. I came away with more respect for Hillary Clinton's bureaucratic, lawyerly brilliance, and the Republicans looked like weenies." Peters also commented on the administration's decision to send four fighter jets to Egypt. "I would suspend military aid to Egypt, but the Obama administration is a deer caught in the headlights of history. They have no idea how to deal with Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood." The Factor put forth one rationale for supplying the Egyptian air force with warplanes: "The Egyptian military pretty much operates autonomously, so we're basically giving the jets to the military and saying we'll still be friends with you because we may need you to get these nuts out of there at some point."
Personal Story Segment
Are liberal Internet users less tolerant than conservative ones?
Guests: Kirsten Powers and Kate Obenshain

A study shows that left-leaning Internet users tend to be more belligerent than conservatives. The Factor explored the findings with Democrat Kirsten Powers and Republican Kate Obenshain. "This actually jibes with my real-life experience," Powers said, "especially as I came into more contact with conservatives as I got older. I find that conservatives are much more open to hearing other viewpoints, while liberals, because they are so used to controlling the media and academia, get unsettled when they hear things that don't jibe with what they want to hear." Obenshain theorized that people of the left are not accustomed to hearing other viewpoints. "Liberals are less used to having to defend themselves. At universities, if you disagree with the liberal orthodoxy you get slapped with violating the campus speech codes. They don't have to defend their liberal orthodoxy and, frankly, they're not able to. When somebody attacks them, they pull out the name-calling and they try to shut down the speech."
Unresolved Problems Segment
Did Beyonce lip-sync at the presidential inauguration?
Guests: Jack Marshall

According to some reports, Beyonce didn't actually sing the National Anthem at Monday's Inaugural. Jack Marshall, head of a firm that focuses on ethical behavior, compared lip-synching with doping in sports. "The best comparison," he said, "is to when we're told we're watching an impressive athletic feat when in fact it's been rigged. This is like cheating for a singer, the deceit is that she was introduced as Beyonce performing the National Anthem. The Inauguration is a great ritual of America, we are there to celebrate American values, but we're beginning it with a lie while ushering in a President who promised us that his administration would be the most transparent ever."
Miller Time Segment
What is the happiest country in the world?
Guests: Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller focused his powers of observation on Monday's Inauguration. "It was just nice to see Bill and Hillary Clinton together," he joked, "because it reminded me that the last time I saw them together was at Bill's inauguration. The country's so lost now that the President, in the middle of his speech, just said 'ask not ...' He stopped there because he doesn't want to hear any questions about anything." Miller turned to a survey that declared Colombians the world's happiest people, with Brazilians close behind. "People in Colombia light up a thai stick before they turn the alarm off in the morning, they're loaded all day long. They don't know if they're in Colombia or the District of Columbia. And in Brazil, it's tough not to smile when everyone's running around in a thong. Even their Madeleine Albright is in a thong, which makes me stay up on this side of the equator!"
Back of Book Segment
Manti Te'o breaks his silence
Guests: Juliet Huddy

Fox News correspondent Juliet Huddy watched Katie Couric's interview with Notre Dame football player Manti Te'o, whose "girlfriend" never actually existed. "He's incredibly naive and easily manipulated," Huddy opined. "I've been watching, and nothing in this story makes sense to me. People get caught up in the fantastic idea of romance." While Huddy contended that Te'o was probably the victim of a hoax, The Factor wholeheartedly disagreed: "He's obviously not a person of any sophistication, but you don't have a girlfriend who you never speak with on the phone. This is way beyond belief. I think they made it up, he got a lot of attention, and now he's backing away from it."
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Viewers sound off
Bonnie Schaefer, Grove City, PA: "Bill, your Talking Points was on the mark. I work in social services and know that many people see themselves as victims. They feel they are owed something."

Brian Fitzpatrick, Reading, PA: "If people had a basic understanding of economics, they would know that if a country promotes economic equality over economic freedom, the economy will eventually fail."

Jim Peterson, North Logan, UT: "Talking Points warns of economic disaster ahead. But I fear it may be too late."

Cindy, Connecticut: "O'Reilly, you men have no business telling any woman she can't have an abortion."
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