Friday, January 25, 2013
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Talking Points Memo
Is Hillary Clinton the new Barack Obama in the eyes of the national media?
"It is widely believed that Hillary Clinton will run for president in 2016, and it is also believed in conservative circles that she will receive very favorable press coverage. This week she testified in front of Congress about the massive screw-up in Libya that led to the assassination of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans. You would think press coverage of the testimony would have been tough, but it was not. There will come a point when the American people will walk away from the national media if that stuff continues. Surveys already show that most younger Americans think what they get on the 'net is as credible as what they get in the press. And you know what, those young people aren't far off! The national media is absolutely in the tank for liberal causes and we the people are not getting the straight story."
Top Story
A slobbering love affair
The Factor asked Bernie Goldberg to assess the media's apparent infatuation with Secretary Clinton. "Let's put this into perspective," Goldberg began. "Four years ago the mainstream media fell in love with Barack Obama and they've been slobbering over him ever since. It was because he was a historic figure and a lot of journalists were not going to miss out on helping to shape history. Now we have Hillary Clinton, who is another potential historic figure and this week, after those hearings, the media began slobbering in earnest. This will ratchet up when she announces that she's running for president. These journalists were born without the embarrassment gene, nothing embarrasses them about how they behave."
Impact Segment
Is CNN promoting gun control?
Hosts on ratings-challenged CNN have been badgering gun advocates and sounding like anti-gun crusaders. The Factor invited communications professor Jeff McCall to opine. "CNN has a serious ratings problem," McCall said, "and they also have some credibility problems. With that in mind, CNN brought in Jeff Zucker as the new president and his label will be put on this network. He says he wants the definition of news to 'evolve,' and here we're seeing news being defined as opinion. There's some crusader-ism going on and CNN might be trying to exploit the Newtown incident." The Factor groused that CNN's coverage is absolutely one-sided: "There has not been one CNN contributor or analyst or anchor giving the other side of the story. It looks like an anti-gun telethon!"
Lou's the Boss Segment
Why is Apple stock down?
Shares of Apple have plunged 37% in recent months, even though the company's profits remain healthy. The Factor asked Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs to explain. "The man who is running Apple, Tim Cook, is not Steve Jobs," Dobbs stated. "This is about his ability to communicate, to give a message and put it out there. Their products are still brilliant, but the problem is that so are Samsung's products. We have watched Apple drop from $702 a share to just over $400 today, which is incredible. I would urge caution because the leadership of Apple is now in question."
Fridays with Geraldo Segment
NC teacher who had sex with 15-year-old student escapes jail by marrying him!
Leah Shipman, a former North Carolina teacher, has avoided prosecution by marrying a young student she had previously seduced. Geraldo Rivera entered the No Spin Zone with the sordid details. "She was 42 years old and married when she had the affair with the 15-year-old," Rivera reported. "She was arrested, her husband divorced her, and a few days later she married the child, who is now 17. There is something called 'spousal privilege,' meaning a husband or wife can not be compelled to give testimony against their spouse, so there is no case!" Rivera also opined on the travesty in Norfolk, Virginia, where a mob of young black men attacked two white reporters. "If this were two young black people and a mob of angry whites attacked them, every newspaper in the country would have gone for it. I am perplexed as to why the Virginian-Pilot has chosen to ignore the story when two of its reporters were attacked. I can only surmise that they did not want to exacerbate racial tensions in the community."
What the Heck Just Happened Segment
Prince Harry compares combat in Afghanistan to playing violent video games
Britain's Prince Harry may have stuck his royal foot in his mouth when he compared war in Afghanistan to playin video games. Greg Gutfeld and Bernard McGuirk, the very embodiment of commoners, weighed in. "Normally I make fun of royalty," Gutfeld said, "but I like this guy and I commend him because he's fighting a war with America. He is actually paying back his country by killing the Taliban. I wish our royalty would do the same thing, but the Kardashians are too busy making sex tapes." McGuirk reluctantly praised both Harry and his older brother. "Royalty is anachronistic and dumb, but at least Harry and William aren't total parasites. They're giving back." The Factor made it unanimous and offered Harry some sage advice: "We admire his pluck, but he could be a little more articulate in defining real death."

Gutfeld and McGuirk then analyzed the new rules allowing female soldiers to fight on the front lines. "I don't know why the military has to be at the forefront of these social experiments," McGuirk questioned. "Women deserve all the opportunities they can get and my daughter has been nominated for a military academy, but there's the matter of human sexuality. Can you imagine if we got into a protracted war and you have Captain Bill Clinton in charge of PFC Kate Upton or Cpl. Kimberly Guilfoyle? Is he going to be looking out for his unit or is he going to be looking out for his unit?" Gutfeld also expressed reservations. "You can't sacrifice lives on the altar of equality. What wins war is not feelings, war wins war! There are women who are every bit as tough as men, but I go by the 'short guy in the NBA theory.' There's a Spud Webb, but that doesn't mean I'm going to be playing in the NBA."

Moving to the bizarre Manti Te'o phantom girlfriend story, Gutfeld gave the Notre Dame football player the benefit of the doubt. "He's a naive young religious kid who got pranked. He would believe anything, he got fooled, and now he's embarrassed and he's trying to cover up. But at least he finally made a sports story interesting - I thought Notre Dame is where you found hunchbacks." McGuirk was not quite as charitable to the linebacker. "I think he has the brains of a catfish, he makes Sean Penn sound like Charles Krauthammer and it's scary that he's actually graduating from Notre Dame. He's not exactly breaking the stereotype of a dumb jock."
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Glenn Causer, Prairieville, LA: "Having lived in Norfolk, Virginia for 19 years, I can tell you the attack on two white reporters by a group of black teenagers was all about race. Black on white crime there is out of control."

Gil Kunster, Orlando, FL: "Bill, kudos to you for your perseverance in getting the 9-1-1 call from the Norfolk police. Those thugs will now be more emboldened because the city did nothing to them."

Bill Combs, Brookville, OH: "As a Vietnam Vet, I don't think that women have the emotional makeup to kill without thought."
Tip Of The Day
We should all check in to see whether Steve Kroft does a thorough job of interviewing President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton, who will sit down for a joint interview on "60 Minutes."