Tuesday, February 5, 2013
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Talking Points Memo & Top Story
President Obama trying to checkmate the Republican party
Guests: Senator Rand Paul

"There are two big issues President Obama is using to hammer the GOP - immigration and guns. Liberals want to make the debate about limiting firearms, even though they know those limits will do absolutely nothing to prevent violent crime. Likewise on the immigration front. The President well understands that if he secures the southern border, most Republicans will agree to mainstreaming the illegals who are already here, at least in the workplace. But Mr. Obama will not commit to securing the border and what's going on is about politics, not problem-solving. And the President has been somewhat successful in demonizing Republicans and there is a real division in the Republican Party caused by friction over how to handle complex issues like gun control and immigration. The party should lay out its vision, but it should also aggressively counter-attack liberal politics that are devoid of solutions. Talking Points is not a party apparatchik; I want solutions, not politics. Right now we are not seeing honest debate in America and that is hurting all of us."

The Factor welcomed Republican Senator Rand Paul, one of President Obama's most vocal critics on Capitol Hill. "The President is trying to avoid talking about the real subject that threatens our country," Paul began, "and that's the debt. You don't hear anybody talking about spending or debt, they're talking about immigration and gun control." Paul raised the ominous possibility of another fiscal crisis. "We have an illusion of wealth, but there is still great danger that we'll run into another crisis like we did in 2008. The wealth is built from fake money, it's built from manufacturing new money to paper over our debt." The Factor reminded Senator Paul that President Obama seems to be winning in the court of public opinion: "The President believes he has the Republican Party on the run, it looks like he has you guys pinned to the wall and the majority of folks are responding to his argument."
Impact Segment
Krauthammer's Analysis
Guests: Charles Krauthammer

FNC's Charles Krauthammer gave his take on President Obama's determination to have his way with Republicans. "You're wrong on gun control," Dr. K declared, "the public is not going the President's way. Gun control will split the Democrats because there are too many red state Democrats who are afraid of what could happen to them. On immigration it does work for the President, but the Republicans can take a very simple position that has tremendous appeal. They can say they are quite prepared to legalize 11-million people, but we want one guarantee from the President - this will be the last 11-million, we're not going to have this again twenty years from now." Krauthammer predicted that pro-gun control legislators will win a very small victory. "They'll approve an expansion of background checks, but they probably will not approve the limit on magazine size, and I don't think Democrats will even take a shot at banning assault weapons because that has no chance."
Factor Follow Up Segment
Update on the FBI's investigation into Senator Robert Menendez
Guests: Marc Mukasey

New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez has been accused of traveling to the Dominican Republican to have sex with underage girls, which he has vehemently denied. The Factor discussed the international underage sex trade with former federal prosecutor Marc Mukasey. "There are a bunch of sick and perverted people," Mukasey said, "who will deliver underage individuals for the purpose of committing illicit sex crimes. It happens in Thailand, Mexico, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic. I prosecuted a case involving a former pediatrician who traveled to Mexico and Honduras where he was provided with underage boys. We brought a young boy from Mexico to testify against this individual, who got thirty years in prison. The federal government has dedicated people to rooting out this problem."
Stossel Matters Segment
Washington state looking to hire a marijuana consultant
Guests: John Stossel

Three months after Washington voters legalized marijuana, the state wants to hire a "consultant" to smooth the legalization process. Fox Business host John Stossel laid out the job requirements. "They're looking for someone with three years of consulting experience," he reported, "related to the medical marijuana industry. They want someone who can conduct quality testing and test for the levels of THC, the drug in marijuana. The consultant is supposed to know how much weed is needed and where, and how much licensed marijuana growers should produce. This is what politicians do, they don't understand that the market takes care of this stuff." The Factor ridiculed the idea of putting a bureaucrat in charge of the marijuana trade: "Why is the taxpayer going to pay $100,000 to some clown to do this, this is so stupid!"
'Is it Legal?' Segment
CA pre-school closing amid allegations that 4 and 5-year-olds engaged in sexual activity
Guests: Lis Wiehl and Kimberly Guilfoyle

A Lutheran pre-school in California is closing down amid allegations that young children engaged in sexual activity.
Back of Book Segment
Senator Robert Menendez speaks out
Guests: Monica Crowley and Alan Colmes

As mentioned previously, Senator Robert Menendez has forcefully denied soliciting underage prostitutions during trips to the Dominican Republic. The Factor asked Monica Crowley and Alan Colmes to weigh in on the potential damage to the Democratic Party. "To say that this could hurt the party is overblown," Colmes declared. "I don't think that'll happen to the extent that some people would like, and right now this is all a game of guilt by association." But Crowley pointed out that the scandal could lead to a small power shift in the Senate. "If Menendez is found guilty or if he becomes such a liability that Democrats throw him overboard, then New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a Republican, gets to name his replacement." The Factor stressed that Menendez' pal and frequent travel partner, eye surgeon Salomon Melgen, is being investigated by the FBI: "Melgen has donated a ton of money to big-name Democrats and he even gave his house to Bill and Hillary Clinton for a vacation. If he thinks he's in trouble, he could flip and say a lot of things about a lot of people."
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Jack Fields, New York, NY: "I am 75 and my friends behave respectfully, don't take drugs, and have class. The Taco Bell ad was insulting to seniors."

Maggie Allen, Downey, CA: "Mr. O'Reilly, thank you! There is so little respect these days for the elderly that I was encouraged that you called us wise. The fast food ad made us out to be buffoons."

Bob Ackerman, Sayville, NY: "Bill, you are wrong and Juan Williams is right. The ad encouraged people to live mas (more). At this rate, you'll wind up as a cantankerous old man who kicks kids off his lawn."
Tip Of The Day
Self-deprecating ambition
If you see a politician making fun of themselves, as Chris Christie did Monday night on the Letterman show, take it to the bank that they're running for a higher office.