Monday, February 18, 2013
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Talking Points Memo & Top Story
What President Obama really wants
Guests: Charles Krauthammer

"A new study by the Department of Health and Human Services says that, despite spending almost $200 billion on the Head Start program, it has not helped much. Someone should tell President Obama because he continues to pound the drum for even more educational spending for young children. The main point here is that President Obama is not all that interested in what works because his educational agenda is tied into his 'social justice' agenda. He firmly believes America is not a fair place, a view that was echoed in a Sunday New York Times commentary by economist Joseph Stiglitz, who wrote, 'The United States has less equality of opportunity than almost every other advanced industrial country.' Stiglitz goes on to propose that the feds pay for more pre-school education and after-school care, provide more food in the public schools, and give direct cash payments to parents who make sure their kids show up to school. Those are the things liberal America really wants - a complete soup-to-nuts welfare scenario delivered through educational spending. The truth is that the deck is stacked against children who have bad parents, but no government can change that. Schools can give disadvantaged kids more attention, a safe environment, and motivational programs, but that's not what Professor Stiglitz and President Obama want. They seek government control and a guaranteed economic outcome for everyone. That is the end game of socialism and it has never worked anywhere."

President Obama spent part of the long weekend golfing with Tiger Woods in Florida, an outing that was off-limits to the media. The Factor invited Charles Krauthammer to tee it up. "This is a trivial issue," Krauthammer declared. "The guy deserves a couple of days off and he wants privacy, and this is the biggest non-story created by the media since the Kardashian weddings. I don't understand what the story is and what the outrage is. I don't think the President is out there with Tiger receiving marital advice." Dr. K also outlined why he believes the President has the authority to kill suspected terrorists with drones. "Under the Constitution the commander-in-chief conducts wars. Lincoln did, FDR did, and every president is the highest authority when it comes to deciding who lives and who dies."
Impact Segment
Harry Belafonte injects race into the gun control debate
Guests: Juan Williams

Calypso singer and political radical Harry Belafonte, a staunch supporter of Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez, is blaming "white America" for urban gun violence. The Factor asked vided Juan Williams to react. "The reality here," Williams said, "is that black people are about 13% of the population, but more than 50% of all the murders are committed by black people. This is black-on-black crime, but Harry Belafonte and the NAACP and the black churches all have blinders on. They want to talk about 'systemic racism,' but don't say anything about drug dealers and gangster rappers. There's a whole culture that celebrates gangsterism and guns and killing, it's got to stop!" The Factor urged ordinary citizens to fight back: "I think it's true that the white establishment doesn't much care what happens in the black neighborhoods, but I don't understand why the good folks on the south side of Chicago don't rise up."
Hume Zone Segment
President Obama's immigration plan leaks - and angers GOP
Guests: Brit Hume

Despite promises to work with Republicans on immigration reform, the Obama administration has unilaterally crafted a bill, portions of which have been leaked. Fox News analyst Brit Hume explained why the GOP already finds the bill objectionable. "Border security is the big issue for Republicans," he stated, "because they don't think they can go home and sell their voters on what looks like amnesty unless there's some really strong border security provision with credible metrics for measuring it. The ideas embodied in this leaked proposal had some border security measures, but they were not up front. That's the sticking point, the President and his party are much less concerned about border security than the Republicans."
Rollin' with Carolla Segment
President Obama wants to raise minimum wage
Guests: Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla, who has personal experience with minimum wage jobs, reacted to President Obama's desire to raise the minimum to $9 and hour. "The point that everyone is missing in Obama's speech," he said, "is that he spoke of a family with two kids. What is a family making minimum wage doing with two kids? That's insane, you can't have two kids when you make minimum wage. You're supposed to work for minimum wage in high school and then move on to a better job. It's like Obama saying we need to hollow out barbells so they're easier to lift. There is supposed to be resistance in life, you're supposed to be uncomfortable working at McDonald's." The Factor added that no one should be working at minimum wage for long: "If you're willing to work hard, you're not going to make minimum wage. You can paint a house, you can drive a taxi, there are a lot of things you can do."
Weekdays with Bernie Segment
Senator John McCain gets heated with David Gregory over Benghazi
Guests: Bernie Goldberg

Sunday's Meet the Press featured a shootout between host David Gregory and John McCain, who accused the administration of engineering a "massive cover-up" after the deaths in Benghazi. "Senator McCain said there was a cover-up," Goldberg said, "and it's a legitimate question to ask about that, so I don't think David Gregory crossed any line. But I don't think John McCain crossed any line either - he went down a whole list of questions that the President has not answered about Benghazi. Reporters have shown a breathtaking lack of curiosity about those questions. This got testy because McCain and others on the right believe President Obama has not answered these important questions and got away with it because the media has been complicit. The media has never been so in love with a president before."
Back of the Book Segment
Will the Tea Party make a comeback?
Guests: Glenn Beck

The Factor asked Glenn Beck to analyze the friction between the Tea Party and many in the Republican Party. "I think the Republicans have betrayed their own values for so long," Beck complained, "and they have worked against the Tea Party and the people who understand the Constitution. I'm done with the big-government establishment Republicans, although anyone who stands up for small government can have success." Beck also berated the Department of Agriculture, which spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a "diversity awareness trainer." "This government under Barack Obama," he groused, "is hiring people to teach people how to be racists. They're teaching that the white man came and stole the land from the Indians. This is a coordinated effort to go in and teach government workers to be racists!"
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Paul, Louisiana: "For the first time ever, I agree with Professor Hill. I don't condone Dorner's murder spree, but his manifesto says he was wronged."

Chris Biller, Los Angeles, CA: "As a former LAPD officer, thanks for dressing down Hill, O'Reilly."

James Martin, Arden, NC: "Professor Hill's insensitive remarks prove once again that the left has no moral grounding."
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