Thursday, March 7, 2013
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Talking Points Memo & Top Story
A disturbing situation involving John Kerry and Michelle Obama
Guests: Bob Beckel

"An Egyptian woman named Samira Ibrahim was supposed to be honored by the State Department Friday, receiving the International Women of Courage Award. Secretary of State John Kerry and First Lady Michelle Obama were set to laud her for challenging Egypt's 'virginity test.' There's no question Ms. Ibrahim has shown bravery, but she has also shown anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism. After an attack in Bulgaria that killed five Jews, Ms. Ibrahim tweeted, 'Today is a very sweet day with a lot of very sweet news.' And when a mob attacked the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, she tweeted, 'May every year come with America burning.' It's amazing that this woman is chosen to be honored, and today the State Department surrendered and 'deferred' the award. For the record, Ms. Ibrahim says her Twitter account was hacked, but that's hokum. This exposition speaks to the chaos at the Department of State. We saw it in Benghazi and we are seeing it again now. John Kerry better reorganize this department quickly, it is an acute embarrassment to America."

The Factor welcomed FNC's Bob Beckel, who defended the overall performance of the State Department. "This is another case of bureaucracy not doing the job," he said, "because somebody didn't do a background check. But the State Department under Hillary Clinton has done a good job in a lot of ways. She strengthened the NATO alliance and she promoted women's rights in China and around the world. so I don't think you can just take Benghazi and this and indict the entire department." Beckel also praised New York City's ad campaign that tries to discourage single parenthood. "70% of black babies are born to unwed mothers, and if this can embarrass a few people into not having babies it will save their lives and it will save society a lot of money. We've bred three generations of children born to unwed mothers who have virtually no chance of success."
Top Story
Planned Parenthood upset over new anti-teen pregnancy ads
Guests: Laura Ingraham

The Factor continued on the subject of New York City's anti-teen pregnancy ads with Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham. "The ads are unpleasant and awkward," Ingraham said, "and you could say the ads might encourage abortion because the kids look annoying and they look like they're a penalty. On the other hand, if we're going to have anti-bullying ads and anti-smoking ads, why wouldn't adults want to start a conversation with young people about the perils of teen sex? Teen sex has been validated by the culture for decades and it's about time that there's an opposing point of view."
Impact Segment
President Obama shifts gear, meets with Republicans
Guests: Senator Pat Toomey

President Obama broke bread with some Republican Senators Wednesday evening and may be seeking a compromise on spending. The Factor was joined by Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey, who was at the dinner. "There were a dozen Republican Senators," Toomey said, "and the President was there with his Chief of Staff. He was very cordial and we had a pretty candid conversation around fiscal issues. The President listened to every one of the Republican Senators and he was engaged. Nothing like this has happened since I've been in the Senate." The Factor lauded the President's outreach, saying, "This is a vital issue that Americans don't seem to understand, we're heading for a depression if the spending doesn't stop."
Are We Crazy Segment
Study: Sex offenses committed by teens are up
Guests: Bonny Forrest and Wendy Walsh

As The Factor reported last week, Delaware's representative in the Miss Teen USA pageant, 18-year-old Melissa King, gave up her title when it was discovered that she had appeared in a pornographic video. Mental health experts Wendy Walsh and Bonny Forrest doubled down on their claims that society is partly responsible for Ms. King's disastrous decision. "I am still of the same mind as last week," Forrest affirmed. "I believe in personal responsibility, but we get that from two sources, our parents and our brain. Studies tell us that our brain doesn't really mature until we're 25, and in this case this woman was raised by the state from age 12 to age 18." Walsh also deflected blame from the young woman and indicted popular culture. "Her influences are Kim Kardsahian and people who have risen to celebrity and have made money off things like pornography. This is our daughter, we raised her as a culture." But The Factor argued that an 18-year-old is an adult with personal responsibility: "Ms. King knew that what she did was wrong, if you want to be a serious person you don't make a porn film."
Kelly File Segment
Interesting twist in the Trayvon Martin case
Guests: Megyn Kelly

The trial of George Zimmerman, charged with killing Trayvon Martin a year ago in Florida, is set to begin in June. FNC anchor and attorney Megyn Kelly checked in with the latest on the case. "One of the key witnesses for the prosecution is Trayvon Martin's girlfriend," Kelly reported. "She claims that she heard Trayvon on the phone saying someone was following him moments before he was confronted by George Zimmerman. But she has been caught in a significant lie - she testified under oath that she didn't attend Trayvon's funeral because she was in the hospital, but that was not true. The defense will make this into a big deal because she told a lie under oath."
Back of Book Segment
Why do rock stars self-destruct?
Guests: Clive Davis

The Factor welcomed longtime music producer and record executive Clive Davis, whose new book recounts his storied career. The conversation focused on one of Davis' best friends and protégés, Whitney Houston, who destroyed her life and career with drugs. "I discovered her when she was 19," Davis recalled, "and she was full of energy and spirit. She loved music and she was a workhorse, and there's no question she was clean. Later I confronted her when she became skeletal and at first she was in denial. She said it's not a serious problem and she was not ready to do anything about it." The Factor put Davis on the spot, asking him to single out the most talented rock musician of all. "I would say Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan are two of the great poet laureates of America coming out of the music world," Davis answered. "Springsteen also became the greatest rock-and-roll live performer, and that combination is spectacular."
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Darrell Griffin, Powhatan, VA: "Note to Kirsten Powers: I have studied the White House web page and there is zero on the president specifically cutting spending."

Scudder Graybeal, The Villages, FL: "Kirsten got you, Bill. You have to admit you're wrong from time to time."

Tim LaRocco, Lindenhurst, NY: "Anyone who believes the Bible stories are literal needs to have their head examined."

Tom DePew, Lewisville, TX: "Bill, if God can create the entire world, do you really believe He can't create a great fish that could carry Jonah?"
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Dealing with guttersnipes
It's painful to be attacked personally, but it's usually best to ignore the guttersnipes. However, if someone is harming you or your family, a lawyer should put that villain on notice in writing.
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The Soundtrack of My Life
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