Tuesday, March 12, 2013
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Talking Points Memo & Top Story
Stupid Government Spending
Guests: Monica Crowley and Alan Colmes

"President Obama does not want to cut one government program. Right now the federal government is spending close to $10 billion a day; this year's deficit will be $900 billion, which will be added to the nearly $17 trillion debt. The Democratic Party doesn't seem to care and liberal Americans are putting all of us in danger with their inflexibility. Please consider these facts: The National Institutes of Health recently awarded $1.5 million to study why many lesbians are overweight. Why am I paying for that? NASA will spend close to $1 million researching recipes for food that could someday be eaten on Mars, and another government agency is spending $27 million to improve Morocco's competitiveness by teaching 'pottery and other skills.' Very little pottery will be designed, the money will likely be stolen. This is madness and it's why the federal government under President Obama is totally out of control. Yet the President doesn't want to cut any federal programs. Shameful!"

Alan Colmes entered the No Spin Zone for the first time since last week's notorious dustup over federal spending. He portrayed President Obama as a relative skinflint. "Federal spending has gone up under every president going back to Eisenhower," Colmes declared, "and the rate of spending increase is lower under Obama than under every president since Eisenhower. I am for the money being spent on the Mars mission that includes feeding our astronaut because we know that these space missions have created all kinds of jobs." Colmes' ideological foe Monica Crowley was nonplussed by his desire to spend. "This is precisely why we are coming up against $17 trillion in debt," she complained. "We're paying for gang tattoo removal in L.A., a musical about 'climate change,' and robotic squirrels. This shows how far away we have gotten from the limited government the founders envisioned." The Factor tried mightily to understand Colmes priorities, but came up short: "I'm worried about Colmes because he sincerely believes, despite the fact that we're heading to bankruptcy, that we need a Mars menu."
Impact Segment
VA Congressman confronted at Town Hall over gun control stance
Guests: Kirsten Powers

At a town hall meeting this week, Democratic Congressman Jim Moran was confronted by a woman demanding to know why he is pro-choice on abortion but not when it comes to women defending themselves by owning firearms. Moran simply refused to answer the question, which didn't sit well with Democrat and FNC analyst Kirsten Powers. "I think he should have answered the question," she said, "but I'm probably in the same place as the Congressman on gun control. We should ask what is the best thing for society and we have to have laws that restrict guns a little bit. I just don't think you need an assault weapon to protect yourself." The Factor theorized that some women in violent neighborhoods are endangered by gun control laws, saying, "Women will be put in a deficit in some places like Chicago if there are no handguns.
Factor Follow Up Segment
Fast food prices going up because of Obamacare
Guests: Stuart Varney

An entrepreneur who owns eight hamburger restaurants is the latest business owner to say he will raise prices because of added costs associated with Obamacare. The Factor analyzed the issue with Fox Business host Stuart Varney. "The consequences of Obamacare are entirely negative for businesses and individuals," Varney asserted. "A business with more than 50 employees has to cover their workers and that's going to be expensive. This guy decided he will raise prices to pass along the extra cost rather than reducing the hours of his employees. As for individuals, they may be pushed into these subsidized exchanges or they may have to pay a fine if they refuse to get coverage. Everybody loses here." The Factor lamented, "Everybody's going to be paying more for burgers and hot dogs and pizza."
Stossel Matters Segment
Judge halts Mayor Bloomberg's soda ban
Guests: John Stossel

One day before New York City's ban on large sodas was set to go into effect, a state judge temporarily invalidated the law. That decision, of course, delighted Fox Business host and noted libertarian John Stossel. "How is it a free country," he pondered, "if they can rule on what you can eat? I'm annoyed because Mayor Bloomberg doesn't get the distinction - he says they're not banning anything, they're just giving people more choices. But they are banning something, and when government bans things, that's force! It's the conceit of the self-anointed, and who's to decide what's healthy? Orange juice has more sugar than Coke." The Factor differentiated between children and adults, saying, "Public schools should have healthy cafeteria food, but you should be able to buy a Big Gulp and 18 Big Macs in the private sector."
'Is it Legal?' Segment
What's behind the outbreak of student suspensions over fake guns, imaginary guns?
Guests: Lis Wiehl and Kimberly Guilfoyle

Some young children are being suspended from school for "shooting" classmates with imaginary guns. Legal analysts Lis Wiehl and Kimberly Guilfoyle took aim at the issue. "This makes no sense at all, it's absolutely insane," Wiehl declared, "and the problem with a lot of these cases is that it's on the kid's record, even if it's expulsion for a day or two. There's now a bill in Baltimore to change this, to tell principals they can allow this kind of expression." Guilfoyle turned to the recent spate of celebrities, among them Michelle Obama and Sarah Palin, being hacked by Internet miscreants. "This appears to be 'doxxing,' which means finding personal information about you and then resetting your password. They get this new password and then they can get onto your accounts and view your contacts and addresses and pictures." The Factor reported that hackers can pay a heavy price when they're caught: "We got hacked at BillOReilly.com a few years ago and the guy who did it got four or five years in prison."
Back of Book Segment
Will President Obama respond to wasteful government spending?
Guests: Charles Krauthammer

The Factor asked Charles Krauthammer to opine on some of the outrageous government spending outlined in the Talking Points Memo. "When the Senate presents a budget Wednesday," Dr. K said, "we will see whether there are any real spending cuts. I suspect they'll say they're cutting some waste and abuse without specifying, but it will be a trivial amount in terms of how much is being spent. The President says he's put things on the table with the Speaker, but we haven't gotten anywhere on this because the President is not interested in cutting spending, that's not how he sees the mission of his presidency. He wants to change America into something it's never been and he doesn't care about the deficits."
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Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Ray Osterhout, Conklin, NY: "Bill, you are losing it in more ways than one. As a retired law enforcement officer, I find your belligerent behavior more than I care to watch."

Jeff Glover, Rough and Ready, CA: "Bill, I am a retired cop who believes you are a truth seeker. As such, you will react with righteous anger from time to time and that is exactly what you should do."

Diane Quick, Kosciusko, MS: "Bill, try to be a little cool because I don't like it when liberals use your anger against you."

Dick Richards, Goshen, KY: "Bill, you're spinning. Your anger at Colmes was off the graph - not righteous."