Friday, March 15, 2013
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Talking Points Memo & Top Story
What happens to democracy when the press actively supports a political party?
"It is widely believed that the national media is in the tank for President Obama; they generally support his policies, and when he does something wrong the media don't make a big deal out of it. A great example is the national debt. Most economists believe that a nation owing $17 trillion is in trouble, but how many times have you heard the national press speak passionately about the debt? That means many Americans have no clue about this troubling issue, and that is what happens when the press acts in concert with a political party. For another example, the Democratic Party in Colorado will not put Jessica's Law up for a vote, but the press in Colorado is covering for the Democrats. The Founding Fathers gave the press special privileges to challenge the political powers that be, but now we have some media in bed with politicians. To pretend that $17 trillion in debt is not a problem is dangerous; to say that Jessica's Law is not necessary puts children in danger. Yet the media is doing both of those things. Very troubling!"

During his visit to the No Spin Zone earlier this week, Denver Post editorial Curtis Hubbard declared that 'no one in Colorado law enforcement supported' Jessica's Law. The Factor spoke with two Colorado lawmen who begged to differ. "We do need that law," stated El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa, "and I spoke with two other sheriffs this morning who feel it would be a good thing for Colorado, that it would bring more clarity to existing laws. We need more truth in sentencing." Mike McIntosh, Chief of the Adams County Sheriff's Office, also endorsed Jessica's Law. "This is all about safety for our children and our communities, we need to ensure that there are laws that protect our kids, and in states that have Jessica's Law the recidivism rate has come down. I take offense when anyone comes out and makes a statement for law enforcement but hasn't contacted us."
Top Story
Is the national media covering for President Obama?
Returning to the question of whether the mainstream media is in bed with the Democratic Party, The Factor welcomed TV columnist Joe Concha and communications professor Jeff McCall. "Journalists are products of the culture in which they work," McCall said, "and studies show that newsrooms are filled with reporters who lean left. Also, we have reporters who are coming from journalism schools that have ideological bents, so it's not surprising to me that many reporters would be sympathetic to a narrative coming from the Obama White House." Concha singled out MSNBC as a cable network that actively colludes with the White House. "In December four MSNBC prime-time hosts were invited to the White House, a visit that was not on the President's schedule. Nothing was ever talked about as far as what went on in that meeting. I don't hear 'journalism' there, I hear 'infomercial.'" The Factor laid out the inherent danger with a compliant press corps: "There are powerful national media advancing the cause of one political party, and I think the Founding Fathers would be stunned."
Fridays with Geraldo Segment
Report: Grand jury investigating Senator Robert Menendez
The Factor asked Geraldo Rivera to analyze news reports that New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez is being investigated by a federal grand jury in Miami. "The question is whether or not the Senator is in serious trouble," Rivera said, "and I think he is. It starts with his friend, eye doctor Salomon Melgen, who was accused of over billing Medicaid. Menendez was flying back and forth on Melgen's private plane to the Dominican Republican, so was that intended for Menendez to give Melgen favored treatment in terms of federal contracts? This is the cancer on the senatorial tenure of Robert Menendez - he tried to help the eye doctor get a $500 million security contract with the Dominican Republic." The Factor flatly predicted, "Menendez will get indicted."
Lou's the Boss Segment
Why does Bill Gates want to give President Obama more power?
Microsoft founder and multi-billionaire Bill Gates recently praised President Obama's performance and wished the President had "more power." Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs wasn't simpatico with that suggestion. "I think the President has more than his share of power right now," Dobbs said. "Bill Gates said he prefers the parliamentary system, but then, in a massive contradiction, he acknowledged that our system is far better than the system in the United Kingdom. There's no better example of the elites in this country than Bill Gates and his $61 billion net worth." The Factor suggested that Gates is obviously a man of the left: "I don't think he would have said the same thing about presidential power if George W. Bush were still president, I think he's a liberal partisan."
What the Heck Just Happened Segment
Atheist movement to remove "In God we Trust" from U.S. currency
The Factor invited Guys Friday Greg Gutfeld and Bernard McGuirk for their two cents on a proposal to banish "God" from our currency. "I think 'In God We Trust' is too judgmental," Gutfeld jested. "We need something nicer like, 'Don't Spend It All In One Place' or '40% Goes To Obama.'" McGuirk was somewhat less nuanced. "This is total idiocy and stupidity," he said. "Throughout the ages the cultural elders have seen a need to convey the idea that there's a higher power because most people are stupid, selfish, SOBs who need the notion that there's somebody up there watching you." The boys turned to the Massachusetts high school that is putting on a play based on the Bible, with the exception that all the characters are gay. "This type of event," Gutfeld opined, "is designed to upset people. My response to stuff like this is do this with the Koran, you wimps, and then we'll talk. But they won't because they're wimps."
Back of Book Segment
New Friday Factor Feature: Pinhead of the Week
Returning for a second segment, Gutfeld and McGuirk named the week's most ridiculous pinheads. McGuirk said choosing former NBA star Dennis Rodman was a slam dunk. "He called John Paul II, one of the most vaunted Popes in recent history, 'a pimp.' Rodman's IQ matches his rebounding average when he played in the NBA, but he's a harmless dummy." Gutfeld singled out New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. "Whenever you say you're starting a 'national conversation,' that means you lost. A court overturned his soda ban, so now he's saying at least we got the conversation started. Shut up with your conversation!" The Factor opted for Denver Post editor Gregory Moore, who "has turned the paper into a house organ for the Democratic Party."
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Chris Mueser, Lakewood, CO: "The Jessica's Law situation sickens me. I love this state. I've lived here my whole life. But I'm becoming resentful because of the crazy politics. I am canceling my subscription to The Denver Post."

Alicia Covello, Thornton, CO: "Bill, thanks for covering the refusal of the establishment here to pass Jessica's Law. I hope Coloradans wake up and fight back!"

Karen Harris, Maui, HI: "Aloha, Bill, we need your muscles here! The legislature cares more about pets than children."

Stacy, Littleton, CO: "I was raped by my coach when I was 17. He was convicted. He was sentenced to 90 days for the crime. Colorado laws are a joke."
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