Wednesday, March 27, 2013
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Talking Points Memo & Top Story
More financial madness in the USA
Guests: Bob Beckel

"California currently owes a whopping $164 billion that it can never repay without selling San Francisco to Beijing. The folks who live in California are paying the highest taxes in the nation, and the financial madness is epitomized by the case of 63-year-old Susan Muranishi, the highest paid county administrator in the state. She makes an astounding $424,000 a year, and when she retires she'll get a pension worth more than $470,000 a year! Susan has a big job but she did not find a cure for cancer; this is all about political corruption. In Alameda County and many other American counties, the power structure and the unions take care of themselves. Craven politicians often sell out to the unions and give them huge pension benefits so they don't strike or cause trouble. As a result, the USA is in huge trouble financially, but Susan Muranishi is not. She'll be living large in California for the rest of her life, and I hope she sends thank you cards to each and every taxpayer in Alameda County."

The Factor was joined by Bob Beckel, who is perfectly content with Susan Muranishi's immense retirement package. "What's the big deal?" he asked. "She negotiated a contract with someone who signed it and she got the best deal she could, just like you get what you want when you negotiate. And running Alameda County is bigger than running IBM! There are hundreds of agencies to run. Your Talking Points fall flat because this is America and you have the right to negotiate." The Factor was nonplussed by Beckel's logic, asking, "You don't see the difference between the taxpayers paying her salary and private industry paying my salary, and do you mean to tell me that you're okay with a county administrator getting $500,000 in pension for the rest of her life?"
Factor Follow Up Segment
Florida now investigating university for anti-Christian behavior
Guests: Kirsten Powers and Kate Obenshain

As The Factor reported previously, a communications professor at Florida Atlantic University demanded that students write 'Jesus' on a piece of paper and then stomp on it. Democrat Kirsten Powers and Republican Kate Obenshain analyzed the incident and the school's apology. "This was just stupid," Powers said, "and it's a really bad advertisement for liberalism. I consider myself a liberal, but this is not the kind of behavior most liberals would endorse. It wasn't just insensitive, it was intolerant." Obenshain theorized that the FAU outrage is merely the tip of an ideological iceberg. "The problem is more institutional-wide in our colleges, and this sort of liberal activism is protected by the university structure and these absurd campus speech codes and diversity policies." The Factor added that the professor in question, Deandre Poole, is a Democratic official: "What bothers me is that the school hired a Democratic activist. We've investigated and there are no Republican activists teaching at the school."
Impact Segment
Will Christian leadership in this country stand up to attacks on Easter?
Guests: Robert Jeffress

Priests and pastors have been conspicuously quiet as local governments and school districts banish the word "Easter" and the holiday's symbols. Pastor Robert Jeffress entered the No Spin Zone to opine. "People are not standing up and fighting back," he opined, "because Christians think it's un-Christian to fight for your rights. I've reminded thousands of pastors that the apostle Paul spent two years fighting against the Roman legal system to preserve his right to speak freely, and we need to do the same thing. All of your viewers need to start pushing back against this kind of stuff, even on the local level." The Factor pointed out that only Christians seem to turn the other cheek: "If you do something anti-Semitic there are organizations that will get in your face, and if you insult Mohammed you'll be threatened with death."
Washington Beat Segment
Will Vice President Biden run in 2016?
Guests: James Rosen and Carl Cameron

FNC correspondents James Rosen and Carl Cameron looked ahead to 2016 and the possibility that Joe Biden will run for the presidency. "He has presidential ambitions," Cameron stated, "and he has taken every opportunity available to make it look like he is going to run. During the inaugural Biden invited a lot of powerful visitors from Iowa and New Hampshire to his Vice Presidential mansion, and since then he's spoken in early voting states. He will turn 74 years old three weeks after the 2016 election." Rosen turned to the contentious issue of same-sex marriage. "President Obama has 'evolved' on this question," Rosen said, "and that confusion on the subject has extended to the official administration policy. Attorney General Eric Holder has announced that the administration will no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act in court, but will enforce the law. The justices at the Supreme Court during today's oral arguments seemed troubled by this duality of thought in the Obama administration."
Miller Time Segment
Miller weighs in on a controversial Ford ad
Guests: Dennis Miller

Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has actually complained that some of her employees are going hungry because of sequester-mandated budget cuts. In stark contrast, Dennis Miller had a picnic. "Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a waste of a hyphen," he declared, "and an empty-headed, addled, perm-mannequin. Veterans are telling me that their tuition is being cut, but this jerk is whining about some butt-kissing staffer of hers not being able to afford a Yoplait! This stuff has got to stop!" Miller also weighed in on the Ford commercial that features images of the Kardashian sisters and a double entendre about their rear ends. "They had to pull that ad," Miller said, "but they haven't pulled the one where you're driving around with the chicks from 'The View.' That's my favorite. This is the next phase of the Kardashians' career - they'll sue people who notice their precipitous demise from the top of the heap."
Back of Book Segment
Did Jim Carrey cross the line by mocking Charlton Heston in an anti-gun video?
Guests: Juliet Huddy

Former funny guy Jim Carrey, perhaps trying to resurrect his faltering career, has created an Internet video in which he mocks gun owners and the late Charlton Heston. FNC correspondent Juliet Huddy watched the ad and was mightily unimpressed. "He was mocking a dead guy and doing the country bumpkin routine," she reported. "Folks like Ann Coulter and our own Greg Gutfeld are mad at him and saying it is not funny. This is getting a lot of views, but it's not funny and that's the problem." The Factor concluded that Jim Carrey picked on the wrong man, saying, "Carrey has never done anything for the country that I can see, while Heston marched with Martin Luther King."
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Michelle Conner, Fairfax, VA: "Bill, that was a home run on Cyprus and the economy. Cheap money is helping the stock market but that is not going to help this country in the long run. Stick to your instincts on this one."

Phil Palmeri, Raleigh, NC: "Bill, I respect Krauthammer but agree with you. The American voter now favors the nanny state. We are in big trouble."

Laurie Johnson, Lake Havasu City, AZ: "As a retired public high school teacher, I can tell you that Glenn Beck is correct regarding bias. I nearly lost my job when I dared present alternative viewpoints to global warming."
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