Friday, April 19, 2013
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The latest in the Boston Marathon bombing suspect manhunt
"Hell likely has a new resident. 26-year-old Tamerlan Tsarnaev was shot dead by police Friday morning in a suburb of Boston. He and his 19-year-old brother Dzhokhar were identified by the FBI as the prime suspects in the bombing Monday that killed three and injured 170. At around 11 PM Thursday night a police chase ended in Watertown, a suburb of Boston. The suspects and police exchanged more than 200 rounds of gunfire and the brothers also threw explosives at the cops. The older brother Tamerlan was shot dead, but his brother Dzhokhar escaped on foot. Then, just about one hour ago, all hell broke loose again when a woman in Watertown called police and said she saw blood on the shed in her backyard. Police cars from everywhere converged on the site - there is a boat in the backyard with canvas covering the boat and that is where the suspect now lies."
Impact Segment
Who are the Boston Marathon bombing suspects?
The Factor was joined by Geraldo Rivera, who had more information on the Tsarnaev brothers. "The younger one is a naturalized American citizen," Rivera reported, "and what's intriguing is that the FBI admits that in 2010 they questioned the older brother at the request of a foreign government, probably Russia. And yet in 2012 Tamerlan traveled back to Russia and stayed for six months. It's probable that in that period this American-reared Muslim terrorist from Chechnya learned how to build this bomb, which was quite sophisticated. The older brother clearly became radicalized and a devout Muslim, scornful of America." The Factor pointed out that Chechnya is a hotbed of radical Islam. "Al Qaeda has training bases in Chechnya, which is a rebellious province of Russia. These guys wanted to kill innocent Americans just to kill them, which is the mark of jihad!"

Fox News correspondent Eric Shawn, reporting from Watertown, added some details about the younger Tsarnaev brother. "Friends of Dzhokhar told me today," Shawn reported, "that when he was in high school he loved sports and was a normal kid who smoked pot and listened to rap music. The big question for our country is how these young people turn into terrorists who want to come and kill the 'infidels.' That is a major issue for our country to deal with." The Factor theorized that Dzhokhar was greatly influenced by his brother. "I think the older brother was a hard core terrorist who came back from Russia and asked his brother to help him carry this out. And I wouldn't be surprised if there are other people they are in contact with."
Factor Follow Up Segment
How are Boston residents reacting?
The Factor asked Boston radio talk show host Howie Carr how his callers are reacting to the terror attack and its aftermath. "The headline to this is that no good deed goes unpunished," Carr began. "This is another case of Uncle Sam doing a favor, we brought these people in even though they're radical Muslims. We bring them in and make them political refugees, which makes them eligible immediately for welfare. You don't have to wait in any lines, you immediately become a welfare recipient. But these people have apparently developed this overwhelming hatred for us and they've now destroyed people's lives. It's extremely frustrating." The Factor reported that the Tsarnaev family is marked by chaos: "The father is in Russia and says this is a frame up, even as his kids are throwing explosives out the window, so he's a loon. And the mother has a criminal beef in Massachusetts while there's a crazy aunt also saying it's a frame up."

The Factor next spoke with Bill Forry, a reporter and a personal friend of some of the bombing victims. "I spoke with the husband of a woman who lost her leg," Forry said, "and he told me that he wants this suspect taken into custody. He was also adamant about his respect and admiration for law enforcement." Forry also provided an update on Bill Richard, the Dorchester man whose 8-year-old son was killed in the terror attack and whose wife and daughter were badly hurt. "He's devastated and he's asked everyone to respect his privacy right now. He has very close friends at his side and he's been visited by Governor Patrick and others. He's getting the support he needs, but the family wants the community and the nation to be respectful of their grief and to give them some space."
Top Story II
Captured alive!
The Factor ended Friday's program with the breaking news that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev had been taken alive in Watertown: "The police convinced him to come out from under the canvas of the boat that he was hiding on in Watertown. He will be charged with capital murder in a federal court and he will be executed by the United States of America. I will guarantee that this evening. The brother is in Hell and this guy is going to be in Hell! The authorities did a great job, it took only five days to bring these men to justice."