Thursday, April 25, 2013
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Talking Points Memo & Top Story
Did the Boston bombing suspect clam up after being read his Miranda rights?
Guests: Megyn Kelly

"There is no question that many on the left are disappointed that the two suspects in the terror bombing are Muslim, and it's sad to say that many in the Muslim world will never believe the Tsarnaev brothers committed the atrocity. That's a big problem with the terror war - no matter what the proof, no matter what you see with your own eyes, there will be crazy people denying the reality that Islamic jihad is a threat to the world. Even a powerful institution like NBC News employs people who denigrate the serious issue of Islamic terrorism. An MSNBC host said this: 'Krauthammer and O'Reilly going after the President and saying he's not being tough enough on Muslims smells a little bit like a precursor to, "Is the President secretly a Muslim?"' It's almost impossible to believe that person is given a national platform by NBC News. For the record, Charles Krauthammer and I did not say that President Obama is not 'tough enough on Muslims.' We analyzed why the President will not use the words 'Muslim jihad' in describing the motive of the terror attack. The overwhelming evidence is that these brothers killed four Americans and hurt more than 200 others in the name of Allah, period! So Talking Points is going on a jihad of another stripe: Every time a high profile person spouts gibberish about deadly terrorism, I will embarrass that person on this broadcast. Public opinion is the only way to stop this madness."

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly reported the latest development in the case against surviving terror suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. "The FBI was stunned," she began, "when Dzhokhar had his Miranda rights read to him by a magistrate judge, a public defender, and an assistant U.S. Attorney. The FBI was in the middle of an interrogation and they did not sign off on the fact that there was a judge being sent over to Mirandize the suspect. They said he was providing valuable information and then, as soon as he was read his rights, he stopped. There is no way this happened without Attorney General Eric Holder knowing about it and the FBI was not pleased." The Factor described this as a blot on the administration, saying, "This is embarrassing for the Obama administration to have the FBI at odds with the Attorney General."
Impact Segment
Was Tamerlan Tsarnaev on a terror watch list?
Guests: Lt. Col. Ralph Peters

The CIA is reportedly claiming that it told the FBI to keep an eye on slain terrorist Tamerlan Tsarnaev; meanwhile, Secretary of State John Kerry was scolded by the White House after he said Tamerlan "went to Russia and Chechnya and then blew people up in Boston." FNC analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters sorted out the chaos. "For once Secretary Kerry said something absolutely honest and right," Peters declared. "It is preposterous to think that this already radicalized American resident went back to Dagestan and sat in an apartment for six months watching TV. He unquestionably went there to make contact with terrorists and he got training in bomb-making. To believe anything else is just politically correct folly." Peters also addressed the intra-government squabbling. "When you add layers of bureaucracy and thicken the hierarchy, things get lost. The CIA was virtually begging the FBI and DHS to watch Tamerlan Tsarnaev."
Week in Review from the Ingraham Angle Segment
Will the Boston bombing impact the immigration debate?
Guests: Laura Ingraham

The Senate is working on a new immigration law that would allow illegal immigrants to stay in the country and strengthen border security. The Factor asked Laura Ingraham whether the legislation will be affected by the Boston bombings. "There are lots of problems with this bill," Ingraham said, "which gives sole and unreviewable discretion to Janet Napolitano for a whole bunch of things. On the terror issue, the asylum granted to the Tsarnaev family in 2002 raises all sorts of issues. Why were we giving asylum to a family from a troubled part of the world? The new immigration bill would actually allow asylum to be made easier and would allow more family members come into the country on asylum." The Factor predicted that the Boston attacks will transform the debate: "All the focus has been on the issue of Central and South Americans coming here to work, but now we have to shift the focus to terrorism."
Are We Crazy Segment
Did the Tsarnaev parents enable the Boston bombers?
Guests: Bonny Forrest and Wendy Walsh

The Factor was joined by mental health professionals Bonnie Forrest and Wendy Walsh, who opined on the bombing suspects' parents and their insistence that their boys were innocent. "Freud invented the word 'denial,'" Walsh said, "which is a defense mechanism to protect yourself from emotional pain. If they admit their sons did it, they will have to feel guilt and shame, and those are really difficult emotions for a lot of people." Forrest added that parental denial is not at all uncommon. "School counselors tell me the number one issue for them is when they try to confront parents and the parents don't want to get help for their kids. This is an extreme case, but it's not so much different. The mother here really seems to have some constricted thinking and she actually seems to believe in some of the jihadist teachings."
Personal Story Segment
Glenn Beck on the Boston Marathon bombing
Guests: Glenn Beck

The Factor welcomed Glenn Beck, who claims a mysterious 22-year-old Saudi man should also be under scrutiny in the Boston bombings. "This man's apartment was searched for nine hours," Beck stated, "and his roommates were interviewed for five hours. Our sources tell us this man was 'armed and dangerous' and a terrorist of the highest order. But suddenly, after the President and John Kerry met with Saudi officials, this guy was no longer a 'person of interest' and somebody went in and tried to get rid of all the evidence. The government is hiding the Saudi connections. Who is this guy, where is this guy?"
Watters' World Segment
Watters' World: Denver Pot Convention Edition
Guests: Jesse Watters

FNC's Jesse Watters paid a visit to Colorado last weekend, where pot-lovers were out in force to celebrate the state's legalization of marijuana. He entered the No Spin Zone with a recap. "I was at the Cannabis Cup," Watters said, "which was a mellow event, but there were some shots fired at the park downtown. Two rival gangs crossed paths during a rap concert, fists started flying, and two people got shot. Some of these large events attract a criminal element because it's so chaotic and there are thousands of people." Watters described his experience interviewing folks who were obviously high, and not just on life. "I probably interviewed twelve people and only two were able to answer really easy questions. But they were very peaceful, the only time there was any trouble was when they handed out free doughnuts."
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Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
DeAnne Davis, Snellville, GA: "O'Reilly, do not let Clinton off the hook regarding Benghazi and Obama on the terror bombing. You are our voice."

Russell Piazza, Ann Arbor, MI: "Mr. O'Reilly, you were wondering why the President won't call the attack in Boston an act of Jihad? It's because he's scared! He's afraid of provoking further attacks."