Monday, April 29, 2013
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Talking Points Memo
The Factor's Excellent Adventure to Washington, D.C.
"Every year the White House Correspondents' Association holds a dinner that raises money for kids, and this year Fox News' Ed Henry was in charge. Conan O'Brien headlined the dinner and made this joke about your humble correspondent: 'Bill O'Reilly is working on his next book about the killing of Jesus. It'll be the first time in history that Jesus' death is blamed on Obamacare.' Thanks for the publicity, Conan. I was sitting next to Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, a no-spin guy who loves his country and has stayed true to his working-class roots in Queens. After the dinner the schmoozing began and I'm not very good at that. Neither is Barbra Streisand - she was at the dinner but everybody was kept away from her. She was certainly the diva of the evening, but most of the other celebrities were more down to earth. The primary reason I went to the dog-and-pony show was to help Ed Henry and Fox News correspondent Jennifer Griffin, who is working with the Independence Fund, which helps military people who lost limbs in Iraq and Afghanistan. We want to get these patriots a high tech marvel called the Trackchair, which can go everywhere and gives amputees a degree of control over their lives. The chairs cost more than $10,000 each and Jennifer and I want to get at least 50 more of them. We've developed a program that could raise an enormous amount of money and President Obama is going to help. We must help the wounded warriors who lost their limbs on the battlefield and we will get those Trackchairs for those heroes. Fox News is helping me do it and Jennifer Griffin is a saint."
Weekdays with Bernie Segment
Why does the press still love President Obama?
Guests: Bernie Goldberg

More than four years into his presidency, most in the press are still enthralled with Barack Obama. The Factor asked Bernie Goldberg to explicate the media's enduring love affair. "They have a lot invested in the President," Goldberg declared. "I once interviewed a network news correspondent who told me not to expect the press to go after Nelson Mandela. When I asked what Mandela had to do with anything, he told me that a lot of journalists see Barack Obama as Nelson Mandela. He's a hero to them and an historic figure; they didn't just want to be eyewitnesses to history, they wanted to help define history. They have so much invested in him that they'll never be skeptical of him, and they are willing to sacrifice their credibility because they are so in love with Barack Obama!"
Impact Segment
Another view of the media's infatuation with Obama
Guests: Juan Williams

The Factor welcomed FNC analyst Juan Williams, who denied that most of the media is in the proverbial tank. "The press can be fawning at times," he said, "and Bernie Goldberg was going down the right path when he said this guy's iconic. But if you look at the press today all you see is how 'Obama lost' the gun control vote. And anytime there's an Internet conspiracy coming from the right it's immediately reflected in the print press." The Factor lamented that a compliant media is dangerous for the republic: "The press is supposed to be adversarial toward those in power, but it's not in the case of Barack Obama. We stand alone here at Fox News in bringing skepticism - we tell the folks when the President does something right and when he does something wrong."
Hume Zone Segment
Why is the CIA giving Afghan President Karzai bags of cash?
Guests: Brit Hume

According to a report in the New York Times, the CIA is transferring bags of cash to Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai. FNC analyst Brit Hume defended the money transfer as fairly standard practice. "The question is whether this is the sort of thing the CIA does," he said, "and the answer is yes. If Afghanistan is a place we care about, we need influence and you get it however you can. If Iran is in there bidding on Karzai's loyalty, perhaps we have to bid, too. There are parts of the world where you're choosing among gangsters, and Afghanistan is not going to be turned into Switzerland." But The Factor decried the blatant corruption: "I don't think we should be spending all this blood and treasure on corrupt criminals. It's our tax money and the military blood that are propping this guy up, we're in business with a gangster!"
Factor Follow Up Segment
Undercover investigation reveals shocking late-term abortion practies in U.S. clinics
Guests: Lila Rose

Anti-abortion activist Lila Rose has conducted another undercover sting of abortion clinics. She entered the No Spin Zone and described her disturbing findings. "The main point of this investigation," she said, "is to show the inhuman and abusive practices, the brutality of abortion in America. We've allowed our nation to support an industry that is brutalizing children who are old enough to survive outside the womb. And these clinics are killing babies who are struggling for their lives after surviving failed abortion attempts." The Factor reminded Rose, "The pro-choice lobby will say these are the extremes, these are the irresponsible people." But Rose proceeded to indict the leading pro-choice organizations. "NARAL and Planned Parenthood are arguing against every abortion regulation, they're arguing for abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, and they're even arguing for taxpayers to fund abortion. This extremism is led by our own President."
Rollin' with Carolla Segment
Adam Carolla on P-C Madness!
Guests: Adam Carolla

Officials in Washington State have decided that terms like "penmanship," "fisherman," and "freshman" will be purged from state laws, to be replaced by gender-neutral terms. The Factor turned Adam Carolla loose on the P-C police. "Just take something like immigration," Carolla began, "which used to include the term 'illegal alien.' Then it became 'illegal immigrant' and now it is 'unauthorized immigrant.' Hey lawmakers and politicians, how about if you start doing what we want you to do, which is to fill the potholes, get the schools up and running, and weed out the Al Qaeda sleeper cells living among us?" The Factor reported on another outrageous edict from the language cops: "Some realtors will no longer use the term 'master bedroom' because it has a slave connotation. Now it's the 'owner's suite.' We're having a contraction of the language."
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Raymond Ross, Lansing, MI: "Sorry, Bill, not good. You allowed Barney Frank to spew his foolishness."

Agnes Delaney, Chicago, IL: "Bill, I liked the way you let Barney Frank ramble on. You gave him enough time to prove he has nothing to say."

Jonathan Zetts, Gaithersburg, MD: "I give Frank credit for coming on The Factor knowing he will be challenged."
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