Thursday, May 2, 2013
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More evidence that the far left is out of control in America
Guests: James Carville

"Yesterday was May Day, where communists and socialists celebrate their belief that stealing private property is a good thing, and thousands of loons took to the streets in Seattle. At least 17 people were arrested and eight Seattle police officers were injured. But it's not just Seattle that's a problem - most everywhere in the USA the far left is running wild. There's the legalization of marijuana in Washington and Colorado, the punitive taxation some states are levying on the wealthy, and the view that America is the villain throughout the world. Twenty years ago that craziness would have been openly rejected by most Americans, but today traditional forces are disorganized and many non-political Americans have no idea what's going on. That leaves an open field to the loons who assaulted Seattle yesterday and they are taking full advantage of it."

The Factor welcomed liberal Democrat James Carville, who disassociated his party from the Seattle mobs. "They may be far left," he said, "but they're criminals, so let's call people what they are. The Catholic Church is far left when it comes to economic theory and this pope is very critical of capitalism, but you don't see them rushing the barricades. Those people in Seattle don't represent any liberals or progressives or Democrats that I know. They're anarchists who are breaking the law." The Factor worried that extremists are drowning out other voices on the liberal spectrum: "Moderate liberal Americans are not for this crazy stuff, but the far-left people, the MSNBC people, are starting to dominate the conversation."
Impact Segment
Is there a violation of church and state in the U.S. military?
Guests: Mikey Weinstein

An organization called the Military Religious Freedom Foundation claims that many military officers are improperly proselytizing and punishing non-believers. The Factor welcomed the group's founder Mikey Weinstein. "There's a difference between what you feel personally," Weinstein declared, "and the behavior you exhibit. We represent 33,000 members of the military, 96% of them Roman Catholics and Protestants who are victims of religious oppression. This is something we view as totally out of control. We broke the story of the 'Jesus rifles' where every rifle in the U.S. military had New Testament inscriptions on the scope. The military finally did something after we fought on behalf of our clients."
Factor Follow Up Segment
Will Maryland take responsibility for an out-of-control jail situation?
Guests: Ian Duncan

As The Factor reported previously, Baltimore City Detention Center inmate Tavon White has allegedly been running a drug ring, and has reportedly impregnated four prison guards. Nevertheless, Maryland corrections boss Gary Maynard remains on the job. Baltimore Sun reporter Ian Duncan entered the No Spin Zone with the latest on the scandal. "When this story broke," Duncan stated, "Gary Maynard said he would take full responsibility, but he has since turned around and said he's going to be the person to fix these problems. The warden of the prison was replaced but it's not clear whether he's still in the corrections department." The Factor denounced Maynard and his boss Governor Martin O'Malley: "O'Malley has been spinning and saying this is all a good thing because the feds came in. Even though narcotics are being sold and this guy impregnated four guards while he was in prison!"
Week in Review from the Ingraham Angle Segment
Another view of religion and the military
Guests: Laure Ingraham

The Factor asked radio talk show host Laura Ingraham to opine on the prior segment and the contention that Christian zealots are out of control in the military. "Of all the issues facing the U.S. military," she scoffed, "which include cutbacks and PTSD and suicides, the biggest problem facing the military is Christian extremists? You can conclude that there is an anti-Christian bias on the part of Mikey Weinstein, who wants to wipe all religion out of the military. We should be asking whether the rights of Christians are being violated in the uber-politically correct world we live in, including in the military." Ingraham also mocked the far-left protesters in Seattle. "These people are just out of control. They look like little children, they put their ski masks on and ride around on skateboards, and then go home to mommy and daddy."
Kelly File Segment
Why won't UMass turn over school records of terror suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev?
Guests: Megyn Kelly

The University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth refuses to release school records of accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Attorney and Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly explained the school's reticence. "There are privacy rules that protect students," she reported, "even after they graduate. They are protected from the release of certain information such as their grades, transcripts, evaluations from professors. It's relatively easy for law enforcement to get the information, but the question in this case is whether we the people should get it." Kelly also raised some troubling questions about the three other UMass students who have been arrested. "There is more to this story than we know right now," she declared. "Remember when the FBI released video images of the two suspects? The three students met on campus and within an hour were in Dzhokhar's dorm room taking his computer and his backpack. As soon as they saw his picture on TV, their instinct was not to call the cops, but to go into his room and start getting stuff. Are you telling me they had no idea he was up to no good prior to that?"
Back of Book Segment
Judge's ruling makes morning after pill available to women of any age
Guests: Bonny Forrest and Wendy Walsh

Federal Judge Edward Korman has declared that any female of any age should be able to buy the morning-after birth control pill without a prescription or parental consent. Mental health experts Bonnie Forrest and Wendy Walsh weighed in on the ruling. "I want to bring down the number of abortions and unintended pregnancies," Forrest said, "and I actually see this as a way of doing that. Every scientist who has looked at this and seven major national organizations are all in favor of making this accessible to all women." But Walsh argued that pre-teens are simply not equipped to make the decision. "Think about the psychological effects on these young girls. A child being left to make an adult decision when they're not emotionally mature enough can lead to depression and anxiety." The Factor complained that parental rights are being trampled: "Just because children act irresponsibly doesn't mean their parents have no right to know about that. You're taking away my parental authority by giving the child an avenue to take action without the parents knowing."
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