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Thursday, May 9, 2013
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Does Benghazi really matter?
"Many on the left are echoing Hillary Clinton's assertion that it doesn't really matter who screwed up in Benghazi, Libya. There is no question that the hearings yesterday were embarrassing for the Obama administration and for Hillary Clinton, but immediately the left wing spin found its way into the media. Jon Stewart claimed there were '54 attacks on diplomatic targets that killed 13 Americans' during the Bush administration. But many of the cited attacks occurred in Iraq during the war and none of the attacks were at the level of Benghazi. It should also be noted that Jon Stewart apparently got this information from the far-left websites MediaMatters and DailyKos. The most riveting testimony Wednesday was delivered by Gregory Hicks, second in command in Libya under slain Ambassador Christopher Stevens. He described in vivid detail how he tried to get help for the Americans under siege in Benghazi but was not able to secure cooperation in Washington. There is no question that the State Department screwed up and Mr. Hicks told the truth. Speaker John Boehner now says Congress will continue its investigation and Hillary Clinton needs to come back and testify. She is up to her eyeballs in this, which has political implications for the Democratic Party. Americans need to know the truth about what happened in Benghazi, why our government misled the world, and why they did not respond with more urgency on the day of the attack."

The Factor welcomed Pat Smith, whose son Sean was also killed in the Benghazi attack. "I want somebody to tell me why there was no security there when it was asked for," she implored. "They begged for security but instead it was taken away. My son called me the day he died to tell me that there was someone out there taking pictures of the compound and he was really concerned about it. My son cannot be saved, he's already gone, but what about those who follow?" Smith expressed total frustration with Washington officials. "Hillary Clinton, President Obama, and Ambassador Susan Rice all told me the reason this happened was because of the video. I asked every one of them to please tell me why no one is owning up to this. They all said they would check and get back to me, but I have heard nothing except one call from a clerk."
How did the media handle the Benghazi hearing?
After monitoring coverage of Wednesday's hearings, Fox News media analyst Bernie Goldberg reported his findings. "MSNBC ran zero live coverage of the hearings," Goldberg said, "and it is not a news organization of any kind. It is a public relations firm and some of its clients don't want this story to go anywhere. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Congressional Democrats don't want the story to go anywhere, so MSNBC and other organizations oblige and that's shameful." Goldberg also took a Fox News host to task. "On his radio show Mike Huckabee said that Barack Obama will not survive Benghazi, but this is wishful thinking masquerading as political analysis. Barack Obama is going nowhere because, by and large, the American people don't care about Benghazi. I'm totally depressed over this whole thing."
Jodi Arias speaks: I'd rather get death than life in prison
Jodi Arias, convicted of brutally murdering her boyfriend, revealed to TV reporter Troy Hayden that she would prefer execution to life in prison. Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly explained how Hayden landed the exclusive post-verdict interview. "He made contact with her a few months ago and he had an in-cell interview with her," Kelly reported. "She told him at that time that if he kept some of that off the record, she would give him an interview after the verdict. He honored the agreement and she gave him an interview immediately after the verdict. She's now on suicide watch and nobody can get to her, so this may be the only interview she gives for a long time. She's trying to manipulate the jury."
What happens to people who are held captive?
The Factor was joined by mental health experts Bonnie Forrest and Wendy Walsh, who analyzed the effects of captivity on hostages such as the three young women who were just discovered in Cleveland. "There's a survival mechanism," Walsh said, "and the brain is always trying to figure out how I can survive. Sometimes cooperating with the captor is a way to reduce pain in the short term and survive in the long term." Forrest tried to explicate just how a teenager might react after being abducted. "You're walking along on a sunny day, you're 15 years old, you don't have a strong sense of self-identity yet. If someone grabs you, you start to look for things in your captor, the smallest clue about what he wants. You start to totally identify with him and do things that will make him happy or keep you safe."
Controversy concerning the new immigration bill
Radio talk show host Laura Ingraham entered the No Spin Zone with her thoughts on the immigration reform bill now making its way through the Senate. "A lot of us have been saying that the government doesn't have a lot of credibility in enforcing the border," she said, "and that we need to reduce the flow of illegal immigrants. But this new legislation has at least seven major provisions that give Janet Napolitano complete and unreviewable discretion to waive key factors for admissibility for aliens. One provision would allow her to admit a variety of relatives of people who can come in legally." Ingraham added that illegal immigration now seems to be on the rise. "It's almost tripled in parts of Texas in the past three months because they're getting ready for amnesty, they think amnesty will be passed."
Political implications of Benghazi
FNC analyst Charles Krauthammer put forth his thoughts on the Benghazi hearings and where the story goes from here. "This story is not going to explode," he said, "but it's drip, drip, drip. The administration tried to suppress the truth about what happened in Benghazi. The President was saying his only objective was to collect the facts and share them with the American people, but every piece of evidence we heard yesterday contradicted that. This is not a jailing offense, it's not a burglary, but it's an administration trying to cover up human error in the middle of an election campaign." The Factor criticized the State Department for attempting to sidestep the truth: "I'm trying to be fair on this story, but the thing that really annoyed me was when Gregory Hicks said he was demoted for telling the truth. Hillary Clinton had to sign off on that."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Jim Paul, Wayland, MI: "Bill, in questioning Congressman Jordan, you implied the presidential election was the reason Susan Rice used false talking points in her Benghazi appearances. I'm sure you're right but since when do we suspend the truth during elections?"

Kathy Benson, Rehobeth Beach, DE: "Mr. O'Reilly, I am disappointed in you. You stated Republicans are pushing Benghazi in order to embarrass the Democrats. You are wrong - they want the truth."

Dan, San Fernando Valley, CA: "At my school, students have struck teachers but we cannot defend ourselves. Also, students can use the f-word to teachers and we are told not to discipline them."
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