Thursday, July 11, 2013
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Top Story
Zimmerman Trial Update
Guest: Geraldo Rivera
The Factor began Thursday's show with news from the George Zimmerman murder trial in Florida. Judge Debra Nelson has agreed with the prosecution's request that the jury consider the lesser charge of manslaughter if they deem Zimmerman not guilty of second-degree murder. Geraldo Rivera assessed the decision. "The prosecution wants to give the jury every possible opportunity to convict this man," Rivera said, "because they know they overcharged George Zimmerman initially. It never should have been murder in the second degree, it was never a 'depraved' act based on ill will and hatred. This was driven by politics and they overcharged him. The prosecution knows they are facing a stunning acquittal." The Factor added that even a manslaughter conviction could mean hard time for George Zimmerman: "In Florida that's a big beef, you can be sentenced to 20 years."
Impact Segment
Sympathy for the Devil
Guests: Peter Brown & Lee Ann Yanni
"19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has pleaded not guilty to 30 federal charges, including murder. Tsarnaev and his brother killed three and wounded 260 others by setting off bombs at the Boston Marathon. An 8-year-old boy was killed by the act of terror and there were many amputees. Nevertheless, this slimy terrorist says he didn't do it, and there are disturbed people supporting him. His trial is expected to last months and cost the taxpayers tens of millions of dollars, but why should it last that long? The evidence against this thug is overwhelming and there are multiple eyewitnesses. What's his defense, that he wasn't there? There are pictures showing him there. The next court date for Tsarnaev is set for September 23rd."

The Factor welcomed Peter Brown, whose nephews lost limbs in the attack, and Lee Ann Yanni, who also sustained serious injuries. Both were in the courtroom Wednesday as Tsarnaev entered his plea. "It was kind of disgusting," Yanni stated, "just to see him slump there and have no look of remorse on his face. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach and an urge to run up and attack him." Brown denounced the handful of cretins who showed up to express their support for Tsarnaev. "They were absolutely pathetic. Not only did I hear them outside, but I also heard them inside the courtroom. They had to be reminded that their actions were not going to be tolerated."
Unresolved Problems Segment
Immigration Debate
Guest: Karl Rove
With House Republicans sending mixed signals as to what they'll do on immigration reform, The Factor asked FNC's Karl Rove for his prediction. "They're going to attempt to pass something," Rove said, "but whether or not they can do it over the next few months is very much up in the air. John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and Paul Ryan are all talking about the necessity of doing this. No one ever expected the Senate immigration bill to be accepted by the House and they are likely to move a series of bills that deal with the issues in the Senate bill." The Factor urged House Republicans to make a good-faith effort on immigration: "There are loopholes in the Senate bill but that doesn't seem to be a game-stopper. It seems to me that the House could plug those loopholes and send it back to the Senate and move forward."
The Ingraham Angle
A Connection between the DOJ & Trayvon Martin?
Guest: Laura Ingraham
A conservative legal group is reporting that the Justice Department dispatched people to help anti-Zimmerman protesters in Florida. Laura Ingraham provided her take on the allegation. "There is a little-known group inside the Justice Department called the Community Relations Service," she stated. "They are sent to rallies to provide conciliation support, they're there to monitor things and to 'facilitate.' It's supposed to be a civil rights priority to have this group of individuals offer support. But I did some research and couldn't find any instances of when they went to conservative rallies or Tea Party rallies. It's very bizarre for the U.S. government to take this to the federal realm, this is a local criminal story." The Factor added, "If this group was organizing the demonstrations or making them happen, that would be a big scandal."
What the Heck Just Happened Segment
Are Hangovers Hurting the Economy?
Guests: Greg Gutfeld & Bernard McGuirk
Apparently getting their days mixed up once again, Friday regulars Greg Gutfeld and Bernard McGuirk commandeered the No Spin Zone. They tackled the case of football star and accused murderer Aaron Hernandez, who is being held without bail in a Massachusetts prison. "He's been put in solitary confinement for 20 hours a day," Gutfeld reported, "and the ACLU believes it is 'torture' to be alone for long periods of time. This is for his own protection. My theory is that everybody who lives in New York City lives in a tiny box and are also victims of torture." McGuirk also opined on Hernandez' supposed deprivations. "This is a form of torture. How's he supposed to pump iron and get a jailhouse wife if he's in a cell by himself? But he's not complaining, he knows he's better off." Next on the docket, a new report claiming that excessive drinking costs American taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars a year. "Just because you're lousy at drinking," Gutfeld quipped, "doesn't make drinking lousy. This kind of study impugns professional drinkers like ourselves. I have never been late for work with a hangover, I bring my hangover to work. And you know what costs more than drinking? Not drinking! Sober people are miserable."
Watters' World Segment
The Mermaid Parade
Guest: Jesse Watters
FNC's Jesse Watters headed out to Coney Island to visit the annual Mermaid Parade, which unfailingly attracts some bizarre folks in even more bizarre costumes. He asked a few of the participants what is on their minds these days. A few of their replies: "I'm actually doing my dissertation on cross-dressing" ... "I believe in energy and vibes." Back in the studio, Watters summarized his outing. "A lot of the transvestite community descends on Coney Island for this, they're very flamboyant and they set the tone for the parade. They like parades, they're into pageantry, they like to show off their wares. This was kind of an x-rated event, I don't know if I'd bring my kids, but I had a great time. A lot of transvestites are big Watters' World and Factor fans."
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Jim Budde, Bellevue, IA: "Bill, you and Beckel are clueless on immigration. We don't need new laws, just enforce the ones we have."

Marie Prota, Cheshire, CT: "Hey, Bill, Beckel doesn't know what he's talking about and neither do you. As soon as Obama gets his hands on the immigration bill and sees something he wants to change - he'll change it. Just like Obamacare."

Norm Trottier, Old Orchard Beach, ME: "O'Reilly, you are convicting the Boston bomber much like the media convicted George Zimmerman. Let the facts come out first."
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