Wednesday, July 24, 2013
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Top Story
Running from the Truth
Guest: NY Congressman Charlie Rangel
"On Geraldo Rivera's radio program today I told him to let me know when President Obama holds a press conference about the disintegration of the African family, and when a seminar on the damage hip-hop and rap is doing to unsupervised children will be held by Sharpton and Jackson. I also told Geraldo that I feel sorry for black kids who don't have fathers and are born into poverty. It is America's shame that we have not discouraged the astronomical out-of-wedlock birth rate in this country. This week we asked a number of prominent African American people to discuss the situation. Michelle Alexander, who wrote an article about the terrible injustices in the Zimmerman trial, was 'too busy.' Cornel West and Congresswoman Yvette Clarke were also too busy. Martin Luther King III and Jesse Jackson couldn't make time. Congressman Charles Rangel didn't respond at all, even though he personally assured me that he wanted to come on. So it's clear that people who are pushing racial injustice don't want to talk about complicated problems. The grievance industry wants to divide people along racial lines because that's good for business. The state of race is getting worse because problems are not being fixed and many black Americans continue to blame whites for poverty and crime. Talking Points believes the collapse of the African American family is the primary reason the gap between blacks and whites are so large. And our leadership will simply not deal with this issue."

Since Charles Rangel, reneged on his promise to enter the No Spin Zone, Jesse Watters tracked him down in Washington. "I am still waiting for an invitation," Rangel initially claimed. "But I did not think that the program is adding to the peace and harmony that our races should be speaking." Watters reminded Rangel of his inflammatory accusation that, had George Zimmerman been black, the police would have "beat him to death." Rangel responded: "Whether or not they would have beaten him before they took him to the station is subjective. That's why it's so important that the Attorney General and the Department of Justice investigate." Finally, Rangel tried to explain the prevalence of black crime. "It's people without hope for the future and without education who do these things, and we have to do all we can to eliminate it by improving the conditions in that community." The Factor lamented, "I like Rangel personally, but he's one of many who simply will not get to the heart of the problem."
Impact Segment
Devastating Effects of Drugs on the Country
Guests: Jason Riley & Heather MacDonald

The Factor examined the claim that blacks are punished more harshly for drug crimes with Heather MacDonald of the Manhattan Institute and Jason Riley of the Wall Street Journal. "The evidence does not support that claim," Riley stated. "Blacks are caught up in the criminal justice system for drugs and other crimes because of black behavior. Another myth is that incarceration rates among blacks are driven by drug crimes, but they are not. Blacks are also overrepresented in violent crimes, burglaries, assaults, and so forth." MacDonald mocked the canard that young black men are being tossed into prison for smoking weed. "Nobody is going to the penitentiary for smoking marijuana, you have to have many convictions on your record. If you go to a community meeting in Harlem, people complain that dealers are arrested and back the next day. They understand that the drug trade is destroying their neighborhoods, but the media are dedicated to the myth that what's holding blacks back is white racism."
Factor Follow Up Segment
Anthony Weiner at it Again
Guest: Kirsten Powers & Kate Obernshain
Former Congressman Anthony Weiner, now running for New York City Mayor, has admitted to sending still more revealing photos of himself to young women. The Factor asked Republican Kate Obenshain and Democrat Kirsten Powers to assess the political damage. "There has been a pretty big freakout," Powers said, "and no Democrats I know think this is okay. The New York Times editorial board excoriated him and the National Organization for Women said he should drop out." Obenshain contended that Americans are reluctant to vote for a repeat lecher. "People are still genuinely concerned about personal conduct because they know it reflects character. There is a slew of fallen politicians in recent American history."
Personal Story Segment
From Saturday Night Live to the Tea Party
Guest: Victoria Jackson
The Factor welcomed former Saturday Night Live cast member Victoria Jackson, one of Hollywood's rare conservatives. "I was always a Christian," she said, "but I didn't proselytize and I was very professional. A couple of people gave me a hard time because they kind of hated God, but mostly it wasn't an issue." Jackson explained how she became more political a few years ago. "I stumbled into this underground conservative group and they educated me. When I read Orwell's '1984,' it said our country will not be taken over by force, but by the breakup of the family and by sex, drugs, and rock and roll. I realized that in my lifetime it had happened! I was at the first Tea Party in Santa Monica and they are the greatest people I've ever met."
Miller Time Segment
The Royal Baby, Detroit, and more!
Guest: Miller Time
Dennis Miller gave a jolly good welcome to William and Kate's newborn boy. "I have an affinity for the Brits," he said, "because they'll eventually have a king with big ears and we currently have a king with big ears. Their leader carries a scepter and our New York mayoral candidates often carry around their scepter. I'm happy with a nice baby story in a world gone mad where I have to watch idiots like Anthony Weiner. And by the way, I think Huma Abedin will leave Weiner when he changes his party affiliation to Republican, that'll be the only thing she considers a bit perverse." Miller turned his attention to the now-bankrupt Detroit. "It went from Motown to Less-town in 50 years and you have to blame the Democrats. The Dems ran that city into the ground, they sucked it dry. That's the yield of modern liberalism."
Did You See That Segment
Anthony Weiner's Explanation
Guest: Juliet Huddy
Fox News correspondent Juliet Huddy opined on Anthony Weiner's apology for sending a new round of salacious text messages. "This guy is so power-hungry and so disillusioned," she opined, "and he's not averse to risking his career and his family for power. I think 100% that he'll stay in the race unless his poll numbers dry up. He gets a lot of press and sometimes people go to the polls and vote for the cartoon character." The Factor declared, "He's not going to get the money from donors and he's not going to win!"
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