Friday, July 26, 2013

Laura Ingraham
On The O'Reilly Factor...
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Reaction to Bill's Talking Points Last Night
Laura began Friday's show by re-visiting Bill's condemnation of civil rights leaders who ignore some serious problems facing black Americans, especially family disintegration and violence-glorifying music. Professor Chris Metzler and writer Jasmyne Cannick took up the issue. "As far as Al Sharpton goes," Cannick said, "white people don't get to tell us who to look up to. If you think he represents the entire gamut of civil rights leaders, you'd be wrong. There are others who are addressing all of the issues Bill pointed to in his Talking Points Memo." But Metzler vigorously ripped into Cannick's argument. "This is not about whether white people are telling us what to do. The fact is that in the black community there are substantial problems that need to be addressed. Rather than looking at policies, practices, and procedures, you are looking at this strictly through a racial lens." Laura added that many black Americans are fed up with violent and misogynist rap lyrics, saying, "A lot of people who call in to my radio show and happen to be black don't like the hip-hop industry and what it pumps out to impressionable minds."
Impact Segment
Zimmerman Juror Goes Public
A juror from the George Zimmerman trial now asserts that Zimmerman "got away with murder," even though the law mandated an acquittal. Laura analyzed the statement with attorneys Stacy Schneider and Regina Tsombanakis. "These jurors had this question posed to them," Rsombanakis said, "and if they thought there was no reasonable doubt that this was murder, they should have spoken up in the jury room, not weeks later. It completely distorts the entire jury system." Schneider contended that jurors were confused by Florida law. "The elephant in the room in this verdict is Florida's 'stand your ground' law. The Zimmerman defense did not allude to the law, but it factored in here. If this were in any other state, there might have been a different verdict, and that is why there is juror confusion." Laura concluded, "I don't like these post-trial interviews with jurors, I don't think they advance the cause of justice at all."
Talking Points Memo & Unresolved Problems Segment
Immigration Debate
"While major heinous crimes committed by illegal aliens occur regularly in the United States, including a recent horrifying gang rape of a 13-year-old girl in Texas, the media and pro-immigration reform politicians have their sights trained on one comment made by Congressman Steve King of Iowa. While talking about the Dream Act, King said hundreds of young illegal immigrants are 'hauling marijuana across the desert.' He received swift condemnation from both sides of the aisle, but today on my radio show Congressman King defended his remarks as 'an objective analysis.' I wouldn't have worded my problem with the Dream Act like King did, but he exposed a familiar tactic of the open-borders crowd. You cite gleaming examples of successful young illegals while you ignore the indisputable truth about serious crimes our country continues to endure at the hands of young, mostly male, illegal immigrants. I'm talking rape, murder, robbery, and drug trafficking. So why don't more reporters press for information regarding suspects' immigration status? Because most reporters are pro-amnesty, that's why. I'm going to say what few others will: There is a massive cover-up underway across mainstream media outlets regarding the viciousness and frequency of crimes committed by illegal aliens. What's truly offensive is when journalists and politicians shade the truth to push their own open-borders agenda, leaving hard-working Americans and legal immigrants more vulnerable."

Laura invited immigration experts Daniel Hernandez and Steve Camarota to expand on illegal immigrants and crime. "I don't think news organizations should be reporting immigration status," Hernandez declared, "because that would set up a bias with juries. A crime is a crime and it doesn't matter what the race or religion or color of the suspect. We have something called innocent until proven guilty." But Camarota argued that a suspect's immigration status is a key piece of information. "It's very relevant if a person is not even supposed to be in the country in the first place. Take the case of Edwin Ramos, who killed a father and his two sons in San Francisco. He was in the United States illegally and was being protected by the city's amnesty policy." Laura was absolutely incensed by Hernandez' position: "You don't think the American people have a right to know that some people who are not supposed to be here are committing horrible acts. Are you kidding me? There is a massive cover-up going on!"
Factor Follow Up Segment
The Supposed "War on Women"
During last year's presidential campaign, Democrats accused Republicans of waging a "war on women." But now New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner and San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, both Democrats, stand accused of lewd and anti-woman behavior. Liberal radio host Eboni Williams entered the No Spin Zone with her analysis. "Anthony Weiner's actions are disgusting," Williams began, "and he has issues. But ultimately the decision of whether he's fit for political leadership is up to New York City voters, that's the beauty of democracy. I would not vote for him, but I think he should stay in. There is also a long list of Republican high-ranking officials who have made spectacles of their wives." Laura criticized House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for refusing to ask Weiner to drop out of the race: "This wasn't just childish what he did, he has a serious mental problem. This is horrifically irresponsible and shows terrible judgment."
Fridays with Geraldo Segment
NSA Update
The father of NSA leaker Edward Snowden is defending his son, saying "he shared the truth with the American people." Laura asked FNC's Geraldo Rivera to weigh in on the story. "I find it hard to not be sympathetic to the father," Rivera said, "who is doing what any father would do under the circumstances. There is ethical and moral ambiguity about what Snowden did. He did it in a way that was atrocious, he ran to our enemies. On the other hand, he has raised some issues that we couldn't talk about. If he had gone to Congress and exposed the information as a whistleblower, it would have been a whole different situation."
A Factor Original
An Inside Look at Comedy
Laura introduced Bill's interview with Andrew Dice Clay, the self-described "most vile comic ever to walk on stage" who is now acting in a new Woody Allen movie. "Acting is what I always wanted to do," Clay said. "I performed on comedy stages to hone characters and develop my own method of acting." Bill challenged Clay to defend his profane and raunchy comedy routines. "My persona is a tough-talking Brooklyn guy," Clay replied, "and I try to entertain and give people a show. It was like I wanted to build a comedic hero because when I grew up there wasn't a comic who had that bigger-than-life, tough-talking attitude. The people who come and see me are adults and I like performing raw. If you want PG stuff, there's plenty out there."
Back of the Book Segment
Insider Trading
Laura wrapped up the week with the allegation that SAC Capital Advisors, one of Wall Street's biggest hedge funds, made hundreds of millions through illegal insider trading. "If you talk to the feds," said Fox Business correspondent Charles Gasaparino, "they believe this is a criminal enterprise and that the company's boss Steven Cohen set up the perfect crime. He set up a system, in the view of the Justice Department, where lots of stuff was going on around him while he was insulated. Cohen has not been charged and he has great lawyers who will put up a spirited defense." Laura reminded everyone that an indictment is a far cry from a conviction: "The government will charge people with 50-count indictments, but then it turns out there is nothing there. So we have to be very careful on this."