Thursday, August 8, 2013

Laura Ingraham
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Talking Points Memo
Will past be prologue for Hillary Clinton?
Guest: "Hillary Clinton has been gone from the State Department for six months, but with Mrs. Clinton it is never 'out of sight, out of mind' with diehard Democrats. A New Hampshire poll of likely Democratic voters has the former First Lady beating the rest of the potential field by a mile. Poor Joe Biden! But was Mrs. Clinton, objectively speaking, a great Secretary of State? It's glaringly apparent that our relationship with Russia is in tatters. After giving Russia what it wanted on the Eastern European missile defense shield, Russia repaid us by continuing to help the despotic Syrian regime and cruelly banned American adoption. As for China, her last visit there was a disaster. She was met with unbridled hostility and China continues to amass more wealth, geopolitical influence, and power. What about the Middle East? Despite all the promise of the Clinton 'magic,' the Secretary of State came up empty. In Iran there has been zero progress in halting that country's nuclear program, and in Egypt we turned our back on a longtime ally and gained a new volatile player. What about the 'Arab spring?' Mrs. Clinton was quick to praise its promise without understanding how the coming volatility would adversely affect religious minorities and neighboring countries. And last but not least, there was Benghazi. There were four dead Americans on her watch, yet the Secretary of State could not be bothered to be interviewed by the Accountability Review Board. All of this should make a huge amount of difference to anyone interested in objectively assessing her tenure as Secretary of State."
Top Story
NSA Update
Guest: Ric Grenell
President Obama denies the existence of a domestic spying program, but new reports indicate that the NSA has been far more active than initially reported. Laura sorted it out with FNC judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano. "When the President goes on a late night talk show and says we have no domestic spying program," Judge Napolitano stated, "he is being deceptive at best and outright untruthful at worst. It is clear from the documents that Edward Snowden revealed that the President asked the FISA court to authorize massive spying on virtually every American who uses the Internet or telephone. They originally said they were just looking at phone bills, but now we know they have captured trillions of emails and phone calls and texts. This has been the biggest end run around the Fourth Amendment in the history of the United States and it's been orchestrated by Barack Obama."

For another point of view, Laura turned to Republican strategist Richard Grenell, a supporter of the NSA surveillance programs. "The judge raises some great points," he began, "but let's remember that this program is about catching terrorists. I think the President is exactly right when he says we don't have a domestic spying program, but we certainly have domestic spying as part of the international program. I side with President Obama, not with candidate Obama, who was against all this intelligence gathering before he was for it. My friends in intelligence gathering say President Obama changed his position the moment he started getting top secret security briefings. He really felt the impact of all those people trying to get us."
Impact Segment
Fort Hood Update
Guest: Reed Rubenstein
Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan, who is defending himself, has come face-to-face in court with some of those he injured during his 2009 rampage. Laura welcomed attorney Reed Rubinstein, who represents some of those survivors. "Our folks are very committed to this prosecution," Rubinstein said, "and they appreciate everything that is being done to prosecute Hasan. But they are also very upset and they are suing based on claims that the government gave Major Hasan favorable treatment because of his race and ethnicity. There are wrongful death claims and civil rights claims that have been brought, we are looking for justice." Laura wished the victims well, saying, "This is so scandalous that after everything these people have been through they now have to go through this."
Factor Follow Up Segment
Immigration Battle
Guest: Cesar Vargas
Pro-amnesty forces recently staged a much-publicized demonstration by nine illegal immigrants who came to the United States as children. Laura was joined by amnesty supporter and illegal immigrant Cesar Vargas, who came to America with his family when he was five. "I have actually created my own job," Vargas said. "Contrary to the misconception about how undocumented immigrants are stealing jobs, immigrants are creating jobs throughout the United States in various sectors. We are living with an immigration system that has not been updated for 20 years, it is unfit for a country like ours in the 21st century." Laura reminded Vargas that illegal immigrants have in fact broken United States laws: "When I go into someone else's home I try to follow their rules, so when you come into our home you have to follow the rules."
Factor Investigation Segment
Brutal Bus Beatdown
Guest: Geraldo Rivera
The video showing three black Florida teens savagely beating a younger white classmate has gone viral, and observers have pointed out that race hustlers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have been conspicuously silent. Laura discussed the brutal beatdown with FNC's Geraldo Rivera. "I think we have to examine our own profession," Rivera stated. "I had no idea that three attackers were black and the victim was white until I finally saw the video. I read some news reports that never mentioned the races of the assailants or the victim, but I think it's fair to say that if three white kids had stomped on a black kid there would have been a massive movement. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be there and it would be called one of the crimes of the century. The press has a wretched double standard and we have to be honest with ourselves." Laura agreed that 'civil rights leaders,' with their glaring double standard, would have descended on Florida had the races been reversed: "Al Sharpton would have moved down there, they would have shut down the town and they'd be screaming from the top of the hills."
Unresolved Problems Segment
Planned Parenthood Corruption?
Guest: Attorney Kellie Fiedorek
Abortion provider Planned Parenthood, which receives hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars, is being investigated for fraud and corruption. Laura was joined by Kellie Fiedorek, attorney at a pro-life organization. "Of course the media is not reporting this," Fiedorek said of the Planned Parenthood investigation, "because if they were doing their jobs the American people would know the truth about what's going on inside the closed walls of Planned Parenthood. They would know that Planned Parenthood is engaging in this abuse and this waste of our tax dollars. This organization exploits women and kills innocent little children every single day, and if American people knew the truth, they would decide that they would no longer want a penny going to the nation's largest abortion provider."
Back of Book Segment
Changing the Lives of our Veterans
Guest: Jesse Watters
The Factor has been very involved in a campaign to purchase high tech Track Chairs for severely wounded veterans. Jesse Watters visited with 26-year-old Staff Sergeant Travis Mills, whose body was shattered by an IED during his third tour in Afghanistan. "My right leg and my right arm were disintegrated," Mills recalled, "but I was actually really calm, I guess that's why I survived. A lot of guys don't make it through these kind of injuries." Mills explained how the Track Chair has enhanced his life. "My 2-year-old daughter runs up and jumps on the chair, I put her on my lap and she likes to play with the buttons. We go on rides and she doesn't think I'm weird or anything like that. And my wife has dealt with this like a champion - she has stuck in there and been by my side the whole time. Everybody who has a Track Chair is real thankful for what Bill O'Reilly is doing." Laura concluded with a reminder that actor and musician Gary Sinese will be putting on a major concert on September 14th in South Carolina to benefit wounded vets and their families. More information is available at the website LDW4org.