Monday, August 12, 2013
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Talking Points Memo
Race & Violence in America
Guest: Bernie Goldberg
"Whether it's Obamacare, the Food Stamp explosion, the punishment of convicts, or a myriad of other social issues, the big chasm among Americans is between those like me who believe in personal responsibility and self-reliance, and those who will not make judgments and want the federal government to provide support and solace to those who will not or can not compete in the marketplace or obey the law. One very brutal and stark example is 14-year-old Shaaliver Douse, who was a troubled teen living in a poor section of New York City. He was being raised by a single mother, had several arrests on his sheet, including attempted murder, and was allegedly part of a gang. Earlier this month police confronted the teenager, who was shooting at a man in the street. According to the NYPD, he turned his gun toward the officers and was then shot dead. Sadly, this goes back to what we have been reporting. Shaaliver Douse was a victim of circumstances that are not being confronted by American leadership or the civil rights industry. No one forced his mother to birth him out of wedlock; no one forced his cowardly father to ignore the boy; no outside entity allowed the boy to roam the streets at 3 in the morning; and no one forced him to shoot a gun. Those were all personal decisions and society is not responsible for them. No amount of hand-wringing by the left will solve the problem, it must be solved one person at a time. Until that message begins to get out, violence and hopelessness will continue to consume poor precincts. Many in the media and many politicians don't care enough about the issue enough to be honest about it. The grievance industry is in it for the money and power, and the far left refuses to confront the basic problem because it does not fit their ideology. Thus nothing gets done and racial divisions grow wider. The power structure in America does not want to help solve the dissolution of the tradition family, which is the root from which violence and personal failure grow. Shaaliver Douse is yet another vivid example of that truth."

The Factor invited reaction from FNC's Bernie Goldberg. "I would add one word to the conversation," Goldberg said, "which is 'tolerance.' It's a very important word in the liberal vocabulary because it distinguishes them in their minds from conservatives, who they think of as 'intolerant.' The problem is that as liberals became more and more tolerant of the right things like equal rights, they became indiscriminately tolerant. By their silence, they became tolerant of 15-year-old girls having babies and tolerant of boys and young men who abandon their children. They even became tolerant of violence in inner city neighborhoods by ignoring it. Tolerance is usually a good thing, but not when we are tolerant of dysfunctional and destructive behavior."
Top Story
Race & Violence in America
Guest: James Carville
For a view from the left, The Factor turned to Democrat James Carville. "I'm a pretty good liberal and I have a lot of liberal friends," Carville said, "and I don't know a single one who would condone a 14-year-old being on the streets shooting up people at 3 o'clock in the morning. I wrote a book in 1996 talking about the decline of two-parent families and I certainly would like my grandchildren to grow up in two-parent families. The teen pregnancy rate is down and we have to acknowledge that we are making some progress." The Factor excoriated other liberals who ignore disintegrating families and the chaos that ensues. "The problems will never be solved, no matter how many billions of dollars are thrown at them, unless attitudes change. You have to supervise and raise a child, and if you aren't willing to do that, don't have the child."
Impact Segment
Drug Crimes & Punishment
Guest: Juan Williams
Attorney General Eric Holder has suggested that "low level" drug dealers should receive lesser sentences than they do now. The Factor asked FNC's Juan Williams to opine. "Drug dealing has tremendously violent consequences," Williams said, "because it kills people. The dealer isn't on the street with a gun threatening you or me, but it has such pernicious influence on us all that you can construe it as 'violence.' These people are criminals and I don't understand why the 'civil rights leaders' don't have marches against these criminal drug dealers." The Factor was unwavering when declaring drug dealing a violent crime: "These are scum who are selling poison. The person who sold Cory Monteith the heroin that killed him committed a violent act!"
Factor Investigation Segment
Food Stamp Scandal
Guest: Peter Boyer
15% of the U.S. population is receiving food stamps and some of the recipients are obviously gaming the system. A Fox News special on the food stamp epidemic featured Jason Greenslate, a Southern California surfer who has inadvertently become the poster boy of food stamp abuse. The Factor analyzed the issue with Fox News editor-at-large Peter Boyer. "When you have a federal program that has grown so huge that it costs $3 billion a year just to administer," Boyer said, "a guy like Jason the surfer dude is almost an inevitable consequence. When President Obama signed the stimulus bill he wiped away the restrictions that required a recipient to be in a work-related program. The number of able-bodied adults like Jason enrolled in the food stamp program has doubled in the last four years." The Factor laid the blame squarely on the White House, saying, "This guy Jason is a parasite and my contention is that the Obama administration is encouraging parasites."
Personal Story Segment
Pushing Putin's Buttons
Guest: Karl Rove
President Obama recently described Russian President Putin this way: "He's got that kind of slouch, looking like the bored kid in the classroom." The Factor asked FNC's Karl Rove whether that statement was a diplomatic blunder. "If you are dealing with a peer," Rove said, "you don't want to be insulting that peer unnecessarily. Vladimir Putin is a prickly personality and President Obama said something that is going to cause Putin to say, 'I'm going to get back at him.' What's useful is to focus on policy disagreements. If you're going to call him out, don't call him the slouch in the back of the room. Take a policy disagreement, do something substantive." But The Factor contended that President Obama took precisely the right stance: "Why would anyone respect Vladimir Putin, a human rights violator who has spit in the eye of America? So I like what President Obama said, I think it's accurate. There comes a point where you call out the schoolyard bully and you slap him around a little bit."
Back of Book Segment
The President's Vacation
Guest: Wendell Goler
The First Family has begun its summer vacation on Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts. The Factor welcomed FNC correspondent Wendell Goler, who explained why Democratic presidents gravitate toward the Vineyard. "The last two Democratic presidents," Goler reported, "don't own their own vacation properties, so they come here and rent homes, and the place President Obama is staying at is awfully nice. The problem is that they've cut off access to the road for people who don't actually have houses on that road and forced them to make a detour. If that goes on for a while, that may wear out his welcome." The Factor contended that President Obama could make do with a smaller entourage: "When the President goes to Martha's Vineyard, everybody goes with him. They stay in hotels and guest houses all over the island and it costs an enormous amount of taxpayer money."
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The Last Frontier
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