Wednesday, August 14, 2013
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Top Story
Was Oprah a Victim of Racism?
Guests: Arthel Neville & Lauren Green
"Oprah Winfrey, one of the wealthiest women in the world, recently traveled to Switzerland. While in Zurich, Ms. Winfrey says she was humiliated by a shop clerk who refused to show her an expensive purse. I believe every American has been insulted in a store or restaurant at some point, and when that happens you do what Ms. Winfrey did - you walk out. But Oprah was heavily implying that the disrespect shown her was racist; the clerk involved denies that. Ms. Winfrey also said that in board meetings people 'don't sense that I should be holding one of those seats.' Ms. Winfrey has gotten a lot of heat, but Talking Points believes her critics are misguided. There are racists and people who don't like women holding power. But here's the most important part of the story: Oprah Winfrey and everybody else should ignore those troglodytes unless the situation is serious. You are not going to change the minds of the ignorant and it's not worth the effort; also, to internalize this kind of stuff is destructive to a human being. As we've been reporting, there is a huge grievance industry in America that peddles victimhood all day long. What good does that do? Oprah is perhaps the best example of a talented person who made it on her own in America, her color certainly did not hold her back. So if some shop clerk insults her, that's wrong but it's no big deal. Summing up, the victimhood card is useless to Oprah and everybody else. There is racism in the world and it's not going away. If you can change it, go ahead and try, but most of the time ignore it and don't let it dampen your life."

The Factor invited reaction from FNC's Arthel Neville and Lauren Green. "We don't know what transpired between these two people," Green stated, "and I believe things like this happen all the time. It happened to me when I asked to look at a dress and the first thing the clerk said was how much it cost. I didn't make a big deal out of it, but things like that did happen." Neville gave Oprah a full-throated endorsement. "All she did was send out a tweet and say she tried to get a bag and the lady thought she couldn't afford it. She didn't want to make a big deal out of it, I think she was just saying the elephant is in the room and we can't ignore it. The Factor reiterated that perceived slights, which happen to everyone, should be ignored, saying, "This stuff feeds the victimization industry and it gives people a reason to fail."
Impact Segment
No Satisfaction
Guests: Kirsten Powers & Kate Obenshain
A new Gallup poll shows that just 22% of Americans are "satisfied" with the country's overall direction. Democrat Kirsten Powers and Republican Kate Obenshain tried to explain why. "The economy is a piece of it," Powers said. "We are in a recovery, but a lot of people still feel like their lives are not secure. People don't have pensions, they're not sure about their health insurance, they're not sure they're going to continue to have a job." Obenshain downplayed the significance of dollars and cents. "There is an economic component, but it's a lot broader than that. Special interests still control Washington and we have a President who is encouraging victimization and encouraging Americans to be divided. He's pitting us against one another and that translates into overriding despair and dissatisfaction." The Factor put more of an emphasis on the corrosive culture: "Americans are seeing their country change dramatically and they don't like it. They didn't like the Trayvon Martin case, they don't like the entertainment industry, they don't like the disrespect shown by younger Americans."
Factor Flashback Segment
The War on Drugs
Guests: Former DEA Chief Peter Bensinger
As reported previously, Attorney General Eric Holder has implied that drug dealers are receiving prison terms that are too harsh. The Factor was joined by former DEA boss Peter Bensinger, who disagreed with that analysis. "The Attorney General is wrong on the facts," Bensinger declared. "Back in 1979, about 11% of the population was using an illegal drug at least once a month, which is now down to 8%. Certainty of punishment is a factor. Drug selling is not a 'victimless crime,' people are dying!" The Factor concluded, "Holder and the left believe selling heroin, meth, and cocaine is a non-violent action, but I believe it's violent."
Washington Beat Segment
The Inside Scoop on the Beltway
Guests: James Rosen & Carl Cameron
The Factor asked FNC correspondent James Rosen for the inside story on Eric Holder's pronouncement on drug sentences. "Some people think this meant to accomplish two short-term goals," Rosen said. "One is to move the Attorney General past some high profile controversies, the other is to placate certain core constituencies of President Obama's by framing these issues as having to do with race." Meanwhile, correspondent Carl Cameron reported the latest on the IRS scandal. "Republicans want some degree of accountability from the IRS for their screw-ups in the last couple of years. The IRS says it has stopped using those 'be on the lookout' lists to target conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status, but an application screener said conservative groups are still being subjected to greater scrutiny." The Factor urged Congress to find some way to elicit testimony from IRS official Lois Lerner: "I want to get this Lois Lerner on the record. She is the villain, she is the woman who knows who ordered her to do this."
Miller Time Segment
Three Hot Topics for the D-Man
Guest: Dennis Miller
With Dennis Miller on vacation in parts unknown, The Factor re-aired a few of his greatest hits. This was Miller on the feud between Republicans Chris Christie and Rand Paul. "I hate to see Fat Man and Little Boy quibble like this, and when the 400-pound guy is telling you that you bring home too much bacon, you know it's gone absolutely mad. If they keep shooting inside the tent, you might as well get the fur-lined pants suit ready for Hillary." Miller on New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, whose proposed ban on large sodas was rejected by a court. "It's about time Mayor Lucky Charms got shot down, beware of the dwarf star who fancies himself a quasar. You want New York citizens to have better diets? Quit feeding them your crap every day!" Finally, Miller on oft-bare-chested Russian President Vladimir Putin. "Putin ought to solve their fiscal problems and come out with a double-D cup of the month calendar."
Did You See That Segment
Celebrities Strike Back
Guest: Juliet Huddy
Fox News correspondent Juliet Huddy weighed in on movie stars Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry, who are urging California to pass a new law restricting paparazzi who camp outside their homes. "The law would basically keep the paparazzi away from celebrities' children," Huddy reported. "They say that their children should be off limits and photographers should have to stay at least 25 feet away. But the media say this is a First Amendment issue." The Factor sided with the actors, saying, "It is despicable that these people do this to children."
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Bruce Stanley, Ontario, Canada: "O'Reilly, please tell Colmes that up here photo ID's are required to vote. No one seems to think this violates any rights."

Pam Toulouse, Overton, NV: "Colmes is right. Voter ID's can be a hardship for folks in rural areas. I live 40 miles from a motor vehicle place and if I did not have a car, I couldn't get there."

John Garrett, Gastonia, NC: "My sister died eight years ago. Authorities tell us she has voted three times since then. And we don't need voter ID?"

Mike Sannella, North Bellmore, NY: "Bill, you are one hundred percent right. As a retired New York City police captain, I can tell you that if stop and frisk is halted, there will be many more guns on the streets. And the poor will suffer the most."
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