Thursday, August 15, 2013
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Top Story
America's Tech Culture
Guests: Dr. Catherine Steiner Adair & Dr. Robyn Silverman
"In 2011 more than 3,000 people were killed in crashes involving distracted drivers, and an astounding 69% of all drivers admit they've talked on a cell phone while driving. Also, 70% of sex addicts report having a problem online and a study says that the more people use Facebook, the worse they feel about themselves. So there's no question technology is causing immense damage. A few questions: Do you text while eating or while talking with another person? Do you spend more than two hours a day on the Internet? Do you use computers for purposes you don't want anyone else to know about? Are you thinking about the Internet when you're not using it? Do you talk with strangers on the 'net? If you answered yes to any of those, there might be a problem, and that problem is most severe among kids. Millions of children don't want to do activities that separate them from cyberspace and the implications are staggering; if a citizen is not interested in the outside world, that person will not be able to make intelligent decisions. The 'net allows people to create their own worlds, they can lose themselves in a vast array of distractions. They don't learn coping skills, they don't compete, and their curiosity is stifled. Talking Points believes cyberspace is as addictive as any narcotic. Human beings are becoming dependent on these machines and that is going to change the world forever."

The Factor followed up with mental health experts Catherine Steiner-Adair and Robyn Silverman. "When I'm speaking to parents and educators," Silverman said, "they talk about kids 'sexting' or being on computers too much. So we know it's going on and we need to concentrate on parents' education. Parents need to engage and explain and be a powerful example." Steiner-Adair reported on her interviews with thousands of children. "One of the most moving findings for me," she said, "was their perception that their parents are just as addicted as they are. They experience almost a sibling rivalry with screens for their parents' attention. When you're on line and somebody interrupts, most of us have had the experience of being cranky, and kids feel hurt." The Factor reiterated, "If you are an American and you refuse to learn what you need to know to compete in the marketplace, it will be hard to make a living."
Impact Segment
No Satisfaction
Guests: Laura Ingraham
Laura Ingraham put forth her rationale for the fact that less than a quarter of Americans are "satisfied" with the country's general direction. "The dissatisfaction is not directed at one party," she began, "it's the whole process. More Americans feel like their concerns and worries and anxieties aren't really the main priorities of the leadership in either party. There's a cycle of anxiety and it's the strangest thing - we have a consensus on things like Obamacare, people don't want it! But we have a President who knows it's wildly unpopular, but this is just what we have to have. The bottom line is that most Americans don't see either party offering solutions and sticking to promises."
Unresolved Problems Segment
Chaos Overseas
Guest: Lt. Col Ralph Peters
Hundreds are dead in Egypt as the military-backed government tries to quash Muslim Brotherhood protests. The Factor sorted out the chaos with FNC analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters. "President Obama needs to stop lecturing the Egyptians about what's good for them," Peters declared. "He has accomplished the remarkable feat of alienating every single faction in Egypt. He just needs to back off and accept the fact that Egyptians will have to resolve this and that all our do-gooding lectures won't change a thing. This is not our fight!" Peters characterized the fighting in Egypt as a battle between modernity and despotism. "This is a struggle between Arabs who desperately want a better future with somewhat more freedom and the extreme religious fanatics who want to turn back the clock and want a religious dictatorship."
Personal Story Segment
Al Sharpton's Dishonesty
After The Factor described a California surfer who accepts food stamps as a "parasite," MSNBC host Al Sharpton said this: "Bill O'Reilly has gone back to one of his favorite talking points, attacking the poor ... the poor are parasites." The Factor set the record straight with this exposition: "Sharpton obviously took my comments completely out of context, not even mentioning Jason the surfer. He's been portraying me as a racist and a brutalizer of the poor. A few years ago Sharpton told me that his charity in New York was out of money and could not provide Christmas presents and dinners to hundreds of poor people in Harlem. So I gave Sharpton a $25,000 donation to provide the gifts and the food. I didn't mention it because it wasn't necessary, but now it is to prove exactly what kind of person Al Sharpton is."
What the Heck Just Happened Segment
Two Hot Topics for Bernie & Greg
Guests: Bernard McGuirk & Greg Gutfeld
The Factor turned Bernard McGuirk and Greg Gutfeld loose on the judge who put restrictions on New York City's stop-and-frisk policy. "The transformation of the city can be shown through entertainment," Gutfeld observed. "In the '70's you had movies like 'Death Wish' and 'The Warriors,' but they no longer represent reality. This ruling is about political correctness making us less safe - how can you be for gun control and against a method that gets illegal handguns off the street?" McGuirk demolished the argument that stop-and-frisk is racially biased. "96% of shooting victims and 97% of the shooters are black or Hispanic, so the cops go after those people. The cops are saving minority lives but are being vilified as 'racists.'" The duo also opined on President Obama's criticism of excessive consumption as exemplified by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. "I was married to Kim in the 90's," Gutfeld revealed, "and I taught Kanye how to rap, so this is a direct attack on me. We know pop culture is vacuous, vain, and stupid, but at least Kim and Kanye made their own money, they didn't make it off government."
Watters' World Segment
Out of This World!
Guest: Jesse Watters
Jesse Watters recently departed Planet Earth and landed at a massive Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. Here are a few of the Trekkies' comments: "I like spaceships and aliens, but I also like the overall message of accepting diversity" ... "It gives us a very hopeful future where there is no poverty, where there's equality" ... "Science fiction is humanity's hope." Back in the studio, Watters reported that Star Trek actor LeVar Burton, a recent Factor guest, is mighty miffed at Bill. "He said you were derisive, dismissive, insulting, patronizing, and condescending. You told him that young black males disproportionately commit crime and he was very insulted by that. And he told me I'm cut from the same cloth as my boss."
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Stan Pereira, Melbourne, Australia: "Bill, you've lost the plot, mate. Instead of calling out the naked racism Oprah was exposed to - you chose to say it was a foolish insult. Very disappointing."

Garrett Sabol, Huntington Beach, CA: "Bill, Oprah played the race card and you fell for it. The Swiss story was not racist."

Melanie Cohen, Tel Aviv, Israel: "Remember the scene in 'Pretty Woman' where Julia Roberts was refused service by a snobby clerk? Every day all of us are subject to this kind of thing."

Andy Bailes, Marysville, TN: "I am a white man from the mountains of Tennessee. For my job, I have to attend board meetings in New York City. You should see the faces when my accent is on display."
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Judgment Day
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