Monday, August 19, 2013
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Talking Points Memo & Top Story
Warfare breaks out in the MLB
Guests:Bernie Goldberg

"In 2007 third baseman Alex Rodriguez signed an astounding $275-million, 10-year contract with the New York Yankees. Two years later Rodriguez admitted he had used steroids before baseball banned them. Now he has been suspended by Major League Baseball for allegedly using performance enhancing drugs again. A-Rod has appealed that suspension, which is for a whopping 211 games. While the appeal is underway, Rodriguez can play and get paid, but if his appeal is denied he could lose many millions of dollars. Last night in Boston this story took another turn, as a Boston Red Sox pitcher hit Rodriguez with a pitch. The case of Alex Rodriguez concerns alleged cheating at the highest level of American business. When a man is paid $275-million, the team taking on that contract is entitled to honesty on every level, but Rodriguez denies that he has done anything wrong in this latest episode. Talking Points does not know what Alex Rodriguez did or did not do, but after the Lance Armstrong debacle it is safe to assume that some very powerful American athletes cheat. Again, that's unacceptable because American businesses are paying them an incredible amount of money and have a right to expect honest behavior. The bottom line on the story: Mr. Rodriguez will probably be suspended and it is an awful situation being played out in front of the nation. And as somebody who was once a pitcher, throwing a baseball at another player is a serious thing."

The Factor pursued the Rodriguez story with FNC's Bernie Goldberg, who also covers sports for HBO. "Major League Baseball has every right to expect its players won't cheat," Goldberg said. "More importantly, it corrupts the game. Baseball extends over generations, so if a player who is using steroids breaks Hank Aaron's all-time home run record or another player on performance enhancing drugs breaks Roger Maris's single-season home run record, they're cheating all of us who love baseball. Alex Rodriguez is public enemy number not only because he cheated, but also because he lied." The Factor extended the issue beyond baseball, saying, "We have an epidemic of cheating in America now, our culture is so filled with lying and cheating that I think it's eroding America's social fabric."
Impact Segment
Will Hillary go Hollywood?
Guests:Juan Williams

The Republican Party remains angry over reports that both NBC and CNN are considering producing movies about Hillary Clinton. Fox News analyst Juan Williams entered the No Spin Zone with his take on the controversy. "Basically we have a politician getting free advertising," he said, "because they are going to elevate her. NBC has the actress Diane Lane set to play Hillary Clinton - how can anybody say that won't elevate Mrs. Clinton in American life? I don't think this is about skewering Hillary Clinton." The Factor agreed that the projects will most likely deify Mrs. Clinton: "Julianne Moore subtly mocked Sarah Palin in an HBO movie for which she won an Emmy, but if Diane Lane subtly mocked Hillary Clinton she'd never work again in Hollywood. But I'm going to predict that neither movie will be made prior to 2016."
Unresolved Problems Segment
Seattle police encouraging marijuana use?
Guests:Dan Springer

Not only is marijuana smoking now legal in Washington State, but Seattle cops may actually be encouraging pot use. Fox News correspondent Dan Springer reported on Seattle's "HempFest," where city police took part by handing out munchies. "There were hundreds of people there under the age of 21 smoking pot," Springer said, "which made it illegal. But we didn't see police even warning them that it's illegal for them to be possessing marijuana, let alone smoking it in public, which is illegal for everyone in Washington. People smoke marijuana out in the open in downtown Seattle and they have no worry that police will do anything. You see it in Seattle far more than in San Francisco or anywhere else."
Personal Story
Levar Burton DISSES your humble correspondent!

Last month actor LeVar Burton entered the No Spin Zone to discuss race and the George Zimmerman trial. Near the conclusion of that segment, The Factor reminded Burton that "young black men commit far more crimes than any other group in this country, and I think that's what is driving all of this fear on both sides." That apparently didn't sit well with Burton, who recently said this about Bill: "That man was an a******* to me. I'm 56 years old, I recognize patronizing when I encounter it."

The original interview with LeVar Burton is posted in its entirety here on, along with a new poll question about the discussion.
Factor Follow Up Segment
The Rand/Christie Feud Continues
Guests:Karl Rove

Democratic strategist Robert Gibbs has expressed surprise that Hillary Clinton is already acting like a presidential candidate. The Factor asked Karl Rove to evaluate the Clinton strategy. "Robert Gibbs is right," Rove declared. "She has already come out in favor of gay marriage, given a speech on immigration, and attacked voter ID laws. This is like she's in the final months of a primary campaign, not three years away from the election. You can not sustain that pace for three years, then pop up in 2016 and sound like you have something new to say. It's hard to be the front-runner from beginning to end without making a lot of mistakes along the way." Rove also scrutinized the war of words between Republican presidential prospects Rand Paul and Chris Christie. "This is a fight that both of them want. For Rand Paul, this is a chance for him to change the Republican Party and promote his libertarian philosophy. On the other hand, Christie wants to be seen as a strong national defense conservative, so he's saying he's not willing to roll back those protections that have kept America safe since 9/11."
Back of the Book Segment
It takes courage to save money!
Guests:Adam Carolla

A website that encourages Americans to save money has put up billboards with this message: "It Takes Courage, But Saving Money Is Worth It." The Factor scrutinized that message with Adam Carolla. "This is like when President Obama said it takes courage to raise your kids," Carolla observed, "and I thought no, that's your responsibility. Saving money is your responsibility, it doesn't take courage. It takes courage to wrestle a bear, not to put twenty bucks in a mattress, you idiots! Where does it end? Will we be saying it takes courage to sit up? Where do we stop with this?"
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Marv Jose, Murrells Inlet, SC: "O'Reilly, why do you criticize Al Sharpton now that he has a show on another network? When he was a guest on the Factor he was your buddy. That makes you a hypocrite. Sharpton is a snake and always has been."

Bob Hurst, Tallahassee, FL: "O'Reilly, it is hard to believe you are willing to admit you were once stupid enough to give $25,000 to Sharpton."

Judy Barke, Prior Lake, MN: "O'Reilly, I'm not surprised that you stepped up to help people in need. I'm also not surprised that Sharpton came to you for help. And sadly, I'm not surprised he stabbed you in the back."
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